May 23, 2014      
Village of Shorewood
Manager's Weekly Memo
Village Board Highlights

The Village Board held its regular meeting on Monday, May 19,2014. The Board:
  1. Approved the Certified Survey Map for the River Site Development at 1111 E Capitol Drive
  2. Approved Proposal to Prepare and Implement TIF #5  and TIF #3 Project Plans
  3. Approved Amendment Number 1 to Agreement for Public Health Services North Shore Health Department
  4. Approved New Intern Position for Manager's Office
  5. Approved Special Privilege Permit for Outdoor Seating at 4330 N. Oakland Avenue, The Chocolate Factory
  6. Approved Two Zip Car Stations in Shorewood's Public Parking Lots
  7. Approved Street Festival Permit, Business Improvement District, Shorewood Criterium Bike Race, June 19, 2014
  8. Approved Appointments and Reappointments for Boards Committees and Commissions
  9. Approved 2014 Atwater Bluff Proposal from Marek Landscaping
  10. Approved Award of Contract for 2014 Annual Sewer Lining Program
  11. Approved Paperless Board Packets and the purchase of six Ipads. 




Zip Car Program Approved for Shorewood 


At Monday's Board meeting, the Trustees approved a potential Zip Car Program for the Village. Zip Car is a car-sharing program that allows member to rent cars for short periods of time. Zip Cars are especially useful for people in urban environments who bike, walk or bus to work but occasionally need a car. The program will be of no cost to the Village.

Zip Car has recommended stations near Spector Field and on the north side of the Village on Oakland. The Village has received many inquiries from residents about Zip-cars and the Trustees are excited about the program.

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Memorial Day Closings and Night Parking


On Monday, May 26, Village Hall and Shorewood Library will be closed for the Memorial Day Holiday as we remember the sacrifices of our military.


Also, night parking regulations will be lifted for Sunday night, May 25 for Monday morning, May 26. Residents will need to call on Monday, May 26 for Tuesday morning, May 27.



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Shorewood Memorial Day Event

On Sunday May 25 Shorewood will be holding the 15th Annual Memorial Day Weekend Program honoring all Shorewood veterans who have served in war and peace at 4 p.m. at Atwater Park. The event includes music and a special program with area dignitaries. A cookout immediately follows at the American Legion Post #331, 4121 N. Wilson Dr.
Please attend and show your appreciation  for all that our veterans have sacrificed.


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Shorewood to Consider Creation of Tax Incremental District for Proposed Metro Market



A Joint Review Board meeting and Public Hearing will be held at 3:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. respectively on Monday, June 2 at the Shorewood Village Hall to consider creation of a tax incremental district (TID) for the proposed Metro Market Development.

The first phase of the proposed project would consist of an 80,000 square foot Roundy's Metro Market with completion estimated for fall of 2015. Phase I also includes the construction of a 350 stall parking garage for the Metro Market and other retail customers, employees and public parking for the community.


The second phase of the proposed project consists of 80 upscale apartments and 15,000 square feet of retail space.  Parking for tenants would be provided within the building.  Phase II construction would begin in the fall of 2015 and be completed in 2016.


A Tax Incremental District #5 (TID #5) would be created to facilitate the Village's financial support to the proposed project.  A TID is a financing tool that enables a municipality to incentivize desired development through loans (which are repaid by the developer) and grants (which are repaid through future taxes on the improved real estate). 


A Joint Review Board, consisting of representatives from the Shorewood Village Board, Shorewood Community Development Authority, Shorewood School Board, Shorewood Residents, Milwaukee County, and MATC, will meet to review and consider approval of the TID #5 Project Plan and creation of TID #5.  This Project Plan, describing the project and its financial projections, is available here.


TID #5 will include proposed costs of approximately $13,945,000 consisting of $6,000,000 for a parking structure grant, a loan to the developer for construction of the Metro Market in the amount of $6,500,000 and $1,445,000 in Village costs for financing and professional services.  The estimated payback period for this project will be 15 years, 12 years shorter than required by the State of Wisconsin.  The total net Village investment for the proposed project would be approximately $6,695,000.


"The proposed Metro Market addition is consistent with our vision of what we want Shorewood's business district to accomplish in order to enhance the vitality of our village.  This is a bold project that is benefiting from the helpful ideas coming from many different citizen groups and individuals," said Village President Guy Johnson.


The proposed project and TID #5 Project Plan will continue to be thoroughly vetted throughout the Village's process of public discussion and municipal approvals. Financing numbers are expected to be fine-tuned during this process before final project approval.  For a listing of all the upcoming meetings concerning this project, please visit www.villageofshorewood.org under the Community Development quick link.


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Welcome New Neighbors - Saturday, June 7 


Music and Fun: Join Welcome Neighbors and dance your way meeting new neighbors on Saturday, June 7 from 10-11 a.m., at the Department of Public Works! Free parking at 3801 N. Morris Blvd.  The dump can be a real pick-me-up!


Shorewood's Department of Public Works is home to many historical buildings and great services - anyone who lives in Shorewood should come check this out.


Enjoy coffee and bluegrass music with the stylings of Jesse Walker's Hitch, sponsored by Three Lions Pub. Bring an empty jug to play before you recycle it at this fun and informative Welcome Neighbors reception. Open to all community who'd like to see the historical buildings and demystify the place where things get fixed and dumped. 


RSVP for a Welcome Kit to Jenny Heyden, Welcome Neighbors Director, at welcome@villageofshorewood.org or 414-847-2721



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Take a Look at the New Shorewood 2025 Vision Plan on June 9


The Village Board has recently completed the 2025 Vision process after seven months of development. Using the Vision Plan process the Board was able to create an image of what Shorewood would like to be in the future and an implementation plan to get there. The Board brought together staff, residents and business owners to gather feedback and develop answers to four important questions: 1.Where are we now? 2.Where are we going? 3.Where do we want to be? 4.How do we get there? The 2025 Vision Plan is the product of this process.


Now that all the work is complete, the Village is holding a Vision Plan presentation on Monday, June 9 at 6 pm in the Village Center. You are welcome to come and view the Board's vision for Shorewood's future. For more information, view the Final Vision 2025 plan and Vision 2025 Presentation.



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Another Successful Public Open House!


On Wednesday night over 80 residents stopped by the Village Center to share their thoughts on potential development sites as part of the process for updating the Central District Master Plan.   The Plan includes the Oakland Avenue, Capitol Drive and Wilson Drive corridors.


It was a true open house style with residents meandering from station to station that displayed 11 site concepts of potential redevelopments.  The Village was excited to hear everyone's thoughts of what is great about Shorewood and ideas on how to make it even more vibrant!  Updated materials are available on the Village's website at www.villageofshorewood.org under the Community Development tab located beneath Quick Links.  A draft plan will be available early June for review. 



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New Commission and Committee Members

On Monday, the Village Board approved several new Board, Committee and Commission Members. We would like to thank the following residents for volunteering to serve their community: 



Board of AppealsParks Commission
Beth AldanaKathy Yanoff
Kathy NusslockChris Gallagher

Jamie Jacobi

Mark Schill

CDAPedestrian and Bike Safety
John FlorsheimThomas Kuhlmann
Robert PetrieGilbert Walter

ConservationPlan Commission 
Elizabeth MillerChris Gallagher
Roy AndersonTim Hansmann
Jane EarleLeah Blankenship
Chase Kelm

Design Review BoardPolice Commission
Brian LeadlyJay Jorgenson
Ariane Strombom

Elder Service Advisory BoardPublic Art Committee
Rene GratzPat Algiers
Nikki Karp SkinnerDonald Berg
Jenni SpinellieDick Eschner

Eve Sappenfield

Library BoardRecreation Advisory
Jean GurneyMaggie Reeve
Mariann MarisCarol Gosse

Melissa Marschka
Board of Review
Sara Schnorr
Ellen Eckman




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Public Works Week

On May 19, President Johnson proclaimed this week "Public Works Week" in Shorewood.  Public Works Week is a week that calls on residents to recognize the contributions public works officials and staff make every day to our health, safety, comfort and quality of life.

Every year, Public Works holds a cookout for Public Works Week that honors the Public Works staff and safety award winners.



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Police Parking Technologies


We understand that parking in Shorewood can sometimes be a challenge, so the Police Department is looking at new technology to streamline the process. Some of the technologies we are investigating are:

  • New parking citation program with
    • On-line payment of parking tickets
    • Call in number to pay ticket
  • Hand held parking citation writers (3 units) with printers
  • License plate readers
    • To run "white list" of vehicles who have permission to park on the street or in the lot thereby eliminating stickers or rear view mirror hangers for residents
  • On-line permit renewals so residents do not have to come to Village Hall
  • On-line request for overnight parking
    • Able to pay for permissions - up to 5 nights at a time
  • Telephone number/answering service to call to get permission to park on the street



New Website Photo Contest


There are only two weeks left to submit photos for the New Website Contest. So far we have received some wonderful photos. The photo featured to the left was submitted by resident Paul Matzner.


Beautiful, vibrant photos will play a significant role on our new website.  While we have numerous photos to choose from, we invite members of our Shorewood community to take high-resolution, high-quality photos to possibly be featured on our new website.  Please take photos of what you think makes Shorewood a special place to live, work and play.  Selected photos will be featured on our new website's front page with a credit to the photographer.   


We've received a few submissions to date, so please submit your photo(s) to manager@villageofshorewood.org or drop them off at Village Hall, 3930 N Murray, in a digital format (CD or USB drive) by June 2.  Please be sure to include your email and/or phone number so that if your picture is chosen proper credit can be given.  The selected photographers will be featured in an article for the Village Manager's Weekly Memo.


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Calendar of Events  
Shorewood High School Finale Band Concert

Wed., May 28 at 7 p.m.

SHS auditorium

This event is free and open to the public. 


Elementary Band Concert

Thur., May 29 at 7 p.m.

Lake Bluff School Cafetorium

This event is free and open to the public.




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Thursday, May 29, 2014 at 6:30 PM
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Wednesday, June 04, 2014 at 5:00 PM
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Thursday, June 05, 2014 at 7:00 PM
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Public Art Committee Meeting
Friday, June 06, 2014 at 7:30 AM
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