Volume 16 Issue 32: Dec 4, 2014
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World Cup Action

Where can we watch the World Cup action from US computers?

Cross Country events streamed live at 

IBU World Cup Biathlon  

SkiPost will host links to taped events.

Last weekend's World Cup action events can be seen at the links below.

Ruka Men
Ruka Men


Ruka Women
Ruka Women


Ruka Saturday
Ruka Saturday


 Andy at SkiPost

Ski Prep

Hi again,


Simply, what are you supposed to do with your race skis immed. after Stonegrinding?  To me, it seems that hot-boxing and base-hardening are not the same. I thought hot-boxing is with the warmer waxes compared to the hard waxes for base-hardening.  e.g. Hot-boxing may be equivalent to me just waxing my skis with a warm wax six to ten times in a row, right?  And, if I already waxed to "harden" the base with the cold waxes, is it too late to, or, does it make any sense, to do 'hot box' type approach afterwards?


Please pardon me if you already answered a similar question recently and I missed it.


Happy Thanksgiving,






Keep it simple and just think about what you are trying to accomplish.

I suggest you avoid hot boxing and suggest repeated waxing. Ski manufacturers do not recommend hot boxing because even at "low" temps (55C) prolonged exposure can weaken the ski and cause damage. and you can wax 1-4 pairs of ski just fine without hot boxing.


The key to a fast skis is a fresh base. The key to keeping bases fresh is a few layers of soft wax in first to absorb any excess iron heat that comes when you apply race day cold waxes or pure fluors. So apply 2 layers of Start Base Wax or SG 2. then proceed to 1 layer of SG 4, ...


"Base hardening" is mentioned primarily to make sure your soft prep waxes do not interfere/mix with your race day cold waxes. So you can harden the base for race day waxing by stepping down in layers of hardness or by putting a harder wax just under your race day glider. And remember a Pure Fluor is not a glider but a Finishing Wax to repel moisture and dirt. The glider under it is the key partner in your final glide speed.


Keep it simple.


More wax info on our Start Wax Cliff Notes here


Let me know if you have more questions




Andy at SkiPost



What is the proper way to determine snow humidity and air humidity?  With wax companies relating their product to one or the other (sometimes even relating to more or less than a stated value, like 60%).  It seems like there should be a better method than a pure subjective guess. If it is important, and has an effect on ski prep choices, it seems I should be smarter in this area.



XC fan


XC Fan,


When wax brand refer to "humidity" they mean air's Relative Humidity.

The higher the Relative Humidity the more moisture is present that the wax (and ski structure) needs to manage. We manage the moisture with the addition of Fluorcarbon to gliders as with Pure Fluor finishing waxes.

Do not worry about humidity differences with 1-5 % as humidity will vary throughout the course and throughout the day. Think of humidity as no, low, medium and high. 


In "no" humidity conditions (<40%) there is "no" moisture present in the air/snow/ski interface and wax with added Fluorocarbon wax is likely not beneficial (unless the snow is dirty).  


In low humidity conditions (>40-60%) Fluro is beneficial and LF glider may suffice.

In medium Humidity 60-80% Fluor is beneficial and a MF glider may suffice. 

Ihigh humidity conditions >80% high humidity is HF glider are called for and finish Fluor overlay.


The Fluor manages the water (and dirt) that is present and breaks a sheet of water into small ball bearings of water. It is rare that more fluor does not beat less fluor. (but it can happen in very cold dry clean snow conditions)

The wetter the snow or the dirtier the snow the more Fluor helps.


When the snow has remained under freezing than you can use RH as your guide. BUT: If it is refrozen snow or snow near/at/or above freezing then the snow is almost always high moisture no matter the air RH. and in these conditions the more Flour you use the better your glide will be.


One would use a hygrometer to test RH.

But keep it simple.







Read more in Start Cliff Notes here


Andy at SkiPost

On-Snow Time


Dear SkiPost,


Since the restrictions of time, weather, or just plain dumb luck can get in the way of real on-snow training, sometimes I'm forced to head to the gym. If I'm forced to choose between the treadmill and an elliptical trainer (although I know each provides a good cardio workout), which one - from a purely physiological standpoint - provides exercise that most accurately reflects skiing, and will work the correct muscle groups?


Thanks a ton!




To make the most of limited on-snow time 


Focus on proper technique when on snow. Skiing with-out poles. LSD etc.

and do your intensity off-snow.


Between a running tread,ill and a elliptical trainer I would say do the treadmill as again it can better simulate the loads turnover and speed of skiing. 


A number of years ago when we were running the Factory Team, Carl Swenson would race (and win)  a ski marathon on the weekend and spend the weekdays on his bike and bike trainer training for his summer job as a Bike racer.  It can be done.


Andy at SkiPost


First Weeks on Snow

Pre-Comp (Early Snow)
The transition onto snow demands a decrease in training intensity because of the increased load of snow skiing. Training volume usually peaks during this phase of training. Example: Endurance sessions strictly at level 1. Intensity can be done on foot rather than skis. 

Christmas Stars and Thanksgiving Turkeys: 
Skiers who do not monitor their training intensity properly during this phase often unwittingly raise the overall training load too quickly. The result is often a short-lived spike in fitness followed by a long-term decrease in race performance. Racers who peak early are known as Christmas Stars or Thanksgiving Turkeys. Example for the early snow period of the pre-comp phase

Early snow period 
General emphasis: Technique and endurance 
Training modes: specific and non-specific. 


L1 enduranceL1 +speedLT intervals, runningL1
L1 +Specific
Long L1

"How do I really work on technique during an endurance session?" 
Focus on one specific element of technique at a time. To make the most of your time, seldom simply ski, but always have one thing in mind that you are specifically working on. Ski without poles or double pole for whole endurance sessions or for a part of nearly every training session. Make sure you stick to the plan and stay in the right training zone even if your training partners are less disciplined.


Start Kick Waxes

Why does Start have many different types of Kick wax?
Start has 4 Kick wax types with wide temp ranges that match 4 snow types.
Different Ingredients for different snow types. Once you think of your wax selection this way it becomes very easy to get great kick every day.

Terva-Tar  - New Snow
Synthetic- Dry Snow
RF - Wet Snow
Oslo Racing - Icy snow  


The catalog is here start-product-catalog-2014-2015 

Web site at  



Get More with Start


Andy at SkiPost/Start



Salomon's Skate Boot Collection

Bjorn Daehlie

Yes Bjorn Daehlie is the new apparel supplier of Team Norway.

Check out the new BD Collection at 

Lung Plus Testimonial

I tried the lung plus, including on some days with truly frigid subzero cold! The lung plus is really an amazing contraption! I normally have significant cold induced coughing and wheezing due to bronchospasm, and on cold days this can be enough to limit my activity...or worse yet, send me back indoors. With the lung plus,  my coughing is reduced by at least 80%, making it a virtual non-issue. Even better, I feel that the bronchospasm is much less severe as well. I only rarely need to use my rescue inhaler, and I am able to ski for much longer periods of time.I really like the simple but elegant design of this product...much like the fresh air exchanger on our house. I do have asthma... exacerbated by cold and exercise.  I plan to continue to use the lung plus to allow me to be active even on the coldest days, and to allow me to spend more time outdoors and less time sitting inside complaining about the weather!

Dr. Ben Yokel, Dermatologist from Cotton, MN




40th Boulder Mountain Tour

Skiing is Fantastic

The BMT course received 12" of snow over the past 24 hours.


Register TODAY for the 40th Annual Boulder Mountain Tour!

The most beautiful Nordic race you'll ever ski.

Race fees increase after midnight December 7. 

Don't miss out. Register here 

 4th Annual Global Fat Bike Summit and Festival 

Jan. 23/25, 201

The 4th annual Global Fat Bike Summit and Festival will be the most unique fat bike event in 2015.  Held in Jackson, WY at the Snow King Resort, Friday's Summit agenda will focus on land access issues and fat bike singletrack grooming techniques for public land managers, Nordic ski associations and resorts.  We'll also discuss how to potentially resolve a prohibition on fat bikes from National Parks.

Our Fat Bike Expo on Saturday/Sunday will offer test rides, product clinics, and a festive atmosphere sure to attract the ever-growing fat bike enthusiast market.  Additionally, the Saturday agenda allows vendors the opportunity to speak briefly to the attendees specifically about their bikes or products on our Vendor Stage.


Fat bike riding opportunities for Saturday and Sunday include night rides, not-to-be-missed groomed singletrack rides, short track races under the lights, and guided fat bike tours into Grand Teton National Park.  The Festival concludes Sunday with an Industry Ride so fat bike enthusiasts can ride and talk with the industry folks who develop fat bikes, products, and apparel.


Attached please find an agenda and sponsorship levels/benefits.  Proceeds from the event will be donated to Wyoming Pathways, who work to provide trail access for cyclists, and Mountain Bike the Tetons, the local IMBA chapter in the Jackson area.


Please call or email Gary Sjoquist with any questions regarding our event or sponsorship issues. Thanks!


Gary Sjoquist

Advocacy Director, QBP

612 386-9630

November 19, 2014 (Toronto, ON) - With the first FIS World Cup kicking off the season in Kuusamo, Finland on Nov. 29, we're pleased to announce the launch of our annual 
SkiTrax FIS Fantasy World Cup 2014/15 Contest for contestants around the world with over $4,000 in prizes up for grabs. This is the first of four Fantasy Contests this season... up next is the FIS Marathon Cup contest, followed by the popular Tour de Ski contest, and finally fans can enjoy our Falun 2015 contest.

Nordic Job Openings

Nordic Job Opening? email to post

Maplelag Resort


Maplelag Resort is looking to fill a position in the Nordic department.

Duties include: Nordic ski instruction (beginner to advanced but mostly

beginner) in both classic and skate, servicing cabins, starting fires in wood stoves, keeping hole open in lake on weekends for sauna activities, shoveling snow, possible grooming, renting skis and snowshoes, kitchen help (food prep and serving guests) and ski waxing. Special perks and bonuses all in the environment of working at one of the top Nordic destination experiences in the world! Lodging and home cooked meals with all the cookies you can eat! Pay negotiable.  Season is from mid December to early March.


contact Jay Richards @ Maplelag Resort or 800-654-7711


Mansfield Nordic Club seeks to hire a Junior Team Development coach to lead our top youth skiers toward higher level skiing on our Junior Competition team. Our new coach will be a high-energy skier with strong communication, leadership and interpersonal skills. The position is for approximately 15-20 hours per week, November 2014-March 2015. There is likely potential for this position to lead into the Head Coach for our Junior Competition Team in May 2015.
For more specific details on this position, email:

Soldier Hollow

Soldier Hollow Resort, located in Midway, UT, is seeking cross-country ski instructors and coaches for the 2014-15 winter season. Soldier Hollow, home of the 2002 Olympic cross country and biathlon events, is a full service Nordic center with 31km of trails, ski rentals, and lessons. In addition, Soldier Hollow offers recreational and competitive programs for over 400 youth. Email for more information on available positions.

Galena Lodge


Galena Lodge, 23 miles North of Ketchum/Sun Valley (Nordic Town USA), is looking for a full time ski instructor for the winter season. Job would include Nordic instruction (beginner to advanced but mostly beginner) in both classic and skate as well as the following duties: servicing yurts, shoveling snow, packing snowshoe trails, renting skis and snowshoes, selling merchandise, some restaurant work, working hard and being awesome! Season is from Mid november to early April. Contact Erin at 208-726-4010 or for more details.

Vail Nordic Center Job Opportunities


The Vail Nordic Center is looking for employees for the 2014/15 Nordic season.  The ideal candidate has retail experience, Nordic knowledge, Nordic teaching experience, and is able to work in a fast paced environment.  Interested candidate, please submit a resume and letter via email check out


About SkiPost


Cross-Country skiing's community lodge. Where knowledge and stories are shared. The goal of SkiPost is to make the sport of Cross-Country skiing easier and more enjoyable for all who choose to participate. If you have questions on Cross-Country Skiing email us and visit


Enjoy Winter,

Andrew Gerlach
Director/Editor- SkiPost
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