September  2015
Vol. 5, Issue #9
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Falling for Crisp Air and Colorful Trees!
Going for the Green!
Spotlight On: Snoopy's Synthetic Turf Renovation
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Never have to deal with unsightly lawn patches again with synthetic lawn that is ready for any event year round!


Falling for Crisp Air and Colorful Trees! 

   Autumn is beginning to creep into the air as school is in session and summer tans begin to fade. We can begin to see the transition in our landscapes, through our beloved trees and neighboring vineyards putting on a show of red and gold. 

During this time our full sun plants begin to put on their last performance. It is also the beginning of an important annual season to bring color to our properties.

The two annual plants that provide a gorgeous color palette in the fall are pansies and violas. These two plants come in a variety of colors that can highlight any property interest and contrast our showstopping trees.

October is the ideal season to begin planting your next batch of annuals. Landesign can help make the transition easy and can provide a gorgeous color palette that will put on a dramatic show for the upcoming fall kick off! Get in touch with us here.

Wishing you a colorful season,

John and Denise Fitzgerald
Landesign C&M, Founders
Going for the Green!
Synthetic Turf as the New American Lawn 

Synthetic Turf is gaining momentum in California's drought and has undergone some impressive improvements to its design. Americans no longer have to completely give up the American Lawn aesthetic to ornamental grasses. A happy medium is now in the horizon!

Synthetic turf has undertaken a design revision due to demand and is becoming more lifelike to the living lawn. Customers can now receive artificial lawn with so many details and color swathes to every patch that synthetic becomes unrecognizable.

Utilize a synthetic turf that fits the bill. With a variety of options and geared uses, artificial turf is becoming a great option to conserve water and to have consistent curb appeal.  
Turf products that include new technology that allows liquids to pass through with no lingering odor is now an option for our lovable pets! In the mood for a unique social space addition to your property, consider a functional putting green instead of dead lawn space! 
If you are looking for an alternative solution to your lawn spaces and want to maintain your properties aesthetic appeal get in touch here!  Also, Check out our property spotlight on our synthetic turf renovation at the Snoopy House!

Spotlight On: Snoopy's Synthetic Turf Renovation
Underused Lawn Space becomes Functional

Landesign had the wonderful opportunity to help reimagine the underutilized lawn space of Snoopy's Home at the Charles Schulz Corporate Office. Unused and thirsty lawn spaces were given a much needed makeover with the addition of synthetic turf. 

With the added benefits of a synthetic lawn in todays current drought crisis the space not only looks clean and green but provides a new social aspect to the property. Snoopy agrees on the benefits and enjoys the opportunity to work on his golf game.
An underutilized lawn space that became a high maintenance issue in todays drought is transformed into a neat and functional putting green.
Ready to add a little fun to your property and help conserve water in California's drought? Join Snoopy's bandwagon and start here!
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