April 19, 2013     
Village of Shorewood
Manager's Weekly Memo
Village Board Meeting Highlights

The Village Board held its regular meeting on Monday, April 15, 2013 at 7:30 pm. The Board:
  1. Approved a resolution to amend the Village of Shorewood 2012 budget
  2. Approved an ordinance to add commercial properties to the Code Compliance pre-sale program. 
  3. Approved an ordinance to make chapter 326 housing standards chapter applicable to all property including commercial
  4. Approved a "Class B" License for Intoxicating Liquor and Fermented Malt Beverages for Nehring's Sendik's on Oakland, 4027 N. Oakland Avenue, Agent Anne Finch-Nehring 



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Shorewood Water Utility Water System Exercising April 23, 2013


The Village of Shorewood will be exercising water valves on April 23, 2013. Exercising water distribution valves can cause mineral sediment that builds up in the pipes over time to break loose and produce discolored water. Crews will be flushing mains to minimize the impact; however it is possible that you may experience discolored water in your home. This water, while unappetizing in appearance, poses no health threats.


During the hours of 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. on April 23, please:refrain from doing the laundry as the sediments can damage your laundry and washing machine. Wait for the water to clear before using it for drinking or cooking.


It is possible that you may experience residual sedimentation in the days that follow. If you notice any discoloration after April 23, please contact DPW at 414.847.2650. This information is valuable to us for system maintenance purposes.


For more information, please contact Shorewood Public Works at 847.2650 or visit www.villageofshorewood.org/dpw 



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Shorewood Panel Discussion: Preserving an Architectural Legacy 


Finding appropriate properties for the Shorewood  Spaces and Traces tour (May 18) was no problem according to Historic Milwaukee organizers. Shorewood's overall housing stock is in excellent condition, especially considering that the majority of homes were built 70-100 years ago.

The panel discussion,co-sponsored by Historic Milwaukee Inc. and the Shorewood Historical Society, will be held at the North Shore Presbyterian Church at 6 pm on Tuesday, April 30. Our panel will detail the benefits of continuing to preserve our architectural legacy and discuss preservation alternatives including the possible establishment of historic districts.

Panel members will be:  

  • Michael Spector, former member and president of the Shorewood Village Board. He played a major role in establishing the Shorewood Historical Society
  • Guy Johnson - Elected to the Shorewood Village Board  in 1998; president of the  Board for the last eight years
  • Paul Jakubovich - Milwaukee Historical Commission Staff Planner
  • Carol Cartwright - Historian; completed an historic survey of all Shorewood buildings in 2011
  • Karen de Hartog - President, Shorewood Historical Society

The cost is $5 for Historic Milwaukee and Shorewood Historical Society members and $10 for non-members. To RSVP, click here.  


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Village Stages Spring Home Tour & Expo on Saturday, May 11   

If you are thinking about listing your home for sale in Shorewood or are considering buying a home here, you won't want to miss the Spring Home Tour & Expo on Saturday, May 11. Join other house-hunters at the Village Center (lower level of the library) from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. where you will be able to talk to realtors, lenders, inspectors and various representatives from the Village, Schools and Business District. Pick up a map of all the current Shorewood properties for sale and visit as many as you can fit in from 12-3 p.m. in the afternoon.

Please share this special event with friends and colleagues who are house-hunting. Invite them to attend the Spring Home Tour & Expo to find out more about all the great reasons to live in our outstanding Village!  

Also, if you have a business and would like to participate in the Expo and distribute literature about your products and services, e-mail info@shorewoodtoday.com to receive more information.

Learn from the pros and tour all homes for sale in Shorewood on one special day in May!


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Butterfly Weed Sale


Last summer, the Shorewood Waters Project held a Native Plant contest and residents chose the Butterfly Weed, Asclepias Tuberosaas Shorewood's Native Plant. A proclamation was made by the Village in August 2012 to officially adopt the Butterfly Weed.

Butterfly Weed is a great way to brighten-up your garden with colorful 2-5" orange blossoms with deep green foliage that bloom from June to early September. They are one of the most striking prairie wildflowers that attract butterflies, especially Monarchs, and even hummingbirds. They thrive in sunny and dry sandy or well drained loam locations and once established will grow into a nice compact plant that's 2-3' tall and drought tolerant. They are great for cut flowers too!

Let's paint the Village a brilliant shade of orange and fill its skies with Monarchs and other lovely gossamer-winged beauties. You can purchase Butterfly Weed plants for a special price at Shorewood's Conservation Fair on May 4 at Atwater School. You can also find them at Shorewood's Garden Room and other plant sales to be announced later this spring.



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 Save the date and your Recyclables! 



On Saturday, May 4 at 8 a.m., the Conservation Committee will hold its annual Conservation Fair at Atwater School. This event aims to keep items out of the landfill that are dangerous to the environment such as electronics, medications, batteries, compact fluorescent bulbs and/or items that still have a use to someone. Goodwill will collect clothing and household items.You can also recycle your old worn out tennis shoes, cell phones, printer cartridges and wine corks! As an added bonus, bring your confidential papers to be shredded for free!  


The Conservation Committee and other eco-friendly groups will have booths with great information.  Have a cup of coffee and chat for a while.  Hope for sun, but this event will go on rain or shine. In case of rain, large collection trucks will be in the parking lot, but smaller items and booths will be in the Atwater cafeteria on the northwest side of the building.




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Volunteers Needed for Spaces and Traces Tour


Historic Milwaukee is recruiting volunteer to staff each of the properties on the Spaces and Traces tour. Volunteer shifts are 3 hours and volunteers may purchase a ticket to see the rest of the tour for half price.  Mandatory training for volunteers will take place on Saturday, April 27 at the Village Center. Please see  www.historicmilwaukee.org  or call 414-277-7795 for more information.


Tickets for Spaces and Traces are now on sale. Advance tickets can be purchased at Alterra or North Shore Bank. Cost: $20 for Historic Milwaukee members/$25 for non-members. Day-of sales will take place at Shorewood High School in the Administration Building. Cost: $25 for HMI members/$30 for non-members.



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Thank You to the Spring Yard Clean-up Volunteers 


Happy National Volunteer Week, especially to the 62 volunteers who gave up their morning last Saturday to do  Shorewood Connects Spring Yard Clean-Up, despite the falling snow and less-than-ideal weather conditions.  The older adults who were helped were so grateful for your willingness to lend a hand. As one older man remarked, "It's a day like today that makes Shorewood a community"


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Call before you Dig 


There are many signs of spring in Wisconsin.  Robins, daffodils and... construction.  Colored marking or flags are evidence that underground utilities have been marked by Digger's Hotline in advance of an excavation.  Do you know the color code?

  • Red - Electric
  • Orange - Communications, telephone/CATV
  • Blue - Potable Water
  • Green - Sewer/Drainage
  • Yellow - Gas/Petroleum pipe line
  • Purple - Reclaimed water
  • White - Premark site of intended excavation

If you have plans for a project of your own please remember call before you dig!  Just dial 811.



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Every Drop Counts! 


All the extra spring rain we have had lately can place extra strain on sewage and storm water systems. The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District (MMSD) would like to remind everyone of what we can to keep the stress  on these systems to a minimum: 

  • Do the laundry tomorrow if there's heavy rain today
  • Take a shorter shower 
  • Turn the water off while brushing your teeth or shaving
  • Install high efficiency plumbing 
  • Fix leaky plumbing (a leaky toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water a day) 

By following, these steps with the goal of decreasing usage by 10 gallons a day during a heavy rain, we can reduce the flow through our sewage district by up to 11 million gallons. 


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"IT" is up to you:

Lock IT
Light IT
Take IT
Report IT

Tip Three:

Take "IT"

Theft is a crime of opportunity; if you take away the opportunity the theft will not happen. So how do you do that? You "Take it" with you. When you exit your car, remember to take your purse, wallet or backpack with you. Don't leave personal items of value in plain sight. If it is valuable to you, it is valuable to a thief. So help out and "Take IT" with you.


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Calendar of Events

SHS Band Exchange Concert
Fri., April 26, 2013 at 9:00 am
Shorewood High School Auditorium


On Friday, April 26, the SHS Band (and the Shorewood Band Parents Association) will be hosting the Bon Homme High School Band, from Tyndall, South Dakota. They will be arriving in Shorewood at about 7:30 am, at which time the Band Parents Association will be treating them, and our band students, to breakfast. After some time to get acquainted, the three bands (the Bon Homme High School Band and our Concert Band & Wind Ensemble) will perform for each other in an informal concert in the SHS Auditorium around 9:00 am The SD band is scheduled to leave Shorewood at about 10:30 am


Spring Musical: Spring Awakening

Fri. and Sat. May 10-11 at 7:00 pm. Sun., May 12 at 2:00 pm. Thurs., Fri., and Sat. May 16-18 at 7:00 pm.  

Shorewood High School Auditorium  


The SHS Drama Department will perform the musical "Spring Awakening" in May!  We will be one of the first public high schools in the nation to perform the show.  Given the content of the show, some may formulate questions regarding its progressive nature.  Our goals for performing "Spring Awakening" are to produce a high quality and moving theatrical performance and to use the content of the show to encourage young people and adults to engage in dialogue about the real challenges our adolescents face.  This is an opportunity to produce powerful theater and powerful conversation to support the young people we all serve.  


Tickets are $10 for Adults and $5 for students or $25 for a limited number of on-stage seating ($15 of which will go to local you social service organizations). You can order tickets online here

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Now that it's warmer outside, your child may wish to play on the backyard or your local park's playground equipment. Teach your child playground safety rules like waiting their turn, going down the slide feet first, holding onto railings, and sitting down on swings or slides to prevent injuries.  

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It is time to water your lawn if footprint impressions stay in the lawn and do not spring back. Water early in the morning and only for short periods of time so the soil may absorb the water. Longer grass has stronger roots and retains water better.
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