Volume 16 Issue 34: Dec 18, 2014
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Sun Valley Wax Clinic
Dec 18, 6pm
Elephants Perch

Andy Gerlach will be conducting a Glide and Kick waxing clinic at 6pm Thursday Dec 18 at Ketchum, Idaho's Elephants Perch. See how simple selecting and applying the correct wax can be. Specials deals on Start Wax & Bliz Eyewear. 

See you there

Ski #'s


Hello I notice at x/c races that the skiers have numbers written on the top sheet tip / shovel of their skis. Like 185 on one 187 on the other. What do those numbers mean?



On most occasions be the last 3 digits of skis serial # and it is there so they and any wax gear techs can keep a log of which pair working in what condition and what skis is waxed with what and what grind is on each pair....


Andy at SkiPost

Applying Oslo


How do you suggest Start Oslo Racing kicker be applied.



Oslo Racing kicker is 1 part klister and 2 parts hardwax. It is used in icy conditions. Warm it if you can, and then touch and twist in kick zone. If on trail, cork wax underlayer first to warm underlayer up and then touch and twist and then cork it in. 


Andy at SkiPost

Best Christmas Gift

By husband is a nordic skiing Birkie crazed nut. What can I get him from 
Bliz and Start that he won't have already?

From Bliz you should get him a pair of  ProFlips XT's the next generation ProFlips which just reached select Bliz retailers this week.

If he already has ProFlip then you could get him a pair of Bliz Tempos the lightest shield made. 

From Start you could get him a set of Terva Tar kickers, 6 kick waxes for fresh fine grain snow.

Shoulder Replacement 


I'm considering a shoulder replacement due to arthritis and looking for anyone w/ experience competing in masters skiing post-replacement. Able to continue training/racing hard? Any issues?





I'm 69 and had a reverse shoulder replacement in March and the shoulder is doing fine for Birkie training. The reverse repair requires the only the deltoid to lift and I'm operating at 40% of normal due to some previous nerve damage. I say this only to encourage you that you will be fine with a regular replacement and probably much better than 40% function of the deltoid and complimenting muscles. Be sure to continue your own physical therapy and rehab especially using the rubber bands in various positions mimicking the pole lift. I went fly fishing last month for 9 to 10 hours a day and 8 days straight and noticed a fair amount of fatigue each day after constant use but strength and endurance was gained over the week. The pole plant and push are a piece of cake because your using more trap, tri and lat. Pushups, pull ups, dips  and rows seem to be helping the peripheral muscle groups.  In short you'll be fine and you may have to push your upper body a bit more but it will come and you'll be a happy camper.

Best wishes.


Meniscus Surgery 


Just had medial meniscus surgery. Doc says 6-8 weeks to start running but no clue on skate skiing. Surely you guys have some thoughts or experience?


Thank you. Have Great day!  Dave


A few of the feedback answers are below. All feedback was shared with the reader who asked the question.


Based on my experience with a lateral meniscus surgery a few years ago in October where I had 8 weeks of recovery before the snow started flying and the knee seems to have healed fine, and then I had a lateral meniscus surgery in the other knee the following December where I tried skate at 4 weeks and it hasn't really healed (I still have a lot of pain and swelling), I'd say hold off on the skate skiing until you are cleared to do anything you want.  Best of luck on your recovery!


Hey...Just wanted to give my two cents on the surgery...I had both knees done at once, medial meniscus and some scraping of the knee cap from the flapping tears I waited too long to fix.  I had them done in late October and was able to bike in 5 days, ski in December, and ran after the snow left, normally I run all winter.  I was determined to heal and NOT have it done again so I was really careful.  I exercised daily, did not take any prescription pain meds at any time, and made sure to elevate and ice with peas after each outing.  I did this throughout the winter, which may have been overkill but I healed really well!  I was also worried about tearing it again, I initially tore both of mine skate skiing on a popular local trail that was not groomed as widely as it should have been.
What I did each time I skied was wrap each knee, above, below, and on the kneecap with just an elastic bandage just to give it that slight extra support and me some peace of mind!  YES  you can skate ski!  Just be careful!!  E


I had meniscus surgery a few winters ago, and was on a stationary bike 10 days post-op (low resistance at first, gradually increasing),  Six weeks after the surgery I was out on skis skating full-tilt with no problem.  Of course, your experience will be unique to your circumstances: the degree and location of the meniscus tear, your general physical condition,the skill of your surgeon, and so on.  I stopped running, and moved to hiking when weather prevents biking, kayaking or swimming.  I figured running wasn't worth the impact on my knees, hoping to save my legs for as much xc skiing as possible.  Hope this helped, and good luck!  L


I was cautiously double-poling (with some herringbone) 5 days after meniscus surgery and started easy, mostly flat classic skiing on day 6.  I felt it if I slipped, but it was great to be skiing and I'm convinced it helped speed up my recovery. 

Minimizing joint problems for young and old 


With all the talk about injuries one of our SkiPost fans, David Fyhrie, wished to share hos thoughts on body care. His article is below.


XC skiers are a funny group.  We sometimes equate fitness with health. We are fit, push ourselves harder that most athletes and typically can be athletic longer in life than other athletes.  But overuse problems still arrive sooner or later if good health disciplines are not followed.


Ian Harvey wrote a great article about muscle balance being more important than race performance regarding older skiers.  I say it's true for everyone; especially children!  Good health is more important than fitness. Think about that statement for a while and I know you will agree.  Therefore we have to constantly ask ourselves what are the measures of good health? One element is balanced muscle strength.  Otherwise you will put strain on a joint and wear it out too soon.  It's like having suspension parts on a race car which are designed to enable the car to go straight real fast but when you go around corners the suspension isn't designed to handle the force.  The result is that the tires wear out quickly because the suspension parts are not there to balance the forces.


Once I took my daughter and her friend for a ride in my Mustang Cobra.   We came to a cul-de-sac in a quiet neighborhood; before me was a huge asphalt surface, yummy!  I started driving around backwards in a big circle rather quickly; we had a blast.  Later that day I noticed my nice big sticky tires were worn out on the outside edge, right down to the white treads.  The rest of the tire was in great shape.  That was an expensive thrill ride.  Those white treads represent worn ligaments on one side of a joint with unbalanced muscles around it, i.e. shoulder joint pain, knee pain, elbow pain, you name it.


How do you balance your muscles?  I found a great program on WYCC broadcast tv (read that 'free tv' for you cable folks) called .  Miranda Esmond White is the instructor and she is a former ballerina who has learned how to balance the 600 muscles in the body in order to be fit in a healthy way.  I love her 20 minute easy daily  workout!  My posture has improved and I have greater mobility and balance.  As a 60 year old XC racer (who went through the fantastic CXC XC Coaches US Ski Team certification process) I am excited about the prospect of healthy joints enabling me to continue to enjoy the thrills of racing. 


Many people around us XC skiers look to us for good advice on fitness and healthy living.  I hope that every XC skier one out there puts their sport in perspective and helps children, adolescents and adults see the importance of a balancing your muscles for your entire body and not just training certain muscles for being a faster skier.


David Fyhrie

Train Perform Recover with Vector450


nnf word
$90,000 of support in 1st round of funding

"It was a watershed moment," explained USST Head Coach, Chris Grover of the decision by a handful of World Cup racers to forego kick wax in last week's 15K classic race in Davos. Fellow US Coach, Matt Whitcomb talks about the day and what it means for skiing development. rest of article here at NNF 

watch the race video here  


The NNF bears a simple mission: to support athletic excellence in developing U.S. Nordic athletes. To that end, through grassroots support and large fundraising efforts like the Drive for 25, the NNF raises the funds necessary to support an environment of growth for skiers. Read more about NNF Pillar Projects. This year in just our first allocation of the season, we're announcing over $90K in support for skiing. details here

World Cup Action

Where can we watch the World Cup action from US computers?

Cross Country events streamed live at 

IBU World Cup Biathlon  

SkiPost will host archive links to taped events. See Top Right Column

Last weekend's World Cup action from Davos

Davos Sunday Sprints
Davos Sunday Sprints

Davos Men 15k Saturday
Davos Men 15k Saturday
Davos  Women Saturday
Davos Women Saturday


Andy at SkiPost

Slowing Skis?

Over the past season, my classic skis have started to get slower and slower, even when I've moved the kick zone back more and more. I'm around 145 now and I'm trying to decide if I should simply retest the kick zones on the skis and get a new grind or if I should purchase a new cold ski all together. Any advice?


You first need to determine if it is the base (ie glide) or the kick zone dragging.

If they are slow in a pure glide test with no kick wax in kick zone and only glide wax on tip and tails (against other identically waxed/flexed skis) than your bases ale likely sealed. Then you will need a new grind to expose fresh base. 


If the skis glide well vs other pairs before kick wax is applied but get slow no matter what kick wax then you need to re-tune your kick zone. If you have grown and put on weight than you need top adjust your kick zone or perhaps even get new skis. 


Realize that in classic waxing it is not only the length pf the pocket that matters but also the height of the pocket. After you get your pocket length measured also find the peak of the pocket. You will want to feather you kick wax layers to be thickest at the peak of the camber and thinnest at the front and rear of the kick zone. Other wise your front of the kick zone will drag when when you are in glide phase. Wax with 1 layer of kick wax entire length of kick zone and then 2nd layer 3 cm shorter and on and on.  If that does not work you may need new skis for your new weight. These skis may still work in powder for your but not hard track. 


Andy at SkiPost


Check out the all new Start Waxing Guide.



Start Race Day Wax Recs here

Holly Brooks: I love Ski Marathons:

Holly Brooks

"Exploring the World and Its People one ski marathon at a Time"
Select Events & Destinations

Birkie Elite Athlete Update


This past weekend saw the start of the FIS Marathon Cup for the 2014-2015 season in Livingo, Italy. Birkie Ambassador Holly Brooks (USA) started the season off right with a podium finish. She finished 2nd to World Cup stand out and Olympic Medalist Riita-Liisa Roponen (FIN). The Men's race was won in a photo finish by former Birkie Champion Benoit Chauvet (FRA) with runner up Petr Novak (CZW) also a veteran Birkie competitor.


The Birkie is the 6th of 9 FIS Marathon Cup competitions and will be an important race for the overall Champion racing for the $38,700 (31,000 euro) in prize money. Follow the races and results at  and keep an eye on these FMC Athletes registered for the 2015 Birkie.



Maija Oravamaki (FIN), Holly Brooks (USA), Sabra Davison (USA), Caitlin Gregg (USA) Becca Rorabaugh (USA)



Jan Kriz (CZE), Petr Novak (CZE), Christophe Perrillat-Collomb (FRA), Valentin Gaillard (FRA), Emilien Bruisso (FRA), Tad Elliott (USA), Brian Gregg (USA), Torin Koos (USA), Eric Packer (USA), Gordon Vermeer (USA)


40th Boulder Mountain Tour

 Register here 

McCall Remastered

January 24-25, 2015  McCall Idaho

CXC Spotlight:
Oyvind Solvang (CXC President)


I started skiing as a child. By the time I was in first grade, my brother and I had a 5k loop we skied two or three times after school. There was no grooming machine, so we had to make the trail ourselves each time it snowed, first ski the main track, then for the poles, before we could start training. We skied to school often. On the wall of each classroom, there was a bar chart of each kids km skied that was updated weekly. Watching my bar towering over the others as a result of all the 5k laps was a source of pride. Each school then submitted their average km skied for a national competition. By age 9, we started racing in the "point race" every Wednesday night in the lit trail 200 meters from our house. The point race was a great way to get the kids to race every week with a year-end award party at the ski club hut. Our family also had a mountain cabin and we went there most weekends and skied for 2-3 hours at a time.


By age ten we started weekend racing county wide and went through the "system" to race regionally and nationally by age 14. I came to the University of Utah on an NCAA scholarship, where we won the NCAA and I became the women's coach the last two years there. After college I only skied occasionally until I started racing the Birkie in my late thirties.





Nordic Job Openings

Nordic Job Opening? email to post

Teton High Running Coach


Teton High School in Driggs, Idaho on the "back side" of the Tetons. Assistant positions in Track & Field (spring) and Cross Country running (fall). Successful school program with possible opening coaching youth nordic skiing in winter. Live in a nordic wonderland with extensive recreational opportunities. 


Contact: Neil Gleichman

Maplelag Resort


Maplelag Resort is looking to fill a position in the Nordic department.

Duties include: Nordic ski instruction (beginner to advanced but mostly

beginner) in both classic and skate, servicing cabins, starting fires in wood stoves, keeping hole open in lake on weekends for sauna activities, shoveling snow, possible grooming, renting skis and snowshoes, kitchen help (food prep and serving guests) and ski waxing. Special perks and bonuses all in the environment of working at one of the top Nordic destination experiences in the world! Lodging and home cooked meals with all the cookies you can eat! Pay negotiable.  Season is from mid December to early March.


contact Jay Richards @ Maplelag Resort or 800-654-7711


Mansfield Nordic Club seeks to hire a Junior Team Development coach to lead our top youth skiers toward higher level skiing on our Junior Competition team. Our new coach will be a high-energy skier with strong communication, leadership and interpersonal skills. The position is for approximately 15-20 hours per week, November 2014-March 2015. There is likely potential for this position to lead into the Head Coach for our Junior Competition Team in May 2015.
For more specific details on this position, email:

Soldier Hollow

Soldier Hollow Resort, located in Midway, UT, is seeking cross-country ski instructors and coaches for the 2014-15 winter season. Soldier Hollow, home of the 2002 Olympic cross country and biathlon events, is a full service Nordic center with 31km of trails, ski rentals, and lessons. In addition, Soldier Hollow offers recreational and competitive programs for over 400 youth. Email for more information on available positions.

Galena Lodge


Galena Lodge, 23 miles North of Ketchum/Sun Valley (Nordic Town USA), is looking for a full time ski instructor for the winter season. Job would include Nordic instruction (beginner to advanced but mostly beginner) in both classic and skate as well as the following duties: servicing yurts, shoveling snow, packing snowshoe trails, renting skis and snowshoes, selling merchandise, some restaurant work, working hard and being awesome! Season is from Mid november to early April. Contact Erin at 208-726-4010 or for more details.

Vail Nordic Center Job Opportunities


The Vail Nordic Center is looking for employees for the 2014/15 Nordic season.  The ideal candidate has retail experience, Nordic knowledge, Nordic teaching experience, and is able to work in a fast paced environment.  Interested candidate, please submit a resume and letter via email check out


About SkiPost


Cross-Country skiing's community lodge. Where knowledge and stories are shared. The goal of SkiPost is to make the sport of Cross-Country skiing easier and more enjoyable for all who choose to participate. If you have questions on Cross-Country Skiing email us and visit


Enjoy Winter,

Andrew Gerlach
Director/Editor- SkiPost
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