Shorewood, WI

The Village of Shorewood is aware of the current situation with regard to Shorewood's Plensa Sculpture and worked diligently with the artist and gallery as well as Shorewood's Public Art Committee to ensure an appropriate resolution.


Jaume Plensa has dedicated his career to creating works that bring people from all cultures together through artwork that asserts that our similarities are more important and powerful than our differences.  Plensa uses  alphabets as conceptual metaphors for cultures; the letters from each alphabet are utilized to create a skin of an anonymous figure with each letter's placement entirely at random.  Plensa is deeply saddened that his sculpture has been so egregiously misinterpreted.  Plensa's works and beliefs are the antithesis of anti-Semitism.  We support the artist Jaume Plensa and the gallery who will be removing and restoring the work, as soon as logistically possible, so that such interpretation of the letters will not diminish the grandeur of the work or the generosity of the gift.


Once restoration is completed, we look forward to continuing to share this work of art with the Milwaukee area community.  Please direct any inquiries to the Richard Gray Gallery at 312.642.8877.