Volume 17 Issue 40: Feb 4, 2016
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Bliz Rush?

What is the Bliz Rush for? I just saw a Bliz Rush at a shop but noticed it doe snot flip up? What's up with the Rush?

The Bliz Rush (AKA no-flip) takes many of the best features of the famous ProFlip like the large lens that protects your face and fog free ventilation and offers it at $79.00. Many people realize that they never need actually need to flip their glasses up and just want great visibility and protection, so the Rush perfect and at a great price. The Rush is the Bliz that Caitlin Gregg won her Bronze medal at World Championship wearing.

Start Wax Recs?

All Start Wax Recs can be found at 

the Big events for the weekend are:

 Boulder Mountain Tour                                                           BMT WAX Rec PDF

Many more Start Wax recs are posted at 
Also try out the Start Wax Choose at  

Andy at SkiPost/Start
email us with Wax questions

Gear West's Wax-A-Palooza:
Thur. Feb 4th 8-9pm w/
Start's Dusty Olson

Start Wax's Andy Gerlach at BMT Expo Friday Feb 5th
Dynamic Warm-up 

In November we featured details on the US Ski Team's Dynamic Warmups.
Now USST/USSA has provided us videos for these warm-ups.

Why Dynamic Warm up was as created for the team.
First of all the purpose of a dynamic warm up is to continue to prepare the muscles and tissues of the body for the activities needed.  It is to be done after an easy aerobic warm up and it serves to work more on sports specific movements, body preparedness, mobility, and for preparation of higher intensity exercise.  Typically the team will do higher intensity skiing after they finish with the dynamic warm up as part of the entire warm up preparation.
The dynamic warm up is built to continue to increase core temperature, increase blood flow to the muscles, enhance movement patterns and coordination.  I like to build in multi-planar movements that incorporate many ranges of motion and are as full body as possible.  It is also intended to help reduce injury and improve performance.
The needs I looked at when developing this was:  Thoracic spine mobilization, lumbo-pelvic stabilization, tight hip flexors, increase range of hip extensors.  I also tried to keep it to minimal equipment needs so it could be done on course if needed, and to avoid exercises lying on the ground (snow).
They start with:
Four way jumping jack - hitting all planes of movement
Alternating punches with and without a hip opening step - T-spine/chest opening
Stick diagonals using a ski pole (squat and press in 3 directions each arm) - T-spine/chest/shoulder ROM
3 direction Lunge and front raise (using ski pole) - Hip ROM, shoulder/lat stretch
Lunge and press behind neck (using ski pole) - same purpose as above
Rise and shine push up - Continued arm/chest/back warm up.  Lumbo-pelvic stabilization
Push up stabilization with 3 way hip ROM - same purpose as above but added Hip ROM in multiple planes
Turtle rotations - Internal/External rotation of the shoulder joint.  Lumbo-pelvic stabilization
Stationary or moving A-skip series - more dynamic rhythm and Hip ROM.
This is the basic series of exercises that takes about 5 min to complete.  Athletes then have additional exercises to address more specific individual needs if they want.  Some do extra work for low back, Achilles, hamstring tightness, etc.

Video can be found at the SkiPost Facebook page

Hope this helps.

Tschana Schiller
Senior Physiologist
High Performance Department

Slow skis after 5 km

I live in Utah and skate ski daily. My routine is that I wax after around 3-4 hours of use. It always seems that after I wax, the first five minutes on the track are faster than the rest of the hour or so I ski. I wax in a 50 degree garage, put the skis on top of the car and drive. 5 minutes to the track. Is the cold snow pulling more wax out of the base thus necessitating more scraping or am I crazy after 37 years of doing this? (or both?) Thanks 

A good  wax job can last 100km so something is interfering with you skis wax retention. If you are waxing with extreme hard waxes and waxing in a 50F cold garage the bases are not as open as they could be having waxes in 70F room. So try waxing in a warmer room and seeing of this helps. 

If this does not help,the most likely reason they are getting slower so fast is if the based are "sealed" the wax jobs you are applying are not penetrating the base but just rather staying on top. Then after a few km your surface wax is gone and all you have left is a dry base. I would suggesting have a base expert look at the ski and if they are sealed then you will need a stonegrind to expose fresh base.

Andy at SkiPost/Start
Applying Oslo?
I've been using Oslo. I do struggle with applying purple without get globs of wax.  Maybe it's part of the game and I just need to schmear them out. Any advice on applying Oslo Purple?


Try the push flat,  twist off. Push flat, twist off, then Cork.

Andy at SkiPost/Start
FHF kickers

I love your description of when to use the various lines of Start kicker, but you failed to tell us when to use the FHF line.  I am under the impression that they are interchangeable with the RF flouro kickers, with a higher flouro content for very humid/wet snow.  But I would appreciate your expert input.

We use FHF as a cover wax on top of RF or any other wax, more than as a pure kick wax. FHF is not a replacement for RF or any other. FHF's job is to push away the moisture so you can get the kick wax to the snow and not have the water layer interference with kick or glide. If it is snowing in a high moisture environment you might be able to go FHF straight but for others conditions it is a cover.
FHF-Wet Cover- or Falling/New SuperWet Snow
BM-Dirty Cover

Andy at SkiPost/Start

Durable Poles?
Thick Wall Construction.

I see you guys promoting Start Poles as light swing weight and durable. They are light, but how can they be durable when they are tiny at the basket? 
Dubious Fred


You point at just the Start innovation that makes them light weight and durable, their race geometry. Start's race series poles are 17 mm in diameter (wider than many) at the handle and has thin wall construction for stiffness and lightweight. Uniquely its diameter and wall thickness change gradually from handle to tip. Start race poles are 8mm at the tip (thinner than most) and has thick wall construction for light weight and extra durability. By having only 8mm at the basket Start can make the walls extra thick for the greatest impact resistance so the poles do not break when a ski hits the pole near its tip, yet are still extremely light.  

Andy at SkiPost/Start  

Start is the low swing weight and high durability 
pole choice of  CXC as they sweep the Noquemanon

This Bliz 
 Bliz for winter are now in stores.

 Check out  the This Bliz video from Bliz World Cup stars including Charlotte Kalla, Marcus Hellner, and Robin Bryntesson. 
This Bliz

Andy at SkiPost/Bliz
Salomon Nordic

  Check out a Peter Schlickenrieder Ski Camp!

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Registration is officially closed for 2016.
We'll see you at Packet Pick up 10:00am - 8:00pm Friday, February 5
in the Lower Level of Giacobbi Square in downtown Ketchum
 Please visit for more information.
For those of you not racing, come up to Galena Lodge on Saturday after 11:30am. The Galena Trails are awesome and their lunch is even better!

Check out the BMT Facebook page
 for a schedule of events for SVNF week

2016 Great Bear Chase!

Registration is now open for the 36th annual UP Health System Portage Great Bear Chase. The race will take place on Saturday, March 5th, 2016 at the beautiful Swedetown Trails in Calumet, Michigan. To register now, visit

   FAT Bike IN 2016! 

3 Days of Riding!
Friday, Saturday & Sunday, March 4, 5 & 6!

Register now for the Fat Bike Birkie
Questions?  Call 715-634-5025 or email us!

Mt Bachelor Nordic Center announces inaugural running of the Cascade Crest 50km Nordic Ski Marathon and Relay
Enjoy the splendor of the high Cascades while testing your limits at the 2016 Cascade Crest 50km Nordic Ski Marathon, 25km, 10km or 50km Relay, slated for Saturday, March 12, 2016 at the Mt Bachelor Nordic Center.                                                  
Routed along the trails of the Mt Bachelor Nordic Center and US Forest Service land in the shadow of Broken Top Mountain, this year's course will provide breathtaking views and a festive race venue!
Event Calendar:                
Friday, March 11, 2016:  4:00 - 7:00 p.m.  Packet Pick Up, WebSkis Ski Shop Bend, Oregon
Saturday, March 12, 2016: 9:00 a.m. Start 10Km Skate/Classic
9:30 a.m. Start 50Km Skate
9:40 a.m. Start 25Km Skate
9:45 a.m. Start 4 X 12.5 Km (50Km) Skate Relay
8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Vendor Expo at Finish Area
All events at Mt. Bachelor Nordic Center
6:00 p.m. Awards Party, WebSkis Ski Shop 550 SW Industrial Way, Bend, Oregon
Sunday, March 13, 2016: 9:00 - 2:00 p.m. Cascade Crest On-Snow Demo Day Mt. Bachelor Nordic Center
 Details here                                                      

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