January 2015
Vol. 5, Issue #1
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The New Year of New Ideas!
Creative Solutions to Exterior Drainage
Welcome Our Newest Clients: Deer Creek Village
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 Rain Gardens, a sustainable and eye catching solution.




Please contact us to request further information on how you can receive a custom designed Rain Garden with plant selections right for your site here!








Deer Creek Village Shopping Center, highlighting the green industry's innovative landscape designs.

Deer Creek Village is thoughtfully designed with the incorporation of local artist's sculptural pieces.

2015 is the year for new ideas! 


   We are wishing you a great start to the new year! This is the best time to fill your days with new hopes and aspirations and we look forward to sharing a fresh start with you. We are excited to start off our year right with getting your ideas and insights to how we are doing and how we can better serve you!
   Be on the lookout for our custome
r survey that will be landing in your email January 20th, 2015! We value your time and have kept the survey a simple 15 questions. With just 5 minutes out of your day for our survey we will be sending you a $10.00 Starbucks gift card! We have increased our thanks for your highly valued comments!
  Wishing you all the blessings of the new year! Thank  you for making our place of work at Landesign a happy one!



John and Denise Fitzgerald
Landesign C&M, Founders

Creative Solutions to Exterior Drainage

In this rainy season it is best to take notes of where your exterior drainage could be improved to protect your property from damage. Poor drainage can cause a number of problems that will affect your property value, safety, community water source, and landscape longevity. At Landesign we have you covered when it comes to providing creative and smart solutions to protect your property. Please contact us to help you get ready for the next winter stormhere!


Main Indicators of Drainage Problems

1. Excess water around your buildings.

2. Planting beds with standing water and drowned plants.

3. Watery driveways and walk ways with pooling areas.





What Rain Gardens Do

Rain gardens come with many benefits including providing a beautiful and natural looking aesthetic character to your property. Other benefits include; the ability to recharge groundwater, reduce mosquito breeding, reduce structural flooding, protect local rivers and streams, protect your communities water quality, and provides a natural habitat for wildlife. 

Please contact us here for more information on how we can provide you a designed solution to your drainage needs!

Welcome Our Newest Client: Deer Creek Village!

    Landesign welcomes our newest client at Deer creek Village in Petaluma! We are honored to have the responsibility of maintaing a wonderful and thriving addition to the city of Petaluma. Deer Creek Village Shopping Center is set to be one of Petaluma's premiere mixed use centers, providing a combination of shopping, dining, fitness and recreational opportunities. Deer Creek Village provides exceptionally designed Architecture and Landscape Architecture features that embodies the city's 'sense of place'.


The landscape design includes neighborhood friendly amenities for leisure and recreation but also provides habitat restoration for the surrounding wetlands. Walking and biking trails are also included in the Deer Creek Village site plan for patrons and community enjoyment.

    Deer Creek Village aims to be a sustainable and innovative addition to the City of Petaluma. The project will incorporate a diverse array of green building materials and managament practices. Landesign is excited to join this cause with our maintenance division! We are proud to serve the City of Petaluma and Deer Creek Village's goals of providing a sustainable future to our county!



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