Volume 17 Issue 48: March 31, 2016
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Good Base, Bad Base?

You say, "If you suspect your skis have any base damage (i.e. base sealing)", how do you know?

If your skis bases hold wax well and all look the same color throughout they are likely good. If they dry out quickly and have irregular shades of grey then they need some attention.
Andy at SkiPost

Spring, what to do now?

I'm a club racer and I'm done with my racing for the season and have taken some rest time.  I'm ready to start training again but I'm not sure what I should do.  Should I focus on strength training or building an endurance base.  Or should I try to get in more skiing if I can?  Thank you!

The 2016-2017 season starts May 1st. So yes, if you can still ski, then ski. But now that the season is over it is time to start building for next season. So start a comprehensive training program for the year. Get together with yoru coach and make a plan. 
Check out the info at
Transition or Recovery Phase (Spring)
Recover from the physical, mental and emotional stresses of training and racing. Complete rest is fine, but active rest is better.
Preparation: Begin building into your modes of training.
Base (Summer)
Base training is so called because it is the base upon which later phases of training are built.
Aerobic endurance is the number one component of cross-country ski racing, and it is the component of ski racing which takes the most time to develop. It is the primary aim of the base training period. Example: 2hour rollerski or run split between level 1 and 2 or a 3hourr bike on hilly terrain split between level 1 and 2. Please note: about 80% of all training is endurance training. The rest is strength, intervals and races, etc.
General: Power and strength-endurance are built on max strength. General strength develops overall tendon and muscle strength necessary to support latter forms of training. General strength is the focus through the spring and summer. Example: after building up to weight training for 5-6 weeks, include some ski specific high weight and low rep work.
Specific: Specific strength becomes more a focus later in the summer and into the fall once a solid base of general strength has been established. Example: Endurance session using only double pole over gradual terrain.
Most intensity should be below the lactate threshold early in the summer. Anaerobic training such as speed is good, but hard aerobic and anaerobic intervals should be kept to a minimum early on. Example: 2x10 minutes at 5 bpm below LT with 2 minutes rest between intervals. Start with 1-2 sessions a week.
Technique and speed:
Speed training during the base period should not be done at a hard intensity (short bouts of speed with full recovery are recommended) and should be oriented toward using correct movements at race speeds - not at moving at an unrealistic pace. Example: Incorporate 10 20 second bursts of speed into your endurance training.

Andy at SkiPost
Wax Remover

Is there a cheaper alternative than Swix base cleaner to remove old kick wax. The Swix stuff is $14.00 for 2.5 ounces. An outrageous rip off for what are probably really inexpensive solvent(s) that can be bought at a local hardware store. I heard naptha could be one of them.  

For kick zone cleaning you can use a wax remover rather than a Base cleaner. Base cleaners and HF cleaner are more gentle than wax removers and are for the glide zones. No one is making a huge profit on these as it is very expensive to import and transport these products that are so called "Hazardous goods"  which require high costs to ship.
Yes there are some solvents that could be used instead but the ski brands do the R&D to make sure they deliver you the best product to remove wax without damaging the skis or reducing glide. Competition between the brands and ski shops keeps the prices as low as possible.
Andy at SkiPost/Start

Tour de Spam
with Nordic Dave

Off the plateau, down below, it's mud season a place where the mind can play funny tricks on a nordic skier. Is it over you ask? It wasn't nearly long enough was it?

You worked so hard just for those fleeting moments of skiing fast and racing friends and foe alike testing your metal to see what you are made of because after all you are a nordic ski racer !You love the cold, good snow and a healthy lifestyle pushing your old bod to it's limits.

Recently ND's health recovery and rehab has entered a new phase of short races and ramming new blood into a damaged brain. Fun fact , ND's sister, has taunted him all his life that he was born brain damaged. Simple irony is that now Nordic Dave can say he is brain damaged, it's a great excuse for any misstep percieved or otherwise. Just blame it on the brain damage smile and say "uh bad" and your done. It's simpler this way, nothing to dwell on & you just move on. I digress...

Meanwhile back up on the plateau, if you have been suffering with mental issues with warm temps and sketchy trails to ski on, let ND help you out. You know this place, you may associate it with other events however this weekend it may been one of the best places on the planet to ski and yes.... race!
Over night temps were well below 0f at dawn but warming to above freezing by afternoon. Translation, sunny days, and perfectly groomed trails and fast skiing to hammer to your heart's content.

This weekend was the Tour de Spam, a 3 day stage race Friday night through Sunday morning, i.e. 3k skate prologue, 7.5k classic and Sunday's finale a 15k skate. The winner's recieved cans of Spam, that delicious nutrient that West Yellowstone is known for in many of it's fine dining establishments.
This is what racing is about this time of year, low key fun and ironically you just may be in the best shape of the year. Fittingly before the start of each race if you chug down a beer you are given a 1 minute time bonus. Since ND was already impaired, he uncharacteristicly opted out of the pre race beer chug.

For those of you who missed this event, which is just about all of you, well you indeed missed out on some great skiing on a super fun race course, nothing better than ripping those rolling hills on great cold snow and perfectly groomed trails.

After the race, Nordic Dave imparted his wisdom on a fellow ski race buddy .....,  "Racing is like sex...",  i.e. "was it as good for you as it was for me?"

The Tour de Spam, it definitely made the race calendar for next year.

From the Nordic Dave Adventure Series

What Rollerski?

The snow is gone. What rollerski should I get? 

SkiPost recommends Swenor rollerskis, we loved them so much we started importing them. Swenor is the world's #1 rollerski brand because they provide "The Ultimate Ski-Feeling" They also have breaks now. The composite shafts make rough roads feel smooth and reduce leg fatigue and the wheels are durable and come in every speed you would want. That is why they are the choice of Team Norway. 

The most ppular models are the Swenor Skate Elite and for classic the Swenor Fiberglass. For juniors and beginners the Skate and Skate Junior are the most affordable models. email rollerski questions to

Swenor Catalog Here 

Summer Ski Storage 
Clean the base cover the Base
1)  Cleaning: Use wax remover and Fiber wipe to clean the kick zone and also the glide zone.
2)  Use the finest Steel brush to clean excess dirt from base.
3)  Apply layer of Start Base (or Service or soft non-fluoro glider like SG2) to glide zones.
4)  While wax is still soft use scraper with low pressure to "hot wipe" wax and further dirt away.
5)  Follow with Fiber wipe and then finest steel brush again to remove dirt while refreshing base further. Repeat steps 4 and 5 as necessary until no more dirt is seen coming from base. 
6)  If you suspect your skis have any base damage (i.e. base sealing) consider having the skis stoneground to reveal a fresh base in the spring before summer storage.  A fresh base is the most import feature in a skis ability to hold wax and to glide. Ski shops in most every ski town offer great stone grinding services.
7)  Once you have a clean and refreshed base it is time to saturate the base with a summer storage wax.  In the glide zones melt in a thick layer of Start Base (or Service or soft non-fluoro glider like SG2) and let it cool. If all the wax has been absorbed into the base at any point add another layer on to. Let cool leave it on the ski all summer.
8)  Skis should be storage in cool, dry place, out of sunlight and not near heating elements nor not near the roof where temperature can rise over 50C degrees. Skis should be stored loosely strapped with no pressure on camber so that there is no risk that heat and pressure can alter any of the skis camber characteristics.
9)  Better to do something than nothing. So at the very, very least crayon your softest glide onto your glide zones right now.


I have read a number of articles related to stone grinding benefits.  My question is how often? I have seen comments to do it every year but my concern and question is how  many times can I grind my skis.  I have a pair of Atomic WC that are only 4 years old.  They have been ground 3 times.  The last time the shop said the bases are getting thin and they do not recommend another grind.

It all comes down to the grinder and grinding from day 1.A ski can be ground 10 times if they are just taking off a micro layer. 1 time if taking down hunks
If the grinder says it is thin, then it is likely thin.
Bliz Optical

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Start Poles
Max stiffness & min weight from Fat,Thin-Wall Tops
Min swing weight & max durability from Skinny,Thick-Wall Tips

Salomon Nordic
Jessie Diggins

"This photo says it all. Last brutally hard World Cup of the year...done!" 
"I was so happy with this tour and the season as a whole," said Diggins. "I'm so proud to be a part of this team! I had great skis today and although I woke up with the start of a cold, I knew I could fight it out one last time.We caught Astrid and I ended up in fifth place, and was psyched to learn that I got my first classic podium ever with third-fastest time of day!" 5th in the Tour of Canada and 8th in the Overall FIS Cross Country World Cup
"Jessie Diggins"



Birkie moves Korte to Friday

American Birkebeiner® Ski Foundation Announces 2017 Schedule of Events
America's 2nd Largest Ski Race Moves to Friday

The American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation (ABSF) board of directors today announced the 2017 American Birkebeiner schedule of events slated for February 23-26, 2017. North America's largest cross-country ski race, the American Birkebeiner, is scheduled for Saturday, February 25, 2017 with the Kortelopet, North America's second largest ski race, moved to Friday, February 24, 2017.

Thursday, February 23, 2017 The American Birkebeiner week of festivities will begin on Thursday with several events returning to their original Thursday schedule. The day kicks off with the Birkie Adaptive Ski event, followed by the Barkie Birkie Skijor, the Barnebirkie Youth Ski Tour, the Junior Birkie, and the Birkie Junior-Elite Sprints, culminating with the ever-popular Giant Ski Race.
While youth participation was strong in 2016, in past years Barnebirkie participation was strongest when the event was held on a Thursday. Additionally, returning the races to Thursday allows more families to participate in the downtown Hayward experience with a full schedule of events for skiers and spectators alike. Lastly, 2017 will be the first year that junior skiers and elites will combine for the sprints, an event certain to provide inspiring moments for junior skiers and mentorship opportunities for elite racers.

Friday, February 24, 2017 The most significant changes in 2017 will be on Friday with both the Kortelopet and Prince Haakon races moving from Saturday to Friday to provide for a better overall race experience for all Birkie, Korte, and Prince Haakon skiers. Both races will finish in downtown Hayward with the 28K Kortelopet starting at the Highway OO Trailhead and the 15K Prince Haakon starting near Mosquito Brook. Skiers will be greeted by the ringing of cowbells, cheering fans and the post-race celebratory atmosphere that was lacking at the current race start and finish.

"Our decision to move both the Prince Haakon and Kortelopet races to Friday was made with thoughtful consideration for all ski participants," stated Ben Popp, ABSF Executive Director. "As part of the decision making process, we surveyed our participants, talked with the community, and gathered insights from key stakeholders. From skiers and their families, to business owners and volunteers, it became clear that a move to Friday would allow us to provide the best possible Birkie moments for all."
The Kortelopet has grown 40% since 2006. With current and future Korte trail access and maintenance issues top-of-mind, the ABSF was in need of making necessary changes to ensure the viability of the race both now and in the future. Previously, Kortelopet and Birkebeiner skiers were on the course at the same time, creating concerning course congestion. Moving the Kortelopet and Prince Haakon to Friday allows for strategic and measured growth for both the moderate length Kortelopet and shorter distance Prince Haakon races.

"One of the primary comments we heard from Korte and Prince Haakon skiers was that the finish line experience was underwhelming. We took that to heart," Popp continued. "By moving the race to Friday all skiers will experience the excitement that comes from having the support of family, friends and spectators there as skiers cross the finish line. The infrastructure in Hayward will allow for a much-improved overall event feel for skiers and spectators alike."
"We are excited about giving the Korte and Prince Haakon skiers the opportunity to shine on their own race day," said Allan Serrano, ABSF Event Director. "Now Korte and Prince Haakon skiers will experience a better course, better recognition, and better finish line moment. It is really about providing the best possible experience for every skier."

Saturday, February 25, 2017
For the first time ever, on Saturday, February 25, 2017, the 44th Annual Slumberland American Birkebeiner skiers will line-up at the new Birkie permanent start, made possible by Phase 1 of the ABSF's first-ever capital campaign which launched in 2015. The 2017 American Birkebeiner will christen the start as skiers embark on an over 50K journey (50K skate/54K classic) to their final destination at the finish line in Hayward, WI.

"We've heard from many Birkie skiers, who have family or friends in the Kortelopet or Prince Haakon, that they are excited to be able to cheer on their traveling companions on Friday, and in-turn have their family and friends cheer for them during Saturday's race. We've been talking for some time about what is best for all Birkie, Korte and Prince Haakon skiers and we feel confident that this is the best next step," mentioned Popp.

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Nordic Job Openings

Nordic Job Opening? email to post

Gear West Ski and Run
Gear West Ski and Run
 is a Twin Cities/Minneapolis based sports specialty campus. We are starting our 24th year in business as a leader in Nordic skiing and running but we are diversified in paddle boards, soccer, lacrosse, alpine, snowboard, and casual clothing. We are looking for a knowledgeable  person with experience in our key sports categories and a background in web/e-commerce/mail-order. If you are looking for a great job in the outdoor industry please send resume to Jan at


  • Assist customers with order questions, technical support, and returns.
  • Manage
    • Manage online pricing & sale pricing.
    • Gather high resolution images and descriptions for all products.
    • Keep website organized and up to date.
    • Create static website pages and update events page.
  • Create work orders and respond to customers in a timely fashion
  • Pick nordic skis and other various products for customers, prepare for service if necessary.
  • Assist floor sales from time to time.
  • Intermediate to advanced computer skills
  • Experienced with Adobe Photoshop.
  • Basic knowledge of HTML.
  • Experience with Microsoft Suite.
  • Experience with Microsoft Dynamics RMS (Ideal, but not necessary).
  • Willingness to learn new things.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and strong interpersonal skills.
  • Strong organizational skills with a high attention to detail.
  • A passion for success, a positive and friendly attitude and a consistent work ethic are all a must.
  • Preferred: CSS, advanced HTML, and web design experience.


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