November  2015
Vol. 5, Issue #10
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Falling for Crisp Air and Colorful Trees!
Going for the Green!
Spotlight On: Snoopy's Synthetic Turf Renovation
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 Denise and Terri attended the Marketing Seminars and have learned how to differentiate Landesign from other Landscape Companies.

  Use chopped up dead leaves as a cheap and efficient mulch alternative for the winter season!

Extend your Veggie Growing Season by using fallen leaves to keep your plants warm!
Happy Thanksgiving! 
    Crisp air and falling leaves awaken the season of gratitude. We are grateful for your confidence and loyalty and wish you and your family safe holiday travels and a joyous Thanksgiving!
In this issue, we give a special thank you to the Landesign team that attended the Green Industry and Equipment Expo in Louisville, Kentucky.

Landesign is a proud member of the National Association of Landscape Professionals. As active members of this great organization Landesign sent a group of employees to participate
in this years GIE Expo in October. 
Terri, Janessa, JJ, John, and Brad take a test run of the industries newest equipment.
We are always looking for ways to provide continuing education and certification for our employees benefit as well as our clients.
We are building an outstanding team with what we have gained and learned at this years GIE Expo. Read on to learn more about how the Landscape Industry is promising and booming! 

Wishing you a colorful season,

John and Denise Fitzgerald
Landesign C&M, Founders
Team Building Towards Excellence
Landesign's Takeaway from the Green Industry and Equipment Expo! 
Over 22,000 people attended from all over the U.S and from 22 other countries. The GIE Expo is one of the largest running expos in the U.S at 30 acres of trade show footprint. The expo continues to grow and this year alone welcomed an 11% increase in participation!

 Landesign owner John is leading the way to a company of excellence.
The Expo not only showcases up and coming tools and products for the Landscape industry but provides educational classes and activities to advance companies. Landesign participated in these seminars and educational opportunities put on by the Professional Grounds Management Society and the NALP. 
Landesign is embracing a company 'attitude of excellence' and seeks out challenges in order to bring about excellence. Being a proud part of a professional association built on high standards allows Landesign to continuously strive to meet and go beyond expectations. Landesign participated in these furthering education opportunities in order to meet the standards of our affiliations as well as meet the high standards of our beloved clients.

We look forward to sharing our new knowledge with you and helping you maintain and prepare your landscape for many years to come!
Put Fallen Leaves to Work!
Cleaning up your yard in fall can be an exhaustive task. Put that effort into good use by utilizing your raked leaves to enhance your properties functionality! Here are three great uses.
1. Winter Mulch
Dead leaves are an ideal winter mulch. Many shrubs and perennials need protection from winter weather and a 4-6" layer of leaf mounding around their base helps them thrive.
2. Lawn Fertilizer
Rakes are not always needed in fall lawn sprucing. Tackle two tasks this season by using your lawn mower to trim grass and to break up fallen leaves. Leaves in smaller pieces decompose more quickly and lawns reap the benefits. You can add a healthy dose of nitrogen to your landscape with this trick!
3. Composting Add leaves to your compost pile to increase nitrogen content and organic matter. Add leaves regularly as they fall this season and mix continuously to promote decomposition. Within 
3-6 months you will have a rich compost ready for spring planting!
Don't have a compost pile? 
Add leaves straight to your landscape soil and mix well! The leaves will decompose into the soil and will become a natural fertilizer!

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