January 2013
Happy New Year & News from CHES
We have a lot of exciting news to share!

Happy New Year & Happy Haitian Independence Day!
Hopefully the new year has started well. We hope that you had plenty of soup Joumou this H
Freedom - Move On by Christopher Laroche
Freedom - Move On by Christopher Laroche
aitian Independence day on January 1. We wish you joy, love, good health and prosperity in 2013. Sadly we are also reminded of the catastrophic earthquake of January 12, 2010. As we look back upon the tragic events that hit us three years ago, it's important to look forward. Let's rebuild the Haiti we want! We'd like to share the song of a young Haitian artist that embodies this message.
We Made Our Goal in 2012 - Thanks to YOU
Because of your unwavering support in 2012, CHES reached our goal to raise $5,000.  These funds will help Haitian women organic farmers in Limbe, Northern Haiti start-up of a food depot (future depot pictured below) this summer. They will pool their rice
Thank you from the CHES for 2012
Thank you from the CHES for 2012
, beans and corn crops to sell them in bulk. Three people will be employed full-time at fair wages and at least 10 female farmers will have the opportunity to receive greater returns on their crops. In 2012, these women have diligently worked with us to put together their business plan, responding positively to our requests for plan revisions, pictures and references. They have even participated in phone interviews. They did all this despite inconsistent and undependable electricity and Internet service in their area. Haitian grown-products will be promoted through this venture and we hope to inspire more people to farm and care for Haiti's land. We at CHES are excited to help, in partnership with your support, these hard-working women turn their written plan into reality.
We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization so your donations are all tax-exempt.

We're Going to Haiti this Summer!

This July, ACHES members and a team of volunteers will be traveling to see through the successful start-up of this new venture. We are continuing to fundraise to lessen the costs of the summer trip. The volunteers will be paying their way and in addition donating precious vacation time to accompany us on this trip. While we are there, we plan to physically help the women organize their space for optimized operations. We plan to offer training workshops that will range from basic computer skills (including Microsoft Office), sales & marketing, financial management to human resources management. In addition to bringing these women entrepreneurs funds and providing training, we wish to bring them a few of fully equipped laptops. We want to help them get the best start possible. Donations will help provide the following things: training materials, new computers, airfare, ground transportation, food and lodging. Please

continue to support us and donate $25.   



You're Invited!

We are having an open house and we'd love you to come! We want to share more about CHES with you in person. We'd also like to appreciate you personally for your support.

When: Saturday, February 16, 2013
Where: TBA
RSVP: If you are interested, email info@chesinternational.org and we will follow-up with you. 
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