May 2013
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Greetings from the President
Since we've last checked in with you, I blinked and it's already May! We have made many strides forward I'm excited to share them with you today. In the midst of moving our mission forward, helping Haitians in Haiti create businesses and Jobs, we've stayed committed to staying informed and to educating ourselves about Haiti. I had the privilege of attending a few very meaningful events this year already.

In march, I attended the Investing in Haitian Progress conference at Columbia University hosted by Haitian Resource Group and USAID PADF. There, I learned of the progressive plans the Martelly-Lamothe administration either has implemented or is pursuing for Haiti. I also heard from current businesses owners as well as USAID representatives about the work they are doing to improve the Haitian economy. Check out some of the presentations.

In April, I witnessed the Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe sign an agreement with MIT to promote education of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines in Kreyol! The PM cited that 97% of the country speaks Kreyol. According to him if Haiti is to make progress, we have to make steps to promote full participation of all Haitians by moving to our native tongue. I agree 100% with the direction the PM is taking Haitian education. Such a direction will certainly have positive effects on the economy.

At the beginning of this month, I attended a theatrical performance depicting how Toussaint Louverture's legacy spurred on the abolition of slavery in the US. I learned some things about how the US Civil War that I never knew. I acquired a renewed sense of inspiration by our history. 
These recent experiences prove that there is a bright future for Haiti and we can use the past to inspire and guide us. They've also proven that CHES' work is aligned with the direction the country needs to go.

Rebecca Obounou 
CHES Trip Approaching Take-off Time!

We have been working with the team of volunteers joining CHES on this trip to make our time in Haiti this summer a success. We are diligently preparing the content of the workshops on mission, vision, contracts, sales and other important fundamental business topics. These workshops will be interactive as well as practical. The women will undergo mock sales interviews; we will also accompany them on actual sales visits. There's a long to-do list in preparing for the inaugural ceremony of the food depot. We will be inviting influential members of the region. It's stirring up a lot of anticipation!


We have been working with the women farmers in Haiti as well to ensure that the workshops address their needs. WeWilnose & OGFL have been meeting via conference calls and they are eager for the visit. They are beginning to prepare the numerous logistics for our time together on their end.  


While there, the knowledge transfer will not be one way. We plan to visit some of the farms of these women where they grow the rice, corn and beans they will be selling. CHES and our volunteer team will learn about their agricultural process.  


Many, many thanks to those who've stepped up to help us in big ways. So far, we've received enough air miles for a round trip ticket and a one-way ticket, three computers, and some funds from supporters. To us, you're just as muDonatech a part of the trip as those going on the trip. We can't do it without you. We're going to continue to need your financial support as we're making the arrangements for the planned activities on the ground. Please continue to support us.   



School Supply Drive for Haitian Elementary Students
As part of our trip this summer, we want to help school children in Haiti 

prepare for the upcoming school year. In Limbe, many parents have six or more children. Parents often can't afford to send all of their children to school. The children that are privileged enough to get enrolled into school often don't have adequate school supplies for their schooling. Please participate in the drive. Downloadable flier.

Back Pack Drive

We Now Offer Kreyol Essence Products for Sale
As you may know, last year we were able to raise the seed funding for the food depot opening this summer primarily through scarf sales. While we had some Haitian products to offer, it was still admittedly an inadequate offering. At many different events as a vendor, many people asked us if we had more Haitian-made products. We now dKE Palma Shea Souffleo! We are proud to announce that we are partnered with Kreyol Essence and will now offer select products at our vendor tables 

Kreyol Essence is a cosmetics company that offers a host of organically sourced hair and body products for men and women. These products are sourced from Haiti and produced in Haiti by Haitians. You can come see us this week at the Jubilee Christian Church Women's Conference!
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