Volume 17 Issue 32: Dec 10, 2015
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Where is the Snow?

Andy - snow isn't looking so great in MN so far (here's hoping for more!!). I'm considering a Winter trip to a destination with great skate and classic skiing, with groomed trails, of course... Do you have any suggestions on where I might go?

A very short, but non complete, list is:

Sun Valley/Ketchum Idaho Nordic Town USA has over 250 km of trails open.
We are getting dumped on with more snow now. Image from Sun Valley Photo

Snow Mountain Ranch,  in Winter Part Colorado 

Andy at SkiPost

Man Made Snow Wax

What do you suggest for Kick and Glide on Artificial Snow?

Artificial Snow is Icy, Wet, Coarse and Dirty.
For Kick: Start Oslo Racing Green Blue and Purple. 
For Glide Start MB6

Andy at SkiPost/Start
Oslo 3

Hi Andy;
   I just bought a new pair of Rossignol backcountry waxless skis (bc90) for skiing out the backdoor when I don't have time to get to the nordic center.  They appear to have a fairly course structure in the glide zones - should I hot wax these the way I would racing skis -  or, is basic wipe-on glide wax sufficient?  Mostly, I am concerned with protecting the base - but wouldn't mind ending up with a fast ski. 
Keep up the good work,

Yes you can just use a rub on Start Easy Gliders each time you ski, but a hot wax would always last longer. You can use anti use in the kick zone pattern.

Aandy at SkiPost

Ski Camps?

Do you have suggestions for a XC ski camp for older women (61)?  I am an intermediate skier who wants to improve both my diagonal and skate techniques for the sake of the techniques. I am not training to race.  A five-day camp/lodging would be idea. Any and all suggestions welcome.
Thanks, hs

Please share your thoughts be emailing me at 

Do you know of or have any plans for building a rollerboard?  I haven't found anything real useful on the web.  Thanks.


nnf word

Supporting Tomorrow's Nordic Stars Today

National Nordic Foundation Allocates $154,280 to
2015 - 2016 Pillar Projects

Yes $154,280- That is not a typo   read more here

NNF Cross Country Allocations 2015- 2016
U18 Scandinavian Championships   $24,000
U23/Junior World Championships $36,029
Post WJC Continental Cup   $13,251
World Cup   $45,000
Total Allocation $118,280
COC P1 Park City & SoHo $7500.00
COC P2 Hoydalsmo Norway, Ruka Finland $5000.00
COC P3 Kuusamo, Finland, Chaikovsky, Russia $5000.00
World Juniors $10,000
REG & Devo Camps $3500
Total Contributions: $36,000

XC Trail Tracker 
(improved for use on mobile devices!) is a free website put together by Nordic skiers for Nordic skiers.  This is a place where you can post a report of your time on the trails or read other skiers' reports to help figure out where the good snow or good grooming is, if it's worth driving to the trailhead, etc.  If your favorite trails are not yet on the map, you can add them. can be used for trails anywhere in the world!

Obviously, this type of site needs a critical mass to make it effective, so please join in!   
First Weeks on Snow

Pre-Comp (Early Snow)
The transition onto snow demands a decrease in training intensity because of the increased load of snow skiing. Training volume usually peaks during this phase of training. Example: Endurance sessions strictly at level 1. Intensity can be done on foot rather than skis. 

Christmas Stars and Thanksgiving Turkeys: 
Skiers who do not monitor their training intensity properly during this phase often unwittingly raise the overall training load too quickly. The result is often a short-lived spike in fitness followed by a long-term decrease in race performance. Racers who peak early are known as Christmas Stars or Thanksgiving Turkeys. Example for the early snow period of the pre-comp phase.

Early snow period 
General emphasis: Technique and endurance 
Training modes: specific and non-specific. 

L1 enduranceL1 +speedLT intervals, runningL1
L1 +Specific
Long L1

"How do I really work on technique during an endurance session?" 
Focus on one specific element of technique at a time. To make the most of your time, seldom simply ski, but always have one thing in mind that you are specifically working on. Ski without poles or double pole for whole endurance sessions or for a part of nearly every training session. Make sure you stick to the plan and stay in the right training zone even if your training partners are less disciplined.

Lens Colors

Dear SkiPost, 

I want to get some of your over-promoted ProFlips but do not know which lens Blue or Red to get. Can you explain differences?

Yes most Bliz Pro-Flip models come with either a blue multicoated smoke tint lens or a red multicoated pink tint lens. (Most models also come with a clear lens in the package). The "Blue Smoke" lens is darker (Cat 3) and is for sunny days and is model # 02. The "Red Pink" lens is lighter (Cat 1)  for lower light cloudy days and is model # 13. 

Pro-Flips: Come in ProFlip, Proflip Small face, Proflip OTG (for over RX glasses) Proflip Kids, and Proflip XT and XT Small face with larger lenses and a most complete flip up and out of the way capabilities

ProFlip Small

Dynamic Warmup

A lot of the US ski team posts from camps this year have talked about dynamic warm ups holding poles. Could you give a rundown of the exercises they do? I am looking for good warmups for the high school team I coach.

So here is the what/why for the Dynamic Warm up that was created for the team.
First of all the purpose of a dynamic warm up is to continue to prepare the muscles and tissues of the body for the activities needed.  It is to be done after an easy aerobic warm up and it serves to work more on sports specific movements, body preparedness, mobility, and for preparation of higher intensity exercise.  Typically the team will do higher intensity skiing after they finish with the dynamic warm up as part of the entire warm up preparation.
The dynamic warm up is built to continue to increase core temperature, increase blood flow to the muscles, enhance movement patterns and coordination.  I like to build in multi-planar movements that incorporate many ranges of motion and are as full body as possible.  It is also intended to help reduce injury and improve performance.
The needs I looked at when developing this was:  Thoracic spine mobilization, lumbo-pelvic stabilization, tight hip flexors, increase range of hip extensors.  I also tried to keep it to minimal equipment needs so it could be done on course if needed, and to avoid exercises lying on the ground (snow).
They start with:
Four way jumping jack - hitting all planes of movement
Alternating punches with and without a hip opening step - T-spine/chest opening
Stick diagonals using a ski pole (squat and press in 3 directions each arm) - T-spine/chest/shoulder ROM
3 direction Lunge and front raise (using ski pole) - Hip ROM, shoulder/lat stretch
Lunge and press behind neck (using ski pole) - same purpose as above
Rise and shine push up - Continued arm/chest/back warm up.  Lumbo-pelvic stabilization
Push up stabilization with 3 way hip ROM - same purpose as above but added Hip ROM in multiple planes
Turtle rotations - Internal/External rotation of the shoulder joint.  Lumbo-pelvic stabilization
Stationary or moving A-skip series - more dynamic rhythm and Hip ROM.
This is the basic series of exercises that takes about 5 min to complete.  Athletes then have additional exercises to address more specific individual needs if they want.  Some do extra work for low back, Achilles, hamstring tightness, etc.
Hope this helps.

Tschana Schiller
Senior Physiologist
High Performance Department

Start is the low swing weight and high durability 
pole choice of  CXC

This Bliz 
 Bliz for winter are now in stores.

 Check out  the This Bliz video from Bliz World Cup stars including Charlotte Kalla, Marcus Hellner, and Robin Bryntesson. 
This Bliz 
This Bliz
Nordic Glasses?
What are your most Nordic specific glasses not Flips?

The Bliz Rapid for small face and Bliz Force for larger faces are our Nordic Glasses with frames and lens shapes for fog free skiing.

Andy at SkiPost/Bliz

Salomon Nordic



  Skin is in.

With the first FIS World Cup kicking off the season in Kuusamo, Finland on Nov. 27, we're pleased to announce the launch of our annual 
SkiTrax FIS Fantasy World Cup 2015/16 Contest for contestants around the world and apologize for the delay. Next up is our popular Tour de Ski Contest as the legendary tour celebrates its 10th anniversary.

These are the only FIS Fantasy Nordic contests of their kind worldwide so don't miss your chance to enjoy fabulous top level xc ski racing and the chance to win fabulous prizes.



Product Testing

 Start Poles & Wax
 Bliz Active Eyewear

Free Ski Day & Winterstart Race are this Weekend!

Time to try out some new skis and boots at Demo Days or get a free introduction lesson, bring up a beginner and introduce them to the sport. This Saturday is Demo Days and Free Ski Day! Spread the word!

Sunday is the Winterstart Race. Come up and support the SVSEF and ski 2, 5 or 10km!

Product Testing
 Start Poles & Wax

Bock with The Doc
 When: This Thursday, December 10th
Tomorrow Night! Join Bike Doc for Start wax clinics d Start's Dusty Olson "wax genius". Take advantage of special pricing on wax and waxing accessories! FREE RAFFLE ITEMS

Product Testing

 Start Poles & Wax
 Bliz Active Eyewear

 Sunday, December 13th

Galena Lodge 
10-week Cross Country Skiing Master's Training Group for Men 
with Micheal Sinnott
Mondays at 9am
will be an "intensity" day at Lake Creek Trailhead, featuring various hard workouts, .
Thursdays at 4pm will be distance and technique focused, based at the Prairie Creek Trailhead..
The program will feature a ten week progression with periodized training, video technique analysis, homework, goals, and race preparation.  It is open to men who would like to stay fit, learn to cross country ski better, and motivate each other throughout the winter.
The Group will be lead by Michael Sinnott, former World Cup ski racer.  He will draw on his wealth of experience as an elite racer and junior coach to improve your cross country skiing.

The Quick Details:
Mondays at 9:00 am and/or Thursdays at 4:00 pm
10 weeks
$300 for 1 session for 10 weeks
$500 for all sessions for 10 weeks
Sessions begin December 14th.




Saturday, February 6, 2016
Sun Valley has snow 




 Don't Miss Out on the

Greatest Show on Snow!

Nordic Job Openings

Nordic Job Opening? email to post

Copper Country Ski Tigers Head Coach Devo Program 
Galena Lodge Nordic Ski Instructor Check out 

Snow Mountain Ranch/YMCA of the Rockies, Granby Nordic Groomer info here
Mt. Bachelor Sports Education Foundation Assistant Nordic Coach
Tahoe Cross Country Head Coach for Junior Development & Competition Team

BNJRT Co-Head Coach and Assistant Coaches About

Agamenticus Ski Club Assistant HS Coach & Assistant MS Coach
Momentum Northwest Assistant Coach  

Mansfield Nordic Club Development Team Leader Position

About SkiPost


Cross-Country skiing's community lodge. Where knowledge and stories are shared. The goal of SkiPost is to make the sport of Cross-Country skiing easier and more enjoyable for all who choose to participate. If you have questions on Cross-Country Skiing email us and visit


Enjoy Winter,

Andrew Gerlach
Director/Editor- SkiPost
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