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Last Week's Winner

Last week's winner was Naomi Jarvis who correctly identified that Start's Oslo Kicker is a combination of Klister and Hardwax. It is our go to kicker for artificial snow.

Look for this week's hidden question below.  The first reader to answer correctly wins a prize from Start or Bliz. 

Andy at SkiPost
Drive for 25 

October marked the launch of the National Nordic Foundation's Drive for 25 fundraising campaign. 

Why donate to the the NNF?

Because the NNF "Supports Tomorrow's Nordic Stars Today". 

It is that simple. If you get teary eyed, as I do, seeing American Nordic athletes challenge for World Cup and Olympic medals, then we need to provide a development pipeline for future stars to develop to international stars. Supporting this development pipeline is what the NNF does. 



We have skiers looking for some good posters to put up in their ski room. Mix of Classic and Skate, showing the right form. Any leads, beyond the Ski Brands? email 

Beyond the ones that the ski brands put out you could look to the national teams ortry to find public pictures and turn them into posters.  You can look on the photo sharing sites, you might have to contact the poster for permission. NNF posts a lot of pictures.

Training Apps


Readers are looking for the best Nordic skiing training app for smartphone similar to Strava for cycling/running? email with your favorite apps that use use for Nordic.


Swissski is a good App if your looking for something that is more technique focused. Look for Cross Country Skiing Technique developed by Bundesamt fur Sport BASPO. at this iTunes link and at this Android Link 


Rollerskiing and Twigs


Dear SkiPost,


I started skate skiing late last season and picked it up again this pre-season as a way to get ready for the snow season.  While rollerski skating on a bike path a couple of weeks ago I hit a small twig which stopped my skate ski dead in its tracks.  I went down fast and hard.  I only have 250-300 miles on these wheels.  I would suspect that as wheels get worn they get smaller and will not roll over items as easy, but this seems too soon with such few miles.  I am now worried that it will occur again and find that small pebbles are creating problems. Any comments or advise.   I use Swenor Skate Elite Solid Rubber Wheels




Hi Jeff,

Your question is very timely since the fall season brings more leaves, sticks, and rollerskiers onto the trails.


It isn't common that the rollerski comes completely to a stop in such a violent way as to make you fall, but I think it is very common that debris will "catch" the wheel and cause you to lose control for a moment.  I'm coaching a lot of juniors and masters skiers right now and when we get to a section of trail with a lot of debris, we are only double-poling.  We will search for the cleanest sections of trail (or low-traffic road) to do our skating intervals.  

Sticks and stones are always a danger to rollerskiers but the times they are the most likely to cause the ski to stop are a) when you are moving slowly and there isn't enough momentum to roll over the object, b) when the wheels are becoming more worn out and/or smaller in diameter making it less-smooth for the wheel to roll over the object, and/or c) when there is a lot of pressure on the front wheel.  I'm not a physics guys, but I'm sure someone could present the mathematics behind your situation.  So, the question then becomes, "how do we fix these?".    


While this situation is more common with classic skis, or wide-wheeled skating skis, it can certainly happen with narrow-wheeled skate skis as well. 

Equipment solution.  The first solution is to mount the bindings are far backward as possible.  This reduces pressure on the front wheel decreasing the likelihood of situation "C."  Marwe rollerskis (sold by the author of this answer/article) have longer frames than many other models allowing you to shift more of the pressure toward the rear wheel.  An issue you may find with other brands is that the fork which connects the frame to the wheel wraps up onto the platform forcing the binding to be mounted further forward than optimal position.  The added benefit of mounting the bindings further back is that the ski will hang more naturally under the foot; more similar to a snow-ski than many other brands.


Training strategy solution.  The simplest way to decrease potential for wheel stoppage is to double pole through sections of trail that are particularly stick-y and stone-y.  If a section is really awful, try shifting your weight back slightly (I know this is bad technique but falling on your face is much worse technique) until you get to a more clear section.  Wait for the clear sections of trail to break out into your full-on V2 sprints!


Wheel durability varies hugely among different rollerski brands, but we have found that Marwe wheels are consistently the most durable on the market.  I have known skiers using other brands who will commonly go through 2-3 sets per year!  But I think wheel wear may be just a portion of the issue. 

Cheers to a lovely winter free of sticks on your trails! 


Kevin Johnson

GM at FinnSisu distributor of Marwe Rollerskis



Back Pain

( By Knut Nystad -Team Norway)



Thanks for addressing classic positioning last week (below) and the various differences in body types that should be taken into consideration.  Half way through last year's ski season I experienced lower back pain from classic skiing and had to switch over to skating, which seemed to somewhat help with the pain.  I've been diagnosed with a mild lordosis and am wondering what type of exercises are most beneficial to prevent this from happening again this year?  I attend Pilates, but obviously that is not enough.  Any suggestions would be great.



C. C.


Dear CC,

I am no doctor, and I always recommend seeking medical help to address back issues. All I can do is to tell you about my personal experiences, and what has worked for me.


This is a long story, but hopefully it will open your eyes to what you have to do in order to not only ski, but live, without pain in your back.

I have struggled with back pains since I was a teenager. For years my lower back hampered my ability to ski, and was one of the main reason why I ended my racing career at an early age (25). It was frustrating to train long hours and participate in races when an aching back became the bottle neck to achieve good results - not legs, arms, lungs or heart.

At the age of 29 I decided to have a back surgery in order to try to reduce my pain - in my mind I had a long life ahead of me, so why not prepare for the long haul and fix the issue before it became a major problem. The decision point for me was my personal desire to maintain a certain quality of life. I wanted to be able to ski, run, hike, bike, golf and stay active for years after my active career.

One day in the late fall I went to the hospital and met up with the doctor that was going to perform the surgery. I chose him because of the status he had earned during his long career as a back surgeon. He could easily have been my grandfather.  I was the 7th person that week he operated on. I ended up fusing L3 and L4.

In the years before my surgery I tried to address the issue with PT, chiropractors, acupuncture, medicine, stretching, strength training pain killers etc etc - but I never got much better - the pain always returned, and after many years I found myself almost constantly searching for pain in my back. It was like I had an "internal spot light" focusing on the problem area.

After the surgery I was completely helpless. I realized that for years I had taken the ability to move, with little or no pain, for granted. The doctor told me that the only way to a full recovery was to train, and exactly therefore, he continued, most people failed miserably and ended up experiencing little or no gain from the surgery. I had no choice!

First step on the program was to walk as much as I could. It was a difficult and painful task. To cross the busy roads in my Denver neighborhood felt like a slow hazardous life threatening exercise. I would usually make it half way before the light turned red and cars started flashing their lights, honking and, and yelling. All daily task like going to the bathroom, getting dressed, getting ready for bed etc etc took forever. If I stumbled or coughed it felt like someone ran a sword into my back. I cannot lie - it was a painful process. I realized quickly that if I ever wanted to make a 100% recovery I had to put in the hours.

Every day I walked several hours. Slowly but surely, and as fast as my body allowed, I started to jog, stretch and train specific strength exercises that would gain my back. After one month I could ski. My doctor told me that he had never seen a recovery like mine. It was pleasing and gratifying to hear his nice words, but it also revealed another truth. In my mind, IF I had been just as dedicated to my back exercise program BEFORE my surgery I most likely would have cured my back issue, or at the very least, strongly reduced it. The simple truth was that I had not done enough. I started too late in my career and was not committed enough to fixing MY problem. Too bad it took a surgery and a recovery to come to this conclusion.

You brush your teeth several times a day to be able to smile to the world and avoid any issues. I believe you should have the same attitude toward your back. If you want it to work properly then you have to do something beneficial for your back several times a day. Unfortunately this short conclusion to my long story is the major obstacle blocking the opportunity for most people to get rid of their back pain (unless of course you have a condition that requires a surgery). Taking care of your back is a life style that requires dedication. If you are not ready for this life change or not willing to invest the time it takes, then do not read any further. It would be a complete waste of your time.

I have returning back pains now and then, but I have learned what to do to minimize it, and also how to get back on track. Like most 40+ year olds with  kids and a job  I have a very hectic schedule, but this is a bad excuse. Truth is I could probably do more for my back, but I do enough to live the active life style I desire. My life sentence is that I have to train, and if I do not then I get punished. It is not enough to train arms, stomach, legs, heart  and lungs. It is tempting to train everything you see in the mirror to boost the ego, but I also have to direct focus to the problem area, the part I do not see in the mirror - my back.


So what exercises should you do? For your specific problem visit an expert. This is what I do.

Part of my problem is the curvature of the spine - too much sway in the lower and upper back. The reason is partly due to that I am relatively too strong in my front muscles compared to my back muscles. My tendons emphasize the problem by being too short in the front, and too long in the back. The result is that I get a forward pelvic tilt causing stress on spine and tense muscles.

Long story short. I have to find exercises that address the following issues.

  1.       Strengthen my hamstring
  2.       Strengthen all muscles in my back
  3.       Increase mobility of my back and spine
  4.       Stretching the front, in other words thighs and psoas.

You do not need a fancy gym to complete this. You also do not need to spend hours every day, but if you can do 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening every day, over time you should be on the happy road to recovery. Remember it is better to do short sessions every day than long sessions now and then. Short sessions have the additional benefit that they build habit.

Some helpful "tools" before we begin.

Swiss ball (Helps me with point 1, 2)

Red Cord (Helps me with point 1, 2 and 4)

RAD Roller (Helps me with point 3)



Exercises Suggestions:

Here is a bunch of exercises that I use. I do not do them all at once, but I mix them up to not get bored. They are easy to do outside the gym and do not require much assistance or guidance. There are a lot more exercises that you can do if you have free weights, but then I suggest you get help from a personal trainer to ensure that you lift correctly.


Swiss ball

This exercise can be completed as a full range motion, OR you can just push and hold the hips as high as you can for a given time sequence. In order to challenge yourself try to make the shoulder area touching the ground as small as possible. Another tip is to try to keep the heels and the toes as close as possible - this makes it a bit more difficult to balance, and hence your back muscles will keep on firing to keep you stable. When you become better try to hold a weight in your hand. Keep both hands above your head - drop the hand with the weight slowly out to the side and raise it again - then switch hands - this will make the exercise a little tougher.

This exercise is a good in combination with the above exercise.

Try also to stay as long as possible in the high position. Key is to only have the heels of your feet in contact with the ground. You can also do the same as above with weights in your hands.

Another version of the previous exercise

For more exercises visit the Swissball home page.


Red Cord - this is truly a full blown weight room in two ropes.  Most exercises described above can also be completed with RedCord. Be creative!!

Here is the link to exercises.

It is only your imagination that limits the possibilities - be creative and do not be afraid to explore how the ropes can work YOUR problem areas.


RAD Roller

I use the soft one to increase mobility in my spine and to loosen up tight muscles.  Here is a link

The exercise I use is very simple. First I lay down on the floor. I place it so that the two "rollers" touch on each side of the spine, and then just roll slowly and controlled over it. If I need support I just put my hands underneath my lower back.


Other Exercises.

Push ups - very good - forces you to keep your body in a "bridge" position working core muscles, while working arms and back.

Some links to more exercises and links to stimulate your imagination ;)


If you need more information and ideas then Google will quickly become your friend.


Again - this works, and has worked, for me, but it might not be correct for you. A qualified expert should guide you every step of the way. Best of luck - and to wrap things up with some final words - in the long run there is no better answer to achieve success than daily focus and hard work - that is why it remains a secret for most people.  


Best of Luck 


Knut Nystad
Team Norway Coach 

Wooden Ski Waxing


My primary ski is the ASNES Tur-Langrenn ski with natural wood base.  I clean and pine tar the base each season.  I wax by using my "kick" wax on the whole ski and rubbing in with cork.  I occasionally play with kick-zone specific wax when I encounter changing trail conditions (apply softer kick zone).    I learned this 40 years ago and have altered my technique little over the years.  Is this still the right process today?


David, The process you have been following is a very good one. If you would like to maximize the performance on your Åsnes Tur skis follow these steps:

  1. Clean off the base with START ski wax remover (scraping in left over tar & wax off)
  2. Lightly sand with 120grit paper from the tip to tail of the ski. (This will open the base up as well as clean up the Lignostone edges)
  3. Apply a liberal coat of START Tar Service to the ski
  4. Torch in tip to tail (We have found the SNOWPEAK Giga Torch to be fantastic)
  5. Rag off excess tar from base and edges
  6. Allow to cool a minimum of 2hrs
  7. Crayon on heavy layer of START TERVA BLACK tip to tail
  8. Iron or Torch in to base. Once cool smooth with a cork ( hand cork or roto-cork) * Make sure it is not the same roto-cork you use for Fluoro
  9. Cool, Then crayon on additional layers corking between each (4-6 layers)
  10. Additional kick can be used if needed under foot.

Over time we have found the TERVA line from START to have better durability on wooden skis than other products as it seems to create a better bond with the initial Tar Service applied to the ski base. Now Get Out There & Enjoy Winter!



Bjørn Hansen

Out There Nordic Sports

Rice Lake, WI. 54868


Skiboot History at Salomon Nordic


History of Race Vests

Andy at SkiPost has been working closely with Bryce Thatcher for over 20 years. Bryce is a leader in the water and food transportation. By that I mean he has been creating devices to carry your water bottle, energy food and other necessities on your outdoor adventures. I first met Bryce at the West Yellowstone Ski Festival ( Fall Camp at that time) decades ago where he showed up with the first water bottle carrier from his new company Ultimate Direction. Since that first innovation Bryce has been pioneering breakthrough products in "water and food transportation". Bryce now runs UltrAspire and shares some history of creating Racing vests in the linked article below.
Andy at SkiPost

History of Race Vests
by Bryce Thatcher-
Though the race vest category seems so mainstream, in the early days very few utilized the advantage of a race vest.

I had yet another magical day running in the Tushar Mountain's located near Beaver Utah, which has become a regular training ground for me. Though more remote, and not as well known as the Wasatch and Uintah ranges (except by those who have ridden in the "Crusher Tusher"), the Tushar's are a mountain runner's mecca offering beautiful vistas, several summits, optimal training conditions including altitude, and fairly easy access from I-15 in Southern Utah.

I found myself contemplating how "Race Vests" have become so popular and how comfortable, efficient and practical they are for such a wide range of adventures. As these thoughts were spinning around in my head I recalled an interesting story of how the absolute very FIRST "Race Vest" was created many years ago:Read the rest of the article here:

See you on the Trail

Bryce Thatcher

Start's New SLMH
 Glider Series

Start has reformulated its entire glide wax series. What are the approximate Fluor content of the SG, LF, MF, and HF  lines now?

be this first to email correctly wins a prize.



Follow SkiPost on Facebook to get SnowFinder updates.


Weston Ski Track
Help save Boston Skiing


Hello All,


There is a possibility that Weston Ski Tracks may cease to exist in next couple of years. Currently they are trying to limit snowmaking and do not want grooming to be done on the main part of the fairways. There is a group called Friends of Leo J Martin Skiing ( to prevent this from happening and they are hosting a celebration of skiing at Leo J Martin Golf Course aka. Weston Ski Tracks


What: 40 Year Celebration of Skiing at the Leo J Martin

When: 2-5 pm, December 14, 2014

Where: Charles River Water Authority Building, Leo J Martin Golf Course, Weston MA


2014 CXC/Wayne Fish 

Coaches Certification & Conference

OCT 17-19


This year's CXC Coaches Conference will again be focused on CXC/USSA Level 100 Coaches Certification, introduce CXC/USSA Level 200 Coaches Certification and specific hands-on session for Adaptive coaching. Coaches will be able to complete full certification during the weekend and receive certification license and a patch. 





 Registration Open

November 25 - 29, 2014


Kick off your ski season at Yellowstone Ski Festival XC ClinicsGreat ski conditions, the Rendezvous trail system and the West Yellowstone ski culture make Thanksgiving week in West Yellowstone the best place in America to transition from dry-land training to on-snow skiing.

  • Train with and learn from a professional team of coaches (check them out here)
  • Develop and solidify good ski technique
  • Learn how to train more effectively
  • Get excellent on-snow base training to start the season

Whether you are a focused master skier preparing for the race season or a beginner skier wanting to be more efficient on skis, West Yellowstone XC ski clinics is the place for you to be Thanksgiving week.   Check out the full list of clinics and register at:


The new 5-day race focused training clinic is sure to be a popular this year.  World Cup skier Matt Liebsch,  Olympian Erich Wilbrecht and former US Ski Team coach Miles Minson are just a few of the top tier coaches working with the clinics this year.  Reserve a spot today. 


Register NOW before it's too Late!! 

We are just over 500 entries AWAY from the  10,500 race cap for the

 Swix American Birkebeiner!! 

 Don't Miss Out on the

Greatest Show on Snow!

Click Here for Event Details and to Register! * 



Nordic Job Openings

Nordic Job Opening? email to post


Mansfield Nordic Club seeks to hire a Junior Team Development coach to lead our top youth skiers toward higher level skiing on our Junior Competition team. Our new coach will be a high-energy skier with strong communication, leadership and interpersonal skills. The position is for approximately 15-20 hours per week, November 2014-March 2015. There is likely potential for this position to lead into the Head Coach for our Junior Competition Team in May 2015.

Our new coach will have primary responsibilities for:

* Coaching our Development Team with 10-12 fast, motivated skiers, age 12-16, who strive to make the MNC Competition Team. Several of these skiers are among the top in New England and ready for specialized technique and race coaching.
* Provide motivation, technique development and race savvy in a fun and energetic environment.
* Create a passion & joy for skiing with determination & toughness to be the best skier they can be.
* Collaborate closely with BKL and Competition Team head coaches to bridge athletes from the BKL youth program to the Junior Competition Team
* Expand the number of female athletes transitioning from BKL to Junior Team
* Provide race support at 8 NENSA Eastern Cup races and at 3-4 BKL races
* Design individualized training programs for each athlete with long & short range goal setting.
* Lead and train a parent volunteer wax team
* Actively communicate and coordinate with parents and with school ski team coaches Mansfield Nordic Club is one of the largest and most diverse Nordic ski clubs in New England with programs for 200+ skiers age 7-70. Our home training facility is the Ethan Allen Biathlon Range in Jericho, Vermont with snowmaking, lights, piston bully grooming, challenging competition level trails, stadium, full biathlon range, large lodge and 5km paved roller ski system. We also train at numerous facilities including Trapp Family Lodge and Craftsbury Outdoor Center. Our members range from recreational fitness skiers to top competitive skiers. Our youth, junior, collegiate and masters skiers have been on the podium at the New England BKL Festival, Junior Nationals, NCAA competitions and Masters National and World championships. We provide programs for Bill Koch League recreation skiers, Bill Koch League Race Team, Junior Development Team, Junior Competition Team and Masters fitness and Masters competitive groups. In addition to our winter skiing programs, we host a summer training program for junior skiers, a fall training program and a Thanksgiving Camp at Craftsbury with 2010 Olympian Garrott Kuzzy.

For more specific details on this position, email:

Salomon Nordic -Footwear Marketing Associate 

Job Opening


The Salomon Nordic / Footwear Marketing Associate position is a third party contracted position.  Vendor is responsible for seasonal activities for both the Salomon Nordic Hard and Soft goods and Salomon Footwear event's.


Nordic roles will include Race day support at the following levels:  Elite Races, Consumer facing events, High Level Junior events, High School races.  Along with race day support, this position will be responsible for executing Team nights at the retail level, executing Demos, assist in dealer sponsored event's, and engage in grassroots retailer events.  This role will participate in weekday KOTF training as directed by local reps in the territory to support business.  Recruit KOTF to be Salomon/SNS ambassadors, and develop distribution at Nordic Center under the direction of local sales reps in territory.

Contract will begin on October 15


More information at this link Salomon Nordic Midwest Job Description 

Soldier Hollow

Soldier Hollow Resort, located in Midway, UT, is seeking cross-country ski instructors and coaches for the 2014-15 winter season. Soldier Hollow, home of the 2002 Olympic cross country and biathlon events, is a full service Nordic center with 31km of trails, ski rentals, and lessons. In addition, Soldier Hollow offers recreational and competitive programs for over 400 youth. Email for more information on available positions.

Galena Lodge


Galena Lodge, 23 miles North of Ketchum/Sun Valley (Nordic Town USA), is looking for a full time ski instructor for the winter season. Job would include Nordic instruction (beginner to advanced but mostly beginner) in both classic and skate as well as the following duties: servicing yurts, shoveling snow, packing snowshoe trails, renting skis and snowshoes, selling merchandise, some restaurant work, working hard and being awesome! Season is from Mid november to early April. Contact Erin at 208-726-4010 or for more details.

Mountain Shop in Portland OR


The Mountain Shop is Portland Oregon is seeking experienced Nordic Ski sales staff that have a serious passion for helping to expand and deepen the Nordic Culture in the Pacific Northwest.  An ideal candidate is a four season athlete with expert technical knowledge of Nordic ski gear, skiing technique (on snow and on roller skis) as well as ski tuning and maintenance.  We also have a serious commitment to adventure and road biking and looking for people how compliment the seasons with trail running, adventure biking and working with youth and adult programming, sponsoring races and an all-around. Please send your cover letter, resume, and an outdoor bio of your experience to Guy Trombley, General Manager of the Mountain Shop at

West Yellowstone Ski Education Foundation

Head Coach - West Yellowstone Nordic Ski Team


Position:  Head Coach - Nordic Ski Team


Primary Objective of Position:  Under limited supervision, acts as the Head Coach for the West Yellowstone Nordic Ski Team


Education and Experience:

The knowledge, skills, and abilities required for this position include the following:

  • Strong Nordic ski teaching and coaching knowledge and skills necessary to teach Classic and Freestyle techniques
  • Efficient verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Ability to work independently and delegate responsibilities when necessary

email Moira Dow or call  617-697-6126


Moira Dow

Program Director

Yellowstone Ski Festival

West Yellowstone Ski Education Foundation

Vail Nordic Center Job Opportunities


The Vail Nordic Center is looking for employees for the 2014/15 Nordic season.  The ideal candidate has retail experience, Nordic knowledge, Nordic teaching experience, and is able to work in a fast paced environment.  Interested candidate, please submit a resume and letter via email check out


Yellowstone Track Systems, Inc.  

Job opening


Would you like to live in snow country?

Do you want a year round job.

Yellowstone Track Systems has an opening.

Pays well with benefits.  check out 


email Doug Edgerton


Crystal Lake Camp Ski Center/ SVVC Coordinator 

 Williamsport Pennsylvania


This position is unique as the member will be working with two organizations. This dual- purposed position will work as the Susquehanna Valley Velo Club (SVVC) Coordinator and as the Crystal Lake Camps (CLC) Ski Center Coordinator. Since both positions are relatively seasonal, the full-time position will be split their time based on each organization's needs.

If interested in the position, please contact:
Daryl Kern, STEP AmeriCorps



CRAFT Sportswear is seeking a graphic designer with email marketing, print advertising and web development experience. The ideal candidate has at least 2-5 years experience in graphic design.

The individual must be familiar with all pre-press terminology and practices and possess a solid knowledge of design-related and file format terminology.

Please contact  Katie Gould Swenson



Head Development Coach & Assistant Coaches


Boulder Nordic Junior Race Team (BNJRT) seeks candidates for Head Development Coach and Assistant Coaches. The Head Development Coach will be responsible for overseeing development of younger skiers (U14-U8) and assisting (and collaborating with) the Head Coach for older skiers (U20-U16). Assistant Coaches will primarily coach younger skiers with options to assist on race weekends. We seek coaches that are able to teach classic and freestyle techniques to athletes from 8-19 years old with varied skiing and athletic backgrounds and are able to find creative ways to integrate fun into training.


About BNJRT:

About Boulder:

About Eldora Nordic:


Interested applicants please send a resume (PDF attachment) and cover letter (can be the body of the email) to the BNJRT Board of Directors at: The BNJRT BOD will review applicants and conduct interviews in the coming weeks.

About SkiPost


Cross-Country skiing's community lodge. Where knowledge and stories are shared. The goal of SkiPost is to make the sport of Cross-Country skiing easier and more enjoyable for all who choose to participate. If you have questions on Cross-Country Skiing email us and visit


Enjoy Winter,

Andrew Gerlach
Director/Editor- SkiPost
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