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Village Thanks Public Servants Providing Services During Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving is a time to express one's gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness for those individuals who make our lives better.
The Village of Shorewood thanks the Police officers, Fire and Public Works personnel for being on duty during the Thanksgiving holiday, truly committing their time to serving this great community. 

These public servants truly commit a great amount of hours to making this community a better place for all. We thank these heroes for their devotion to the Shorewood community!

Public Buildings Closed in Recognition of Thanksgiving Holiday

The Village of Shorewood will be closing multiple public buildings on Thursday, November 26 and Friday, November 27 in recognition of the Thanksgiving holiday.  

The public buildings that will be closed includes Village Hall, the Police Department building, the Department of Public Works building, and the Library.

Any questions about service hours for any of the public buildings can be addressed by the Village's customer service staff at 414.847.2700.

In addition, please note that the Health Department offices in the Village Center will be closed on Tuesday, December 1 as staff will be having a Public Health retreat in Milwaukee.
Parking Announcements for Thanksgiving Holiday and Winter Season
Parking Restrictions Lifted for Thanksgiving
Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, night parking restrictions have been lifted from Wednesday, November 25 through Monday, November 30.  Residents will need to start calling again Monday night, November 30 for night parking for Tuesday morning, December 1.  Please remember that only the night parking restrictions are lifted.  Daytime parking restrictions will still be enforced.  Also, residents and visitors parking on Oakland Avenue will still need to follow the alternate side of the street parking and move their cars accordingly.

Winter Parking Regulations/Snow Emergencies
As we approach the winter months, the Shorewood Police Department would like to remind everyone of the Winter Parking Regulations and the regulations regarding snow emergencies in the Village. Parking is restricted to one side of the street from December 1 through March 1 on most neighborhood streets to facilitate snow removal. Streets with this regulation are clearly posted "No Parking Dec 1 - March 1".

A snow emergency can be declared in events of heavy snowfall or other inclement weather. During a snow emergency, no vehicle of any type may be parked on a street or alley during the duration of a snow emergency.  Snow emergencies are declared by the Village Manager and are announced on local radio and television stations. Residents may also call the Shorewood Police Department at 414.847.2610 to see if a snow emergency has been declared.

In addition to these regulations, listed below are some general parking regulations that citizens should be aware that are still in effect as well.

The Village of Shorewood Municipal Code and Wisconsin State Statutes state that:
"No person shall stop, park, or leave any vehicle standing in any of the following places except an emergency vehicle, or in the case of any other vehicle, temporarily, for the purpose of, and while actually engaged in, loading or receiving or discharging passenger and while the vehicle is attended by a licensed operator so that it may be promptly moved in case of an emergency or to avoid obstruction of traffic:
      • In a loading zone
      • In an alley in a business or residential district
      • Within 10 feet of any fire hydrant
      • Closer than 15 feet from any crosswalk
      • Within four feet of the entrance to an alley or driveway
      • Between the sidewalk and curb of any street
      • In a bus loading zone or taxi cab zone
      • Whenever prohibited by a sign"

Friendly Snow Removal Reminders for the Upcoming Winter Season

During the winter months, Village Ordinance 466-27 requires every Shorewood property owner to keep the sidewalks adjacent to their property clear of snow and ice from edge to edge.  
Twelve (12) hours after a snowfall the Department of Public Works will have sidewalks inspected and orange notices will be placed on door knobs of homes where the walks are not cleared.  The Police will issue citations twelve (12) hours after notices are issued and the sidewalk will be cleared with the cost billed to the adjacent property owner.  
Please be a good neighbor, avoid fines and snow removal fees by clearing your walks as soon as possible following a snowfall.  It is important to note that this action is in place to assure safe walking conditions for everyone. Residents are encouraged to call the Police Department at 414.847.2610 to report areas that are not adequately cleared or Request Service Online. Feel free to also go to the Village website and use "Submit a Request" online to report an icy sidewalk.

Police Department Offers Thanksgiving
Travel Safety Tips

Thanksgiving brings friends and family together from near and far.  With so many people on the road visiting family and friends, the Thanksgiving holiday weekend is one of the busiest travel times of the year.  The Shorewood Police Department would like to remind all travelers, whether traveling across the country or across the Village, to follow some very important safety tips during their Thanksgiving travel.
  • ALWAYS buckle up - One of the best ways to guarantee a safe arrival is to buckle up, every trip, every time.
  • When traveling longer distances, make frequent stops in order to stretch your legs, improve your blood flow and mentally refresh. If possible alternate drivers as well.
  • Get plenty of rest before you travel.  Drowsy drivers are just as big a danger on the road as an intoxicated driver.  If you are feeling tired, don't drive. 
  • Speaking of intoxicated drivers, NEVER drink and drive.  Utilize a designated driver who will pledge not to consume any alcohol before driving.  If you are the host of the party, have non-alcoholic drink options for your guests and arrange alternative travel options for your guests that consume alcohol at the party.  One suggestion is to have an official designated driver for the party who can transport other party guests who have had too much to drink.
  • Leave early and plan for travel delays.  With so many people traveling via automobile over the Thanksgiving holiday there is a high probability that you will encounter some form of traffic delay.  Plan ahead and leave yourself plenty of time to get to your destination safely.    
  • Keep an eye on the weather report.  Snow, sleet and rain can make your travels very dangerous.  If inclement weather moves in before or during your travel, delay or even cancel your travel plans.  If you encounter inclement weather during your travel, pull off the road and find a safe place to stay nearby until the weather passes.    

MOD Pizza Announces 2016 Opening in Shorewood

MOD Pizza, a build-your-own, fast and casual pizza restaurant chain headquartered in Seattle, has announced that it will open Fall 2016 in Shorewood as part of the Mosaic, the mixed-use building now under construction on the west side of Oakland Avenue between East Kenmore Place and Olive Streets.  
This is the first retailer announced for the Mosaic, the 6-story mixed-use building which will feature 90 upscale apartments and 15,000 square feet of retail space, according to Michael Weiss, president of General Capital Group, the project developers. MOD Pizza, founded by the creators of Seattle's Best Coffee, is a counter-serve franchise featuring industrial-chic décor along with build-your-own pizza in wood-burning ovens.  MOD also serves salad, garlic strips, milkshakes, draft beer, and wine and one price covers as many toppings as you'd like.

"It's fresh, fast pizza with homemade and healthy ingredients and the company is also committed to giving back to its local communities," said Village Manager Chris Swartz.  "We are excited that MOD is coming to Shorewood and look forward to announcing more retailers in the near future."

Leaf Collection with Freezing Temperatures

Please be aware that vacuum leaf collection will cease on Friday, December 4 or earlier if there is any type of frozen precipitation. The vacuum machines are unable to pick up leaves that have become frozen to the ground or are exceptionally heavy from water. 

Freezing rain, sleet, or snow will halt the vacuum collection of leaves; the vacuum attachments will be removed and the equipment converted for snow removal operations. 

After this point, loose leaf piles cannot be collected. If the weather forecast is questionable, residents are strongly urged to bag leaves for collection.  Please contact Public Works at 414.847.2650 if you have questions.

Voluntary Code Compliance Inspections 
are Now Available

This past July the State, as part of the Budget Bill, terminated municipal time-of-sale code compliance programs. Knowing that the majority of homes in the Village are nearing a century old, this termination left the Village to discuss the impact of not having a pre-sale program and alternatives for ensuring property values and neighborhood vitality

Since the program termination, the Village has received calls asking if we'd still offer inspections.  Calls came in from both sellers and buyers. Sellers see the value in providing a code compliant home to buyers and buyers are requesting proof that a property is code compliant. 

The Village is pleased to support a voluntary code compliance program and created a definitive list of items for inspection. 

The items inspected contain safety concerns and other items the inspectors deemed as necessary. CLICK HERE to view more information about the Voluntary Code Compliance Program. 
Signs of Aging vs. Signs of Possible Dementia
It is not unusual as we age to forget a name or where we put the car keys.  But it 's time to call your doctor if you suddenly can't remember what to do with the keys you're holding in your hand. There are 10 early signs that a memory loss may actually be a symptom of Alzheimer's or some other brain disease that causes a slow loss of memory, thinking and reasoning skills.
  1. One of the most common signs is forgetting new information you recently learned, or an important date or event. 
  2. Some people experience changes in their ability to follow a plan or work with numbers, making it harder to follow a recipe or pay the bills. 
  3. It may be hard to follow simple tasks such as driving to a familiar place, managing a budget or following the rules of a favorite game. 
  4. People become confused and don't know the time, place or how they got there. 
  5. Or they may have trouble judging distance, color or contrast impairing their driving.
  6. They may struggle with words or repeat themselves. 
  7. They may lose things and not be able to retrace their steps to find them. 
  8. They may use poor judgment when dealing with money and make bad decisions. 
  9. They may withdraw from hobbies, social activities and projects to hide their memory losses. 
  10. Their mood and personality may change as they become confused, depressed, fearful or anxious.
If you notice any of these 10 signs, don't ignore them. Call your doctor. The earlier you know what is causing memory loss, the longer you may be able to maintain your independence and make plans for your care.

Holiday Book Suggestions with Boswell Book Company

Shorewood Library and the Friends of Shorewood Library invite you to join us for this annual presentation of 2015's must-buy books for the holidays. 

On Saturday, December 5 at 11 a.m. Boswell Book Company owner and noted book expert Daniel Goldin will present a selection of books for all the readers on your list. Books will be available for purchase at the event in limited quantities, as well.  

It's one-stop shopping to kick off the holiday season. Complete event details can also be found on our website: http://shorewoodlibrary.org/connect/events_calendar.php?eid=824.

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Sustainable Shorewood Tip of the Week        

Reduce Junk Mail
Cut down on the junk mail you receive. You can register your address with the Direct Marketing Association at www.dmachoice.org. The DMA represents a huge number of direct mail accounts, so this is a great place to start. You can also contact the credit bureaus individually, visit OptOutPrescreen.com or call 1-888-5-OPTOUT (567.8688) to be removed from the three major credit reporting agencies, Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. Most junk mail can be recycled or composted, but it's even better not to get it at all.

Health Department Highlights        

Did You Know?
Each year since 2004, the U.S. Surgeon General has declared Thanksgiving to be National Family Health History Day. Families are encouraged to talk about and write down the health problems that seem to run in the family. Tracing illnesses suffered by parents, grandparents, and other blood relatives can help your doctor predict the disorders you may be at risk of developing and help you take action to keep you and your family healthy. The Surgeon General has created a web-based tool document to track your family's health history. Access the My Family Health Portrait Web tool at https://familyhistory.hhs.gov.
Success Story
The health department worked with several families in the North Shore to reduce their blood lead levels. The health department receives results from all children in the North Shore who have a blood lead test. We follow-up on children whose test results are at or above 5 μg/dL. Recently, we received reports of several kids with lead levels over or near 10 μg/dL. We offered our HEPA vacuum to these families, conducted home visits to identify potential sources of exposure, and then counseled on a variety of prevention strategies. Some of these included wet moping and wiping floors and windows and making sure kids have foods rich in iron and calcium. After several months working with the families of these children, follow-up testing showed that their lead levels were down to less than 5 μg/dL.
On Tuesday, December 1 both offices of the North Shore Health Department will be closed. Staff will be off-site for an all-day strategic planning retreat.
We continue to offer flu immunizations during our regular All Immunization Clinic times. Please call the North Shore Health Department for an appointment at 414.371.2980.
The next Immunization Clinics are scheduled for the following days:
  • Tuesday, December 8 from 10 a.m. - 11 a.m. - Brown Deer (appointment required)
  • Thursday, December 10 from 3 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. - Shorewood (appointment required)
We continue to provide flu shots to home bound individuals, please call us at 414.371.2980 for appointments or questions.
No upcoming adult health clinics
Upcoming Blood Pressure Screenings (No appointment required)
  • Wednesday, November 25 from 3:30 p.m. - 5 p.m. - Shorewood 
To make an appointment, contact the North Shore Health Department at 414.371.2980 or visit the website.
Upcoming Community Events

Public Buildings Closed for Thanksgiving Break
Thursday, November 26, 2015 and Friday, November 27, 2015
Village Hall, Library, Police Department, and Department of Public Works

Health Department Offices Closed
Tuesday, December 1, 2015 (all day)
Village Center

Kick-off Tree Lighting Event
Saturday, December 5, 2015 starting at 6 p.m.
Harry's Bar and Grill

Shorewood Athletic Booster Club's 36th Annual Arts and Crafts Fair
Sunday, December 6, 2015 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Shorewood High School
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