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Market Returns

Value as of

Jan. 31 2016*


Year to date




-1.4 %

-11,1 %

S&P 500


-5.1 %

-0,7 %

Euro Stoxx 50 


-6.8 %

3,8 %

MCSI emerging markets


-6.5 %

-17,0 %

Oil ($US/Barrel)

$ 33.62

-11.9 %

-38,8 %

Gold ($US/oz)

$ 1,116

5.2 %

-10,8 %


$ 0.72

0 %

-16,5 %

Source : Bloomberg, Richardson GMP Limited

*Values are in local currency


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Investment Strategies  

4 things to know about the market correction
The stock market is cyclical. It builds up, peaks, then falls - and then the process starts over again. Right now, we're in the falling part of the cycle, and all three major equity markets (the NASDAQ, S&P500 and Dow Jones) are in what's called a correction, defined as a 10% drop from a recent peak. Stock market corrections have historically happened every 18 months. The last time we had a correction was August 2015, but that was the first in nearly four years, an unusually long gap.

Why is a correction happening again? Chinese stock markets have been extremely volatile in recent months, rising to record highs and then plummeting on worries about policy changes, slowing economic growth and a weaker yuan. While North American investors aren't exposed to those stock markets directly, China is a global powerhouse, so weakness there concerns investors everywhere.
Tax & Estate Planning Strategies 
2015 Year-end tax planning checklist
Knowing the results of our most recent federal election, we should take a look at what our new government might have in store for taxpayers. During the election, the Liberal party platform had several initiatives and promises that affected taxpayers.
In the news                                     

Prepare for rocky markets in 2016
As we head into 2016, central banks will continue to prop up the global economy. The drivers of the global economy in 2015 will continue to shape the macroeconomic environment in 2016. We live in an age of oversupply, and central bankers are the only policymakers currently poised to provide enough stimulus to significantly try to generate demand.

Oversupply of debt is constraining the ability of governments to provide enough fiscal stimulus to generate demand. Central banks have stepped in with significant monetary easing, but that has led to oversupply of liquidity in the macroeconomic system. For the next five years, we'll continue to live in a low-growth, low-rate and low-inflation environment for the next five years.

Batten down the hatches for 2016
As we head into 2016, we should stay calm and hedge our portfolios. That's because markets will continue to be volatile. And, we may be surprised by commodities markets and government policy moves.

Growth is back, but with a twist. The trick to surviving and thriving will be adept management of volatility. And, given Canada's strong structural position, which is based on its well-managed fiscal policy, solid financial institutions and a diverse export base, we are well positioned to take advantage of global opportunities.

Outlook 2016: Not a barn burner
Although 2016 began with heart-stopping drops in equities markets, first in China and then around the world, global economic prospects this year are not likely to be as gloomy as the plunge in stock prices may indicate. The market declines do not signify a downward trend in world economies. The turmoil is mainly the result of market reactions to China's efforts to devalue its overvalued currency gradually.

However, that's not to say that global economic growth will be strong this year. It's looking like another year of below-trend economic growth, with almost no countries growing above potential. The lackluster economic outlook is not surprising. Economic growth has declined as the populations of countries age, which reduces the proportion of the people working.

Eddy Farina, Fin. Pl., CIM
Senior Vice President, Investment Advisor

 The stock market is filled with individuals who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing "
- Phillip Fisher

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