January 16, 2014      
Village of Shorewood
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Village Board Meeting Highlights

The Village Board will hold its regular meeting on Tuesday, January 21, 2014. The Board will  

  1. Hear a presentation by Clerk/Treasurer's Office and Customer Service Department on Lean Process
  2. Consider the Developer's Agreement for Harbor Development
  3. Consider a Design Engineering Services Agreement for 2014 Watermain Relay Projects (3700 Oakland and DPW yard) 
  4. Consider a Request to Reallocate Funds Within Neighborhood Loan Program 
  5. Consider a Resolution for Establishment of Special Revenue Fund for Public Art
  6. Consider a Resolution for Transfer of General Funds Generated from Plein Air Art Event Profits to the Special Revenue Fund for Public Art


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Election News


A Primary Election will be conducted on Tuesday, February 18, 2014 for the School Board race. All three locations will be used for the February 18 Primary Election.



Location                                                           Wards

Library/Village Center, 3920 N Murray Avenue      1, 2, 3, 4

Shorewood High School, 1701 E Capitol Drive       5, 6, 7. 8

Lake Bluff School, 1600 E Lake Bluff Blvd             9, 10, 11, 12




Absentee voting and registration in the Clerk's Office, 3930 N Murray Avenue, will conclude on Friday, February 14, 2014 at 5 p.m. and registration will resume on Election Day at each polling location.  Please remember to bring proof of residence when you are registering to vote.


If you have additional questions regarding Election Day, please contact the Village Clerk at 414-847-2608.




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Shorewood Neighborhood of the Year Competition

Application Deadline: February 28, 2014

Shorewood's Neighborhood of the Year competition is a way to acknowledge closely knit blocks in our community. Celebrations, work and service projects, block parties, intergenerational activities, regular e-mail communications and more connect our residents in special ways that contribute to the high quality of life in our Village. Shorewood has a reputation for promoting healthy neighborhoods and connecting its residents in a variety of fun, interactive and meaningful ways!
The Shorewood Connects Neighbors project is seeking applications for its fourth annual "Shorewood Neighborhood of the Year" competition. Applications will be reviewed by an evaluation panel and the winning neighborhood will be featured in Shorewood Today magazine in addition to having an opportunity to march behind a "Neighborhood of the Year" banner at the Village's annual 4th of July parade. Permanent street signs noting the award will be placed on the winning block.
Applications are judged according to the following criteria:inclusiveness, communication and organization, and whether the block incorporates a service element. Applications are limited to one per neighborhood (a neighborhood usually encompasses one to four blocks) and will be accepted through February 28, 2014. 
Completed applications should be returned to Shorewood Village Hall, 3930 N. Murray Ave., or sent via e-mail attachment to Elizabeth Price at the Shorewood Senior Resource Center eprice@villageofshorewood.org).

If you have any questions, please contact Sue Kelley, Shorewood Connects Facilitator at 414.961.7262 or  sue@suekelleyconsulting.com.



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Shorewood Business Improvement District Announces New Marketing Team



 The Shorewood Business Improvement District (B.I.D.) announced that it has signed a one-year marketing contract with MB Marketing Solutions LLC, a marketing communications firm based right here in Shorewood. The Shorewood B.I.D.'s marketing program includes special events, media relations and communication materials.  The marketing contract was finalized at the recent meeting of the B.I.D. board of directors.


Michelle Boehm, principal of MB Marketing Solutions LLC, is joined by a team of independent marketing professionals who will work together on the contract's multi-faceted scope.  Team members include communications expert Jenny Steinman Heyden who will manage special events and media relations consultant Christel Henke, who worked as part of the previous B.I.D. marketing team.  Boehm, Steinman Heyden, and Henke are all Shorewood residents and each has over 20 years of marketing communications experience.





Eyes on the Community


In April 2012, the Village of Shorewood launched the "Eyes on the Community" program.  The program's goal is to help identify issues in the public way so that they can be addressed before a larger issue develops.  This program plays an important role in keeping Shorewood a friendly and safe community in which to live, work and play.  To date approximately 71 issues have been reported through this program and all 71 have been investigated and resolved.


Here's how you can help us remain a friendly and safe community:

When you are out in the community and you see something that is "out of order" in the public way, i.e. potholes, street lights out, bushes obstructing vision, missing or faded street signs, etc., please take a moment to contact the Customer Service  Department at 414.847.2700 or manager@villageofshorewood.org.  We will notify the proper department so that action can be taken.


IMPORTANT:  Unshoveled sidewalks should be reported to snow@villageofshorewood.org.


Reporting your observations will help Village departments take a more proactive approach and respond BEFORE  a larger issue develops.


Remember, the Eyes on the Community program applies ONLY to issues in the public way.  Observations regarding residential or commercial buildings should be directed to our Planning and Development Department 414.847.2640 or pad@villageofshorewood.org 



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New Neighbors Event Was a Great Success!


The first-ever Saturday gathering for the Welcome New Neighbors Program drew over 100 attendees of all ages to the Police and Fire departments in Shorewood on Saturday, January 11, 2014. The event was hosted by NSFD Battalion Chief John Maydak and Shorewood Police Chief David Banaszynski.  Excited visitors gathered for coffee and cookies and an orientation by Welcome Neighbor Director, Jenny Heyden, and a short talk by representatives from the Police and Fire Departments. Groups were led by officers and firefighters through the buildings many intricate spaces.


A new Shorewood parent and resident, Debbie Timko, with son Warren, made a point to thank organizers for the event, and echoed sentiments of many parents. "This was a great experience for my son and me to share today." She went on, "It just adds to a great year, and it was a great decision to move to Shorewood."




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Tax Bill Information


Tax season is upon us.  As a reminder to our residents, January 31,  2014 is the deadline for timely payment of either your full 2013 real estate tax bill, or the first installment of your  2013 real estate taxes, with subsequent installments due on March 31,  2014 and May 31,  2014 to pay your taxes in full.  There are additional options to pay your taxes online to include credit cards and electronic checks. To pay your taxes online, click here. Keep in mind that both of these methods will incur a fee paid by the resident.    


We thank those residents who are providing stamped, self-addressed envelopes for the return of their paid receipts, which allows staff to more expeditiously process the return of these receipts.  You may direct any questions regarding the tax bills or the tax collection process to the Village Clerk/Treasurer by phone at  414.847.2608 or by email at cto@villageofshorewood.org.  




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2014 Budget in Brief: A Resident's Guide to the Village Budget

The Village Board and Staff have developed an easy to understand residents guide to the Village budget. The Budget in Brief provides residents with an overview on topics such as: the Community Profile, Vision Plan Goals, How Your Local Government is Funded, Enterprise Funds, Where Your Tax Dollars Go, Capital Projects and Debt Services and a list of Village Contacts. This document educates residents on how their tax dollars are spent and how local government is funded. It also helps the Village reach our goal of  being more transparent. You can view the document online here or stop by Village Hall for a paper copy.



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Christmas Tree Collection


Christmas trees will be collected curbside during the month of January. Trees which are cleaned of lights and ornaments will be chipped for compost.  PLEASE be sure that lights and any bolts or screws from the stand have been removed as these can cause costly damage to our chipper.

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Think Twice About Lateral Insurance


Recently, we have heard reports regarding mass mailings on sewer and water line warranty (insurance) programs. These mailings look somewhat "official" when they are nothing more than independent companies conducting a sales campaign.


In DPW's view it is not worth the price.  Take a look at sewer and water utility review records to see how many call for service were due to collapse of a lateral.  We would expect very few.  Most lateral problems are blockages which are relatively less expensive to clear compared to digging out a collapsed line at the homeowners expense.


Instead ask your home insurance agent to add sewer/water backup to your policy.  For about the same amount of premium as these lateral collapse programs are selling, the homeowner can purchase about $7500 or replacement cost coverage for backups.

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Calendar of Events  


Downsizing, A Liberating Skill

Tuesday., Jan. 21 at 1 p.m  

Village Center 

The Shorewood Women's Club will be hosting an event entitled

" Downsizing, A Liberating Skill" hosted by Adele Lund of the Laureate Group


Lake Bluff School Movie Night: Despicable Me
Fri., Jan. 31 at 7 p.m.
Lake Bluff Cafeteria
"Despicable Me" will be presented sponsored by the PTO. Popcorn and drinks available are available for $1each. Bring a pillow,blanket or sleeping bag for comfort. Parents must accompany children. Free to all.


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