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Market Returns

Value as of

Aug. 31 2016*


Year to date




12.2 %

-11,1 %

S&P 500


6.2 %

-0,7 %

Euro Stoxx 50 


-7.5 %

3,8 %

MCSI emerging markets


12.5 %

-17,0 %

Oil ($US/Barrel)

$ 44.70

5.4 %

-38,8 %

Gold ($US/oz)

$ 1,311

23.2 %

-10,8 %


$ 0.77

7.6 %

-16,5 %

Source : Bloomberg, Richardson GMP Limited

*Values are in local currency


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Investment Strategies  

Careful how much you pay
The two best performing sectors of the S&P 500 so far this year are Telecom and Utilities. In Canada, these sectors have done very well too, only trailing the recovery in Materials and Energy. Of course this flight to high-yielding stocks, such as those found in the Telecom and Utilities sectors, is primarily in response to bond yields dropping to all-time lows. A 1% yield on a 10-year Canada government bond certainly makes dividend paying equities more valuable as more investors reach for yield in the equity markets. However, the rise in prices of 'bond proxies' has come largely from multiple expansion as earnings growth has been tepid. And this comes with risks.

The chart on the right (click here) breaks down the year-to-date returns of U.S. Utilities and Telcos as well as Canadian Utilities, Telcos and REITs. All these sectors are up about 20% so far this year and almost all of these gains have come from multiple expansion.
Tax & Estate Planning Strategies 
Best way to pass on the family cottage
Several factors can influence the transfer of the family cottage. Before deciding to transfer ownership to the children, we must consider how inheriting the cottage will affect them.
In the news                                     

Global bond rally starting to buckle
Japan's sovereign debt is suffering its worst rout in 13 years, handing investors biggest losses over the past two months than any other government bonds amid speculation the Bank of Japan plans to change its asset-purchase strategy. The impact of the BOJ's stimulus is that the bond markets worldwide are becoming one market. This is a big, big moment. Interest rates have bottomed. They may not rise in the near term as we've talked about for years but it's the beginning of something and you're supposed to be defensive.

All this comes after the BOJ's decision to introduce a negative deposit rate in January accelerated a plunge in yields. That spurred a rush among Japanese investors to seek income in bonds abroad - flows that have now started to dry up. Money flows across borders. It's all linked.

September could be huge for markets all around the world
The first debate of the U.S. presidential campaign. A Group of 20 (G20) central bank interest rate announcement nearly every other trading day. And a key meeting among commodity nations around the world. With a jam-packed calendar in September, no asset class is immune from potential event risk. That's not to mention that the month has typically been the worst one for stocks - the only one in which the median return for the S&P 500 has been negative going back to 1928.

Now, Wall Street strategists are warning of an end to the unusual calm that's characterized markets in August, advising clients to go long volatility, citing, in part, the prospect of rising cross-asset correlations. Of course, there's no guarantee this volatility will ever materialize: strategists were also warning of a swoon in U.S. stocks and uptick in volatility right before they proceeded to march to all-time highs.

Value stocks beating growth stocks
So far this year, value stocks are outperforming growth stocks. This is unexpected for the following two reasons. It's the reverse of what occurred in 2015, when growth stocks were in the lead. When market returns are reasonably good, and when interest rates are falling or low, more stable sectors will usually lag more aggressive sectors. But, "that just hasn't been the case here in the current environment.

Markets returns in the U.S. have been reasonably good since January. However, the tables are turning. The earnings growth picture in the U.S. is somewhat muted, in that S&P earnings have been slightly negative. Going into 2016, the market was looking forward to a rising-rate environment. But now, interest rates are likely to remain suppressed. On that front, the train never really left the station.

Eddy Farina, Fin. Pl., CIM
Senior Vice President, Investment Advisor

" If you're offered a seat on a rocket ship, don't ask what seat!
Just get on. "
- Sheryl Sandberg

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