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Cushioning in waxing

When people say they are cushioning when kick waxing what are they doing and trying to accomplish?

Cushioning is the kick waxing process where you cover a softer wax with a harder wax. It is usually used in new snow to speed up glide and prevent icing. The goal of this is to keep the easy flexing of the soft underlayer for good kick while speeding up speed of the release and minimizing icing with the hard outer later. This works great at the beginning of the ski session as you get the best of both worlds kick and glide. But it can set you up for trouble a few K's later when the top hard layer wears off exposing too soft of underlayers that will ice and grab.

For this reason we recommend Start Terva Tar waxes in new snow. The Start Tar is a thermoplastic wax so that the cold snow that touches the outerlayer hardens the outer later while the underlayers of the same Tar wax remain soft. So you get cushioning with only one wax type and as you wear down the top layers the underlayers harden and you get great kick and no icing for your entire ski session.

Andy at Skipost/Start

Cross Country vs Cycling eyewear?

I know you answered this last year but what makes Bliz Cross Country glasses different than other brands and different than Bliz Cycling glasses?


Bliz offers different eyewear designs based on the speed of the activity. Cross Country skiing (along with running and paddling...) are considered medium speed sports which require some airflow behind the lens to minimize fogging and sweat drip. Bliz's key medium speed eyewear are the Rapid, Pace, Force Pursuit xt, and Tracker. With these models the lens shape and frame positioning allows for just the right amount of airflow behind the lens to minimize fogging. Cycling is a high speed sport and for cycling, speed skating and other back-down heads-up sports Bliz offers the Velo XT which ride higher on the head, rest closer to the face and have lenses that direct all airflow around the face.

Yes you can wear the medium speed glasses when cycling and yes you can ski in the Velo. But these model are at their best in the given speeds. If you ski in the Velo you will likely want to pinch the nose-piece in to get more ventilation. If you have too much air behind the lens in the medium models you will want to expand the Nose piece so it is closer to the face. 

As eyewear fit is so important Bliz offers Small Face and Larger Face in most every model and additionally Bliz nose pieces and temples are infinitely adjustable and most models come with an integrated strap to keep the glasses exactly where you want them on your head. Bliz offers all this as a great price.

Nordic "Fog Free" designs

for small face in Pace and new Rapid, Tracker

larger face in Pursuit and  Force, Tracker Ozon

More question if Bliz is for you?

Just ask World Championship Silver Medalist Caitlin Gregg and her Olympian Husband Brian and over 1/2 of the World Cup stars.


Hot Box Temp
HOT Box Wax
Salomon Wedge
Hi Andy, 
Is it safe to use a hot-box on the new Salomon Carbon S-Lab skate ski ? Which Salomon skate binding do you recommend, I have the new S-Lab carbon skate boots. Which bindings have the wedge and what's the benefit?

No ski manufacturer recommends hot boxing. But it is as "safe" to hotbox the Salomon carbon ski as any other ski. Salomon skis are prewaxed and foil covered so they do not need much prep. Better to not hot box them and just just wax them by hand.

I know I go against the grain on Hot Boxing. But I know the engineers who create these skis and exposure to heat for extended periods is not good and also most waxes do not actually melt at the proper hot box temps. The Key to hot boxing is the proper temp with the proper wax. The hot box must be below 60C to not risk altering the composite bonds in the ski. But at under 60C most waxes are not molten enough to actually migrate into the base. We recommend Start LF 02 for Hot Boxing, as it has a unique double melting point. It melts briefly at 57C and then not again until over 110C.  If you do not have a wax that has this rare double melting point it may appear soft at the hot box temp but it is just sitting on top if the ski. 

If you were doing a fleet of skis then hot boxing, with the proper wax helps save time, but if you are just doing a couple pair of skis just use an iron at 112C.

Question 2  
Carbon Pilot Skate binding has wedge built in. The Wedge helps the skis squirt forward like an ice-cube squirting out of your hands when you squeeze them together.

Andy at SkiPost

Sun Valley vs. Bozeman
Since I lived in Bozeman for 24 years and now live in Sun Valley "Nordic Town USA" I thought I would share this competition even though it is Alpine focused.
Powder Magazine's

Vote for Sun Valley ID vs. Bozeman MT  as the best place to ski in North America!

Pole Durability

I checked out the Start Poles and they do have the low swing weight you promote. But being just 8 mm at the tip how durable are they?


Thanks for checking out the Start poles. Their 8mm tip is the key not only to the low swing weight but also to their great durability. The narrow tip allows for a low swing weight but also allows Start to add more layers of carbon so the wall is thicker and thus more durable.

Andy at SkiPost/Start

Training Zones

What are the various training Zones?

Optimal performance is reached by subjecting the body to specific types of stress in order to elicit specific types of adaptations. Using the Lactate Threshold lactate level or heart-rate, as we have done here, is a precise way to determine training zones. 

Intensity: Level 1. Easy, 2-3mmol/L below LT; 30-50 bpm below LT. 
Duration: 30 mins. - 1.5 hours. 
Objective: This zone is used for warm-up and cool-down periods. Training at this intensity will promote recovery following glycogen-depleting workouts or high intensity intervals and maintain cardiovascular and muscular adaptations. The primary goal of recovery is to deliver O2 and CHO (carbohydrates) back to the muscles.
Intensity: Level 2. Moderate, 1-2 mmol/L below LT; 10-30 bpm below LT. Level 1. Easy, 2-3 mmol/L below LT; 25-50 bpm below LT. 
Duration: 30 mins. - 3 hours. 
Objective: A moderate intensity is the optimum zone for improving endurance adaptations. An easy intensity delivers the same benefits, but more slowly. Unlike many athletes in bipedal and less-weight bearing sports, most skiers do most of their endurance training at the easier of these two intensities (around 35 bpm below LT). Training in both of the endurance zones improves the ability to deliver more oxygen to the muscle cell and process more energy from aerobic sources. Specific training adaptations include an increase in the size and number of mitochondria, an increase in myoglobin, increased capillarization, and an increased number of aerobic enzymes. Skiers tend to lower the intensity the longer the session. Over two hours = level 1. Under an hour = level 2.
Lactate Threshold 
Intensity: Level 3. Moderately high, below LT by 5 bpm, or above LT by 5 bpm. 
* Tempo: 15 to 60 minute continuous effort at 5 bpm below LT. 
* Interval: 5 to 15 minutes at LT and up to 5 bpm over LT. 
Objective: Training at this intensity will raise LT as a percentage of Vo2 max as well as increase Vo2 max.
VO2 Max 
Intensity: Level 4. High, 1-2 mmol/L above LT or at a heart rate associated with 95% of Vo2 max. 
Duration: 3-5 minute intervals with half-time to equal recovery. 
Objective: This is the optimum zone for improving Vo2 max. Training adaptations include an increase in stroke volume, an increase in maximal aerobic capacity and improved lactate buffering capacity - go fast, hurt less = go faster.
Intensive Repetitions
Intensity: Level 5. Very high, 2-6 mmol/L above LT. 
Duration: Short: 30-60 seconds with complete recovery. 
Long: 1-2 minutes with complete recovery. 
Objective: Training at this zone generally only occurs for a few weeks prior to a major competitive event and increases anaerobic capacity and buffering ability.
Intensity: Depends on amount of rest taken between and number of repetitions.
Duration: Short. 10-20 seconds generally with full recovery. 
Objective: Develops technique and use of dynamic, powerful motions. 

Andy at SkiPost

Nice Poles
Best Swing Weight!
Go faster!

Check out the extra low swing weight of Start poles at these CXC clinics, camps and SuperFits.

Sunday, October 18 - Minneapolis Clinic, MN (BNS)
Sunday, November 8 - Minneapolis Clinic, MN (BNS)
Monday, November 16 - Rice Lake Clinic, WI (Out There)
Saturday, December 5 - Chicago Clinic, IL
Saturday, December 12 - Milwaukee Clinic, WI (Bike Doc)
Monday, December 21 - Rice Lake Clinic, WI (Out There)

Nov 21-25 - Cable Camp, WI
Jan 1-3 - Cable/Hayward Camp, WI

SuperFit Schedule
Oct 30 - Nov 1 - Finn Sisu
Nov 6-8 - Fontana
Nov 13-15 - Bike Doc and Joe's

Which Swenor?

Swenor has so many rollerski models. Can you explain the differences?

Swenor is the worlds #1 rollerski brand and it has so many models much as shoe companies have many different running shoe models, different people have different needs. Some models are better on rough roads, some models are extra light some are extra stable, some are for light weights.....

For classic the most popular is the Fibreglass as it provides Swenor's famous On Snow Feel plus medium size wheels that manage the pavement and offer stability while remaining lightweight.

For skate the most popular is the Skate Elite as it offers Swenor's famous On Snow Feel and durable skate wheels. Check out all the details on the images below.

Swenor available at these and other fine retailers:AlpineglowsportsAMH, Backwoods, Beaver SportsContinental, Elephants PerchFontanaGear WestHigh Peaks, Hoigaard's, Idaho Mountain Touring, MelsPioneer MidwestNordic UltraTune, Rollerski ShopSki Rack, Skinny Skis, OMCOutdoor Gear Exchange, Wild Rose 


Winter is coming!

In Siberia, in the town of алдан already stepped this ski season! The first starts in a couple of weeks!Anton Гафаров, Ivan Anisimoff, Pavel Petrov, Mikhail Соснин and andrey nicolaev happy and training process and its kit!

Brought to you by Salomon Nordic

nnf word

Pete Vordenberg: On Drive
Former US Coach Pete Vordenberg weighs in on why you should support the Drive for 25
In 1985 I found this photo:
It gave me goosebumps. I cut it out and tacked it to my wall. In the US it was hard to find images or even results from the world cup back then. That picture was an image of what I wanted to do and be. I committed myself to winning an Olympic medal. In training and in races I skied how that picture looked. In 1986 I went to my first junior nationals. I qualified as a classical specialist as none of my skate results put me on that JN team.
That year at Junior Nationals they cancelled all the classical races. What!? I did quite poorly but I loved it. I couldn't believe how cool racing at Junior Nationals was. I worked hard on skating the next summer -  on three-wheeled roller skis - and as a second year J2 got inside the top 10 at Junior Nationals in skating.

That did it. The feedback loop, of work and progress, provided the motivation that would propel me for the rest of my time in skiing. By the time I finished my years as a Junior I won a few national titles and really felt I was on my way. I never raced well enough to qualify for Junior Worlds and in 1991, my last year as a junior, I failed to make the Junior Worlds team for a final time. Motivated by that failure I trained better and more than ever and in 1992, I made the Olympic Team. The more and the better work I did, the stronger and faster I got.

I competed in world cups and in two Olympics between 1992 and 2002. I never won an Olympic medal. I did not come remotely close.
And though some came a lot closer than I, no American at that time came close.
There were many reasons this was the case and I felt I could see those reasons quite clearly. My experience with the US Ski Team, and in college and within the greater US Ski community in the late 80's and throughout the 90's had a strong impact on me. Winning at the highest level was something I believed we should be able to do.
The clarity of what was possible for cross country skiing in the US really became a motivator. It is like the mountain climber who with experience puts their eyes to the binoculars and slowly begins to see a way up the rock. A vision for a path to the top becomes clear and what it takes to follow that path becomes clear too.
Read the rest of the story here 


Bliz has teamed up with the National Nordic Foundation to "Support Tomorrow's Nordic Stars Today." with the creation of NNF Bliz Trackers.  Net proceeds from each NNF Tracker sold goes to the NNF and your local clubs.  It is choice of World Cup winners Marit Bjorgen, Martin Johnsrud Sundby the U-18 NNF team and many many more.

use the "NNF" code for special pricing

Preseason discount trail passes 
available for 
Yellowstone Ski Festival
*Order by October 31, 2015 for the best rate 
Prepaid trail passes are now available for the Yellowstone Ski Festival. Passes are valid from November 1-30. Passes can be purchased through the mail or online.
For coaches, clubs, and teams-
Discounted passes for the month of November are available now. Regularly $55 each, these passes can be purchased by college, high school and club coaches for $45 each. Passes must be paid for by check and postmarked no later than October 31, 2015 to qualify for the special rate.
To qualify for this incentive, coaches must send the attached form containing the following information:  Form here
1)      A complete list of athletes attending the Yellowstone Ski Festival
2)      The exact name of the lodging establishment you will be staying in while in West Yellowstone
3)      Your arrival date
4)      Contact info including email and phone number
5)      One check for all your ski passes, postmarked no later than October 31, 2015 to:
The West Yellowstone Chamber of Commerce
ATTN: Yellowstone Ski Festival Coordinator
PO Box 458
West Yellowstone, MT 59758
Trail passes will be delivered to the front desk of your hotel prior to your arrival. Other options for pick-up are listed on the form.  Please read carefully.  There will be one package of passes delivered and coaches are responsible for distributing the passes to their teams. Please let your team members know that they will have to get their pass directly from you.  Prepaid passes for the Rendezvous Ski Trails are non-refundable.
For individual skiers-
Discounted passes for the month of November are available now. Regularly $55 each, these passes can be purchased by skiers and families for $45 each. Passes must be paid for by check and postmarked no later than October 31, 2015 to qualify for this special rate.
To qualify for this incentive, skiers must send the following:
1)  A complete list of skiers in your group attending the Yellowstone Ski Festival
2)   One check for their ski passes postmarked no later than October 31, 2015 to: 
The West Yellowstone Chamber of Commerce
ATTN: Yellowstone Ski Festival Coordinator
PO Box 458
West Yellowstone, MT 59758
For groups of 5 or more, trail passes will be delivered to your place of lodging, if within the town of West Yellowstone.  Passes will be at the lodging facility no later than Sunday, November 22.  
All other passes will be available for pick up at one of the designated locations listed on the form.  If you will be arriving before these times, please email to make arrangements.
Prepaid passes for the Rendezvous Ski Trails are non-refundable.

Passes may be purchased online (for a small processing fee) at
For more information on the Yellowstone Ski Festival, please visit

 Saturday, February 6, 2016
Check ou the new BMT Facebook page

            Go to before midnight Oct. 1 to save yourself $15.  


Slumberland American Birkebeiner
February 20, 2016


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US Team Trip staffing 

Attached are the announcements for the US Ski Team staff application process for the Under-18 and Jr World Ski Championships trips.  

Rental Fleet Wanted 

Grand Mesa Nordic Council is wanting to purchase a used Nordic rental fleet that includes track and skate skis boots and poles.   
Contact: Tim Carter

The Copper Country Ski Tigers is seeking a Head Coach of their Devo Program.  This position has a small stipend and responsibilities to be involved in running the devo program from Early November through Early March with practices being weekly on on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (When not racing on a weekend).  An ambitious applicant has an opportunity to build upon the responsibilities as they desire while working in conjunction with the comp team coaches.  Qualified applicants should submit a letter of interest and a resume via email to  by October 23, 2015.  Any questions can be submitted via email as well. 

Bogus Basin
BBNT is seeking to hire a Part-time Head Coach for the middle school Devo Team/ Assistant Coach for the high school Comp Team.   Position requires availability for practice 4-6 days week and assistance with other aspects of running the team which can be flexibly scheduled around other commitments.
The Bogus Basin Nordic Team (BBNT) based in Boise, ID is the club program serving youth skiers age 6-19. Boise has several times been selected as one of the top ten cities in the country to live, work and play.  Boise has a nationally recognized outdoors community with a focus on whitewater and cycling but also a large Nordic and alpine skiing contingent with Bogus Basin ski area just 16 miles from downtown.
Visit our website:
For more information, or to apply Email Wilson Dippo -

Galena Lodge
Galena Lodge is looking for a full time Nordic Ski Instructor for the 2015/16 winter season. Job includes nordic instruction, snowshoe guiding, packing trails, servicing yurts, merchandising, rentals, ski tuning, shoveling snow, answers tons of questions, lots of multi tasking and way more. This is a full time job and may include some evening serving in the dining room. Room and board are included for all full time staff. Check out 
Soldier Hollow Seeking Assistant Coach
Soldier Hollow is seeking an assistant coach for the upcoming fall/winter season. Team Soldier Hollow is a 150 skier club based out of the 2002 Olympic and Paralympic cross country ski venue in Midway, UT.  More information on our youth ski programs can be found at 
Primary responsibilities include: assisting with all practices, effectively communicating with athletes, parents, and coaches, traveling to local and regional races, assisting with waxing and other race day duties, driving Soldier Hollow vehicles. 

Minimum Qualifications:
Experience cross-country ski racing and/or coaching
Current, or ability to obtain, USSA coach membership
22 years of age or older
Ability to drive Soldier Hollow vehicles
Available to work weekends during the winter season
 The assistant coach position can be full or part time depending on qualifications and preference. Compensation is dependent upon experience.
For more information or to apply for the position please email resume to Morgan Smyth at

Job title: Nordic Groomer at Snow Mountain Ranch/YMCA of the Rockies, Granby CO
Position Summary:
The Nordic Groomer is responsible for laying down a high-quality snow/trail product.  This will be accomplished by operating and maintaining a Nordic grooming equipment fleet including snowmobiles, with pull-behind implements such as track setters and rollers, and when properly trained, the Nordic groomer will operate the cat groomer.  Groomers are also responsible for on-going trail maintenance during the winter season, which requires the ability to safely operate chainsaws and other trail maintenance equipment.
To see an overview of the position, including requirements, compensation, and the application process, please view the Nordic Groomer position here:
 Job title: Nordic Center Worker at Snow Mountain Ranch/YMCA of the Rockies, Granby CO
Position Summary:
Work collaboratively as a member of the Nordic Center team in carrying out the daily operations of the Nordic Center. To see an overview of the position, including requirements, compensation, and the application process, please view the Nordic Groomer position here:
More than 20,000 skiers per year visit our property covering 5,200 acres of mountain meadows at an altitude of 9,000 feet.  Snow Mountain Ranch's Nordic Center has more than 100 kilometers of groomed trails accommodating everyone from the first-time classic cross-country skier or snowshoer to the elite racer/skate skier.  We are proud to host members of the U.S. Paralympics Nordic team for their training, regional races, the Colorado Biathlon, and other world class events. Beyond cross country skiing, families and groups can enjoy ice skating, sledding & tubing, snowshoeing and sleigh rides. Canine companions are welcome to join skiers on some of the trails, for a full-family workout. 
Mt. Bachelor Sports Education Foundatio

 The Mt. Bachelor Sports Education Foundation is seeking an Assistant Nordic Coach to lead, motivate, educate and provide direction to athletes/ members of the MBSEF Nordic program and assist the Nordic Director in all facets of the Nordic Program, including Collegiate Programs, Masters Programs, U18/U16 racing programs, Middle School, Youth, and Biathlon.

Job Qualifications: Practical knowledge of current cross-country techniques and training methods. Assistant coach must have proficiency with wax selection and application, an aptitude for equipment repair and selection, and a working knowledge of video equipment. In addition to coaching duties, the assistant coach will be expected to perform various office duties which requires some basic computer skills, good communication skills and some office work experience.

Primary Responsibilities

* Contribute to a positive and motivating environment to foster a lifelong love for the sport of cross country skiing
* Works to support the vision, mission and philosophy of MBSEF
* Assists head coach with Full-time, Winter Term and Middle School program athletes including collegiate athletes

* Travel with selected MBSEF teams
* Help design schedules and training programs
* Instruct Master skiers in MBSEF program
* Assist Director with organization and execution of MBSEF citizen races
* Supports staff and racers at local races
* Attend various staff/program meetings

Secondary Responsibilities
* Assist with some MBSEF fundraising events
* Help to maintain the integrity of the MBSEF Nordic as well as all other programs and activities of MBSEF

Reporting Responsibilities
* Reports to Nordic Program Director for all matters relating to the Nordic Program

Salary: Dependent of experience, availability, and prior success.
Applications: Send resume to
Tahoe Cross Country
Seeking Head Coach for Junior Development & Competition Team
The Tahoe Cross Country Ski Education Association (TCCSEA) program is seeking a Head Coach to work with its Nordic Junior Development and Competition Team, serving primarily middle school and high school age racers. This is an exciting opportunity to join an established association and be a part of the very successful Devo/Comp Program. This is a 7 1/2-month salaried position (mid August through early April) with an opportunity to stay on for the 2016/17 summer/winter season. The position requires that you be available for practice 5-6 days week and assist in other aspects of running the team on a more flexible schedule. Additionally there might be longer day trips and camps on the schedule. The position is part-time. Approximately 30 hours per week including weekends. Additional work might also be available at the Tahoe XC Ski Area. Please email expressions of interest to: Visit our team's website:

Ashwaubenon Ski Club seeking a female coach
Green Bay and the Ashwaubenon Ski Club is holding a training camp July 31st to August 6th in the Porcupine Wilderness Area on Lake Supierior.  They are seeking a female coach to help round out the mix for 6 boys and 6 girls.  Contact

BNJRT Co-Head Coach and Assistant Coaches
Boulder Nordic Junior Race Team (BNJRT) seeks candidates for Co-Head Coach and Assistant Coaches. The Co-Head Coach will be responsible for overseeing development of younger skiers (U14-U8) and assisting (and collaborating with) the current Head Coach, Adam St.Pierre, for older skiers (U20-U16). Assistant Coaches will primarily coach younger skiers with options to assist on race weekends. We seek coaches that are able to teach classic and freestyle techniques to athletes from 8-19 years old with varied skiing and athletic backgrounds and are able to find creative ways to integrate fun into training.Interested applicants please send a resume and cover letter to the BNJRT Board of Directors About

Agamenticus Ski Club
Assistant HS Coach & Assistant MS Coach
Agamenticus Ski Club of York, Maine is now accepting applications for two part-time positions: Assistant High School XC Ski Coach & Assistant Middle School XC Ski Coach. Interested candidates should have a background in cross-country ski racing and coaching, along with enthusiasm for working with local & regional Jr. xc skiers and introducing new racers to the sport.  CPR/AED, USSA Level 1 Coaching Certification or PSIA Nordic Instructor Certifications are preferred.  Both Part-time Positions extend from November 1, 2015 to March 1, 2016; coaching stipend D.O.E.  For more information, please send cover letter, resume, and three references to Head Coach/Program Director Laura Creagan at:
Clarkson University
Asst. Nordic and XC coach
 Clarkson University (Northern New York) is looking for an Asst. Nordic and XC coach.  Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled. To submit your application, go to  and click "Career Opportunities" on the left hand navigation bar.  

Momentum Northwest
Assistant Coach
 Momentum Northwest, a Seattle-based junior cross-country ski team, is now accepting applications for an Assistant Coach. Position extends from September 1, 2015 to March 15, 2016; competitive salary D.O.E.  For more information, please send cover letter, resume, and two references to Head Coach/Program Director Sam Naney  

Northern Michigan University
Assistant Coach
NMU has a full time assistant coach position open. Full time 10 Month position with full benefits, one can apply via the NMU web

 Mansfield Nordic Club
Development Team Leader Position
 Mansfield Nordic seeks to hire a Development Team Leader to drive our top youth skiers toward higher level skiing on our Competition Team. This Team Leader will be a high-energy skier with strong communication abilities among individual athletes, groups, parents and volunteers. As a motivating and enthusiastic presence, the person who fills this leadership role will be an individual who is supportive, enthusiastic and ready to make a positive difference in the lives of skiers both on and off the trail.
To inquire about this position, please submit a resume and cover letter to Adam Terko:


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