Volume 16 Issue 29: Nov 13, 2014
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Ski Prep

It just snowed. What do I do to get my skate ski ready for the season?

If you put your skis away properly last spring all you need to do is scrape the storage wax and apply the proper temp training wax (likely Start Blue SG8).

If you did not put your skis away with storage wax, and they look dried out you will need to do more work to get them gliding fast again. Quick answer is. Wax with softest wax (Start SG2) to do cleaning hot wipe. Cool, Scrape, Brush. Then apply SG4 cool scrape brush (CSB). Then SG6 CSB, then SG8 CSB until you are at your training wax temp. Then go ski. If the skis glide great, you lucky and are set. If they dry out quick or are slow you will need to do more base work including perhaps getting a fresh base exposed by stone grinding. 

Andy at SkiPost
Air Warmer?

What was that air warming device you showed us last winter?
It is cold now and it hurts me to breath hard.

That was the Lungplus 




Dear SkiPost, 

What is the best time to receive a sports massage? I only have done it after a race when I am in pain. But some people say they get it before their big events?



Dear HT,


Every body responds differently to sports massage. Hopefully you have been receiving sports massage on a cyclical basis already. This could be once per month or every six weeks. Four to five days before your main event is a good time to receive a sports massage (including deep tissue work) and only if you have been getting massages on a regular basis.  If you haven't been receiving on a regular basis, make sure the massage session is not too deep.  This could lead to unwanted soreness and you may not feel up to snuff on race day!  Also remember that not every massage needs to include deep tissue involving pain.


As cross country skiers, you should be mobilizing your muscles on an almost daily basis.  This may include stretching tight (short) muscles, foam roll work, along with other recovery methods.  Your massage therapist can't fix everything for you.


Research, like most research, says that massage straddles the fence for improving performance.  A lot of this depends on the person and their training/recovery habits.  It should be part of your overall training plan.  If massage is part of the plan, then it becomes congruous with all the other aspects of training (skiing, strength and conditioning, core work, etc.).


The last word:

If you are currently getting sports massage done on a regular basis and like it, please continue.  If you are curious about what it can do for you, get a massage a few weeks in advance before a race to see how your body responds.  Finding the correct massage therapist can help the process.  Try to find someone who specializes in sports, orthopedic, or rehabilitative massage techniques.  Your massage therapist should also provide you with additional exercises to perform on a regular basis.  Massage is not about indulgence and luxury, it is about improving your athletic development!


Matthew Parks


Matthew Parks owns and operates Moving Forward, a triathlon and endurance company in Bozeman, Montana.  Aside from coaching, his services include sports massage as it relates to athletic performance.  He can be reached at 



Can you tell me about Start's Low Fluoro green this year, e.g., what is labeled? I've just been looking for a low fluoro green and see two types of Start's on the racks.  Why does Start number their waxes from low # (warm) to high # (cold)?

Wax Nerd


Yes Start reformulated its entire wax line for this winter.


Start now has 4 primary grades of Glide wax. (not including the highly specialized gliders and finishing waxes) 


SG with no Fluor - no humidity and/or dirt

LF with around 5% Fluor -  low humidity and/or dirt

MF with around 10% Fluor - medium humidity and/or dirt

HF with around 20% Fluor - high humidity and/or dirt


Start is the #2 Wax company in the world and the inventor of the longer chain length extra cold waxes like Start Green and also Start Blue. Start's number system is based on molecular chain lengths, higher #'s are harder waxes due to longer molecular chain lengths. Numbers are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 with 10 being Start Green the coldest (longest chain length) wax made. But you can just refer to Star's colors, as everyone knows Start Green's speed when it is extra cold. My most used wax is Start Blue 8 as it is my "universal wax" as its stated range is 10-20F but its useful range is 5-25F.  For training you need little else than Start Blue and then you are ready for race day waxing being very specific. 


(Last year Start's line was much different and the lower fluor wax line was named FG, and its medium fluor line was named LF, and HF was still HF but the #'s were from 2-80)


A link to the catalog is here start-product-catalog-2014-2015


Andy at SkiPost/Start


Bjorn Daehlie

Yes Bjorn Daehlie is the new apparel supplier of Team Norway.

Check out the new BD Collection at 

Pole Length 

Can you give me a siple way to calculate my pole height?
I am not an world cup racer just a weekend warrior.

Skating pole height = Skier Height X .9
Classic pole height = Skier Height X .83

Andy at SkiPost

Lens Colors

Dear Skipost, 
I want to get some of your over-promoted ProFlips but do not know which lens Blue or Red to get. Can you explain differences?

Yes most Bliz Pro-Flip models come with either a blue multicoated smoke tint lens or a red multicoated pink tint lens. (Most models also come with a clear lens in the package). The "Blue Smoke" lens is darker (Cat 3) and is for sunny days and is model # 02. The "Red Pink" lens is lighter (Cat 1)  for lower light cloudy days and is model # 13. 

Pro-Flips: Come in Regular #9059, and Small Face #9064, OTG #9071(for over RX glasses) Kids 9069 and soon to be released XT "Olympic" models.

ProFlip Small   

Don't  give me the Cold Shoulder



I am perfectly warm everywhere while I ski, but tops of my shoulders are always cold because the weight of the outer shell compresses the fabric and reduces thermal insulation. I have tried to place a scarf on  my shoulders, or use two old ski hats-one on each shoulder-and fasten them with safety pins.  Both solutions work, but hardly provide a fashion statement J, plus, then you have to unfasten them for laundering. Is there a garment for guys that would provide extra insulation?




What are you wearing as your 1st layer? Have you ever used Craft as your 1st layer? I use nothing but Craft as I find it simply the best 1st layer made. Craft Layer 1 focuses on temperature regulation, maintaining the optimal body temperature to perform. Ventilating the body as it gets too warm and insulating the body as it gets cold. Specifically check out the Craft Windstopper base layer (image below) and check out  


Also I suggest you make sure to use a hat and neck gaiter or buff. Why a hat? Because areas around the head, neck, chest and groin don't constrict as effectively as the the rest  of the body and are thus more even more susceptible to heat loss. Furthermore water is denser than air, so it absorbs more heat (up to 32 times more) than air. So when you are skiing in rain or snow you can get hypothermia quicker if the rain or snow is falling on your uncovered head and neck. 


Here are some  Q & A with Craft


Q. How are Craft baselayers different from competitors? 

A. Craft focuses on temperature regulation, ventilating the body when it gets too warm and insulating the body when it gets cold. The big difference is Craft's level of ventilation. The knitting construction of the garments allow for maximum ventilation for all levels of activities. Like no other product, the air channel fabrics with a 3D design allow for more air flow . Competitor's product is often a tighter closed knit (gives the appearance of a t-shirt) that insulates but does not ventilate. 


Q. How do Craft baselayers compare to wool baselayers? 

A. Craft Keep Warm baselayers can go head to head with wool baselayers; keeping the body warm in cold temperatures and managing moisture. Unlike wool, Craft baselayers dry quickly and you can wear them for all activities, in all conditions at all intensities. 


Donate to the NNF's Drive for $25.00

So when the next Olympics comes around and a US athlete does win a medal you can say you played a part.
Skate Ski Hop Drill & Progression 
Watch this video about how to build and ski an effective skate ski hopping drill that develops your upper and lower body coordination, power and balance.
Skate Ski Hop Drill & Progression (XC, Nordic, Cross Country Skiing)
Skate Ski Hop Drill & Progression 



Here in Nordic Town USA 

Sun Valley/Ketchum Idaho

The Wood River Community YMCA and Sun Valley CrossFit saw 94 individuals compete in the 2014 SkiErg World Sprints from November 7th - 9th. More at skierg-world-sprints   The fastest time posted in the world this year, a new world record, was 2:56 for the 1,000 meter sprint. The fastest time posted at the Ketchum Y this year was 3:25. Over 1,200 took part in this international challengeMore at skierg-world-sprints  


Pictured Alex 

Alex Margolin SV CrossFit,

Mike Wolter Y's Development Director & Brad Mitchell  Y's Fitness Director.


They've Updated the SkiErg 


As skiers working to engineer the best product possible, we're always looking to incorporate improvements into our equipment. Based on our own experiences and feedback from athletes, we're proud to introduce a second generation SkiErg. Both the original and new SkiErg provide you with a great workout; our new SkiErg is easier to maintain and provides more workout options.


The new SkiErg looks a lot different! We have reworked the internal mechanism with the goal of improving cord wear and making maintenance easier. This also allowed us to support classic single-stick technique. The machine is now aluminum, so it's lighter in weight, and the optional floor stand is lower-profile. Adaptive athletes especially will like the longer standard cord length. As with all our indoor rowers, we have introduced the Performance Monitor 5 (PM5), which offers a backlit screen, Bluetooth Smart connectivity, and a new USB flash drive Logbook, among other features. And we are excited to offer these additional features at similar pricing:  $770 for the SkiErg, $180 for the optional floor stand.


We're getting good feedback already so we think you'll like the improvements. For more information, check out


Remember, if you are a member of your regional ski association, you are entitled to a $40 discount. Be sure to ask for it when you place your order. Call Josh Carlson at 800-245-5676 ext. 3060


Start's Evan Pengelly
at Joes CXC SuperFit

Join Start's Evan Pengelly at the CXC Superfit at Joe's this weekend.
Start is the official pole of CXC. Do a swing weigh test and discover why you get more for less with Start.

CXC Super Fit Program


CXC Super Fit ProgramGet your equipment fit by using a state-of-the-art CXC 3D pressure mat and light table.

Bring your old skis to test if they have a good fit for you, learn what conditions they will ski the best and compare them to new skis side by side. CXC Team athletes and coaches will also assist in finding your best pair of skis from the store stock.

'CXC Super Fit' is a weekend sale program at select store locations filled with seminars, presentations and store specials. Receive information firsthand - talk to the athletes about the type of skis you need for certain snow conditions and ways to make them glide fast. 

Dates: November 14-16
Fri 9am-8pm
Sat 9am-5pm / *Technique Clinic - 8am
(*meet in shop parking lot)

Sun 11am-5pm


Skiing Art



See More and Shop Here




 4th Annual Global Fat Bike Summit and Festival 

Jan. 23/25, 201

The 4th annual Global Fat Bike Summit and Festival will be the most unique fat bike event in 2015.  Held in Jackson, WY at the Snow King Resort, Friday's Summit agenda will focus on land access issues and fat bike singletrack grooming techniques for public land managers, Nordic ski associations and resorts.  We'll also discuss how to potentially resolve a prohibition on fat bikes from National Parks.

Our Fat Bike Expo on Saturday/Sunday will offer test rides, product clinics, and a festive atmosphere sure to attract the ever-growing fat bike enthusiast market.  Additionally, the Saturday agenda allows vendors the opportunity to speak briefly to the attendees specifically about their bikes or products on our Vendor Stage.


Fat bike riding opportunities for Saturday and Sunday include night rides, not-to-be-missed groomed singletrack rides, short track races under the lights, and guided fat bike tours into Grand Teton National Park.  The Festival concludes Sunday with an Industry Ride so fat bike enthusiasts can ride and talk with the industry folks who develop fat bikes, products, and apparel.


Attached please find an agenda and sponsorship levels/benefits.  Proceeds from the event will be donated to Wyoming Pathways, who work to provide trail access for cyclists, and Mountain Bike the Tetons, the local IMBA chapter in the Jackson area.


Please call or email Gary Sjoquist with any questions regarding our event or sponsorship issues. Thanks!


Gary Sjoquist

Advocacy Director, QBP

612 386-9630



Birkie Merchandice 



Birkie's Capital Improvement Campaign


The American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation has launched a capital campaign to raise $2.3 million to buy Telemark Resort property for the race start area and build a warming building for skiers to replace tents used since the lodge was shuttered. 

The American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation has launched the first capital campaign in the history of the iconic race, and will seek $2.3 million to buy land for a permanent start area, improve the extensive trails and add an outdoor recreation center.

According to plans shared by the ABSF, about $115,000 will be spent on buying roughly 75 acres of the Telemark Resort property, which would serve as a new start line for the 50K Birkebeiner and 26K Kortelopet.  

Once it gains its own land for the start area, the ABSF plans to build a storage building that will serve as a warm shelter for skiers on race morning. With the Telemark lodge closed in 2014, and tents knocked down by snow, the need for a building to accommodate thousands of skiers at the start line was never more apparent. 

Popp projects that the build-out of the start line would be completed by 2017. For the 2015 Birkie, the ABSF will move ahead with improvements at the finish line in Hayward, including a skier bridge over Highway 63 and indoor food and changing areas in an armory and elementary school.

-- Tom Held


Complete details of the campaign and how to contribute can be found at   



40th Boulder Mountain Tour

Feb 7, 2015

New Race Directors 


The Boulder Mountain Tour is pleased to announce Kelly and Glen Allison have assumed the helm as Co-Race Directors to manage the 40th Boulder Mountain Tour.  The race will take place on February 7, 2015 in Sun Valley Idaho. 


While no major changes to the race are planned, racers will enjoy some enhancements to the experience.  Half Boulder skiers will have the option to be timed should they wish, and full Boulder skiers will have the option to enter the "40th Wave," an untimed wave for those looking to enjoy more of a tour experience rather than a race. In addition, should funding be found, a heated tent will be set up over the deck at Galena Lodge to alleviate crowding. 


The Boulder Mountain Tour, which first took place in 1974, is the longest running Marathon Nordic race in North America.  The race runs 34.3 kilometers down a scenic valley in the shadow of the Boulder Mountains.  It caps off the week-long Sun Valley Nordic Festival, which encompasses a variety of activities related to cross country skiing.  More information on the Sun Valley Nordic Festival and the Boulder Mountain Tour can be found at



 Registration Open

November 25 - 29, 2014


Kick off your ski season at Yellowstone Ski Festival XC ClinicsGreat ski conditions, the Rendezvous trail system and the West Yellowstone ski culture make Thanksgiving week in West Yellowstone the best place in America to transition from dry-land training to on-snow skiing.

  • Train with and learn from a professional team of coaches (check them out here)
  • Develop and solidify good ski technique
  • Learn how to train more effectively
  • Get excellent on-snow base training to start the season

Whether you are a focused master skier preparing for the race season or a beginner skier wanting to be more efficient on skis, West Yellowstone XC ski clinics is the place for you to be Thanksgiving week.   Check out the full list of clinics and register at:

The new 5-day race focused training clinic is sure to be a popular this year.  World Cup skier Matt Liebsch,  Olympian Erich Wilbrecht and former US Ski Team coach Miles Minson are just a few of the top tier coaches working with the clinics this year.  Reserve a spot today. 


more information at



Nordic Job Openings

Nordic Job Opening? email to post

Maplelag Resort


Maplelag Resort is looking to fill a position in the Nordic department.

Duties include: Nordic ski instruction (beginner to advanced but mostly

beginner) in both classic and skate, servicing cabins, starting fires in wood stoves, keeping hole open in lake on weekends for sauna activities, shoveling snow, possible grooming, renting skis and snowshoes, kitchen help (food prep and serving guests) and ski waxing. Special perks and bonuses all in the environment of working at one of the top Nordic destination experiences in the world! Lodging and home cooked meals with all the cookies you can eat! Pay negotiable.  Season is from mid December to early March.


contact Jay Richards @ Maplelag Resort or 800-654-7711


Mansfield Nordic Club seeks to hire a Junior Team Development coach to lead our top youth skiers toward higher level skiing on our Junior Competition team. Our new coach will be a high-energy skier with strong communication, leadership and interpersonal skills. The position is for approximately 15-20 hours per week, November 2014-March 2015. There is likely potential for this position to lead into the Head Coach for our Junior Competition Team in May 2015.
For more specific details on this position, email:

Soldier Hollow

Soldier Hollow Resort, located in Midway, UT, is seeking cross-country ski instructors and coaches for the 2014-15 winter season. Soldier Hollow, home of the 2002 Olympic cross country and biathlon events, is a full service Nordic center with 31km of trails, ski rentals, and lessons. In addition, Soldier Hollow offers recreational and competitive programs for over 400 youth. Email for more information on available positions.

Galena Lodge


Galena Lodge, 23 miles North of Ketchum/Sun Valley (Nordic Town USA), is looking for a full time ski instructor for the winter season. Job would include Nordic instruction (beginner to advanced but mostly beginner) in both classic and skate as well as the following duties: servicing yurts, shoveling snow, packing snowshoe trails, renting skis and snowshoes, selling merchandise, some restaurant work, working hard and being awesome! Season is from Mid november to early April. Contact Erin at 208-726-4010 or for more details.

Vail Nordic Center Job Opportunities


The Vail Nordic Center is looking for employees for the 2014/15 Nordic season.  The ideal candidate has retail experience, Nordic knowledge, Nordic teaching experience, and is able to work in a fast paced environment.  Interested candidate, please submit a resume and letter via email check out


About SkiPost


Cross-Country skiing's community lodge. Where knowledge and stories are shared. The goal of SkiPost is to make the sport of Cross-Country skiing easier and more enjoyable for all who choose to participate. If you have questions on Cross-Country Skiing email us and visit


Enjoy Winter,

Andrew Gerlach
Director/Editor- SkiPost
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