March 2015
Vol. 5, Issue #3
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Spring has Sprung!
March Mulch Madness
Introducing Julianna Wild
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Be on the lookout for the two landscape colors of the year! Showcasing Teals and bold Pinks in drought tolerant landscapes! 

Spring has Sprung! 

Warm weather has arrived and outdoor living has begun!  We can now enjoy watching the California wildflowers bloom. 


This great weather may inspire you to finally unveil that new and eye catching enhancement you have been dreaming about! Still not sure what to do? We have composed a list of our favorite landscape trends for 2015!


We would love to hear your ideas and help you make them happen!


Wishing you a blooming season, 


John and Denise Fitzgerald
Landesign C&M, Founders


Enhance Your Properties Curb Appeal
March Mulch Madness

Nothing has a greater impact than the appearance of a fresh application of mulch!

The benefits of a sufficient layer of mulch include:
  • Reduces evaporation from soil surface, cutting water use by 25-50%
  • Organic mulches promote soil microorganism activity, which in turn, improves soil tilth and helps lessen soil compaction. 
  • Stabilizes soil moisture
  • Controls weeds, which rob soil moisture
  • Moderates soil temperature
  • Controls erosion
  • Gives a finished look, improving aesthetic quality!
 Soil moisture retention is essential during our dry, hot summers and even more with our drought conditions. We encourage you to do your half in conserving California's limited water resource. Contact us here For more information on appropriate mulch choices to cut back your water usage! 

Introducing Julianna Wild 

New to Landesign
Our newest team member is a graduate from Cal Poly
San Luis Obispo! She holds a Bachelors of Landscape Architecture and has joined Landesign's Team as an Junior Estimator and Designer! 

 Julianna's background in design began as a fine arts student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and gradually lead her to combine her love for art, design, sociology, and landscape to pursue Landscape Architecture

Julianna enjoys traveling to photograph landscapes, Etsy, and the Renegade Craft Fair. 
On the Lookout: Landscape Trends of 2015!


Landesign is always on the look out for upcoming trends! Take a look at our top five trends that we are looking forward to see this year! 


1. Edible Plantings Front and Center
 A popular trend is designing front yards and community properties to showcase edible designs to be shared in the business or home.
2. Charcoal Painted Fences
Painted fence lines in dark grey to black hues let bordering plantings  pop.
3.Stained Raised Planter Beds
Natural wood planter beds are a staple for the garden.The new trend setter is boxes stained with grey, black, and dark green hues
4. Gabion Walls
Lavish minimalism is in. Gabion walls and planters allow for personalization and provide a luxurious showcase of materials.
5.Ribbon Pathways
A vintage design that mimics the wagon ruts that used to mark the roadways, aiding in filtering vehicle spills and runoff.
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