Volume 16 Issue 21: Sept 18, 2014
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Last Week's Winner

Last week's winner of my find my typo was Kevin Selker who found "more more" in my Start Get More answer. He will get a Tin of Start Syn kick wax the. Syn wax is the every day kick wax when it does not snow every day as it is extra durable. First person to find a typo in this week's SkiPost will also get a prize.


Max'ed out?


Dear SkiPost,

I'd like to raise the volume of my training throughout the year (and year to year), but I have max'ed out the amount of time I have to train. How do I make progress in my training? 

signed Maxed Out

Dear maxed out,


To improve you must increase is the overall training load or stress. If you cannot increase the volume over the year, or year by year, then increase the specificity and intensity of training over the year, as well as year-by-year.



Pre-Competition (FALL)

General Emphasis=Intensity Training modes 
Specific, such as rollerskiing, ski walking, bounding, spenst.


Type 1 racer: You have good speed but need to improve your endurance.


Your workout emphasis: 
First priority, one endurance session of 3 hours per week in level 1. 
Second priority, long LT intervals such as 5x6 minutes at threshold (rollerskiing or skiwalking). 
Third priority, two to four 1.5 to 2 hour endurance sessions at level 1 include speed in one session. 
Strength priority, long specific strength intervals and endurance sessions on rollerskis, such as skating w/out poles and double-poling add spenst to a general strength or an endurance workout.









Endurance+ strngth

Endurance+ spenst

Endurance+ strngth

Endurance+ spd

Intervals+ strngth

Long endurance

Type 2 racer: You perform well at longer events (marathons) but you lack speed

Your workout emphasis:
First priority, shorter LT and Vo2 intervals, such as 2min, 3min, 4min x 3 at LT and LT plus 5 bpm, or 5x5min at 95% of max. 

Second priority, bounding and spenst training, such as 10x30seconds bounding with poles with 2 min recovery and 3 sets of 3x15 skate and classical specific jumps. 
Third priority, two to four endurance sessions at level 1 including speed in half the sessions. 
Strength priority, shorter specific strength intervals on rollerskis such as 10x 100meter double and single pole intervals as well as shorter no-poles skate and double pole only endurance sessions.









Intervals + stngth

L1 endurance

Endurance+ speed

Bounding+ spenst

Intervals+ strngth

Long endurance

Praises for Start

Dear SkiPost


I have used Start Waxes for at least 25 years, both as a coach and masters skier for over 30 years.  To be truthful, I also have practically every wax brand that exists on the planet in my wax kits.


A couple of Start waxes that really stand out for me are:


          1. Start green glider....I feel is hands down the best Dry/Cold wax out there. Use it alone, of with an anti-static and you have a killer glide at Zero F.


          2. For kick waxes the Start Tars (Zero Five and Ten)  indicating temps below zero C.  These work when nothing else will in falling snow, giving great kick and excellent           glide. 


I have successfully used other Start waxes, but these two are standouts surpassing anything else in my eclectic wax boxes.


Regards,  Patrick Lanin, Boondocks Minnesota 




Thanks for sharing your Start praises. If you like Start Green you will love Start Blue. Just slightly softer than Green so it recommended temp is 10-19F, which makes it my every day glide wax. It will still run well if the temp goes to 25F and also great training wax is the temp is 5F.  Do not forget Start Gliders are available in 4 grades based on a Fluor content , SG, LF, MF and HF all at the same hardness SG, LF, MF, HF.   


Andy at SkiPost/Start



Why Start?

I know you have answered this before in SkiPost but I can not find the answer? I know SkiPost is associated with Start wax. So why is Start wax any different than Swix, Toko, Rex .... and the rest of the brands? Bob ski coach from MN.

Start's motto is "Get More" and it lives by that motto by delivering more. This family owned company makes its waxes in small batches in the shadow of the ski jumps in Lahti, Finland. It is #1 Wax in Finland and Russia and #2 in Sweden. It lives by the Get More goal by putting more into each block and tin of wax. 

It's gliders deliver more hardness for speed+durability and wax temp accuracy. Its Fluorinated waxes have a higher % of specialty Fluors for more moisture management and greater speed+durability. It has more types of gliders and kickers than other brands so you can select a range perfect for your snow type. Its poles are stiffer with lower swing weights per $. It spends more on product development but less on athlete marketing so it is not as recognized.  But check out the entire product line in its catalog here to see how much more you can get with Start.

Jukka and Wax Collection

Jukka Jarvinen, Start founder and CEO with his wax collection

How I Got Fit For The Season
David Lawrence's One Tip

It's way popular. Everywhere you turn, there's another one just like it. It's trendy. It's... Obstacle Course Racing. 

I admit, I pre-judged the entire genre. Do you really need mud, barbwire, food coloring, climbing walls and tutus to get you to go out and run? 

Or at least that's what I used to think.

Now, I'm a total devotee to obstacle courses.

But first, let me back up.


Early this spring, I refocused my training on easy, slow movement accumulated over an entire day, something I call Low Intensity Daily Volume (LIDV). Additionally, I focus on moving my entire body through a full range of motion, sometimes with, sometimes without, resistance during the day.


Low Intensity Daily Volume (LIDV)

For example, using a treadmill under my desk, I can walk and work for hours and miles. The increase in Low Intensity Daily Volume pays dividends combined with a few hard efforts throughout the week or once every two weeks. I also add breaks throughout the day, performing a quick set of body weight exercises like squats, push-ups, pull-ups and planks.Overall, I've gotten back in shape after being very sick for 2 years using an easy training protocol that doesn't overtax my healing immune system. I look and feel a whole lot better than when I slept 16 hours a day, my brain didn't work and I was constantly sick.


Month After Month, I Get Stronger, Inside And Out

And month after month, I notice that I can do more, lift more, run more, add more sprints. I also notice my posture getting better, aches and pains disappearing and my brain working again!  And then, I added this 1 thing that revolutionized my training protocol.


The 1 Thing That Made The Biggest Difference

I watched a backyard video of a guy named Ben Greenfield run his homemade obstacle course. Before watching the video, I thought, "Here we go, another cheesy version of running!" And it was, at first. Then my mind changed. I saw the light, so to speak.

I realized that this obstacle course thing is brilliant. You combine an easy run, stations that make you move through a whole range of motion plus stations that add resistance. AND, you could do an obstacle course without the paint, mud, barbwire, watercolors and tutus! PLUS, you get a complete cardio, strength and anaerobic workout at the same time!


A Workout That Has It All

Fitness Training for Nordic Skiing - Obstacle Course
Fitness Training for Nordic Skiing - Obstacle Course

Read the rest of the article


David Lawrence


Bliz Tracker
 Product Review

Style of Sport reviews Bliz Tracker 
Yep the same Bliz Tracker that World Cup overall champion Martin Johnsrud Sundby  wears in competition just got written up for its Style.  

More details on Tracker Here


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In Canmore

Always Snow in Torsby


2014 CXC/Wayne Fish Coaches Certification & Conference


This year's CXC Coaches Conference will again be focused on CXC/USSA Level 100 Coaches Certification, introduce CXC/USSA Level 200 Coaches Certification and specific hands-on session for Adaptive coaching. Coaches will be able to complete full certification during the weekend and receive certification license and a patch. 


Lester-Amity Chalet Open House

Saturday and Sunday

September 20 & 21, 2014

11 am to 3 pm each day


The Friends of the Lester-Amity Chalet (FLAC),

under the auspices of the Duluth XC Ski Club, would like to invite you to the Lester-Amity Chalet Open House this Saturday and Sunday, September 20th and 21st from 11-3 each day.


The members of FLAC have been working in close coordination with the City of Duluth to open the Lester-Amity Chalet as a year round community building for skiers, hikers, mountain bikers, schools, Hawk Ridge visitors, and other interested groups and individuals.


Chicago Skiing

From Chad Giese 


Hello Chicago Nordic Skiers, 


We are close to getting groomed cross-country ski trails in Wilmette!  In order to get this rolling, we need to show the Wilmette Park District (Chicago's North Shorethat there really is an interest in cross-country skiing in the community and surrounding communities.  If you would be interested in getting out on some firm tracks for both skate and classic skiing, or know of people who would, please go to the below Facebook page and "like" it.  Pass it along to anyone you think may be interested.  So far, in just one week of the page being open, over 150 people have "liked" the idea and commented that this is would be great. I definitely think so!

See you on the trails this winter.


Ski on,




 Yellowstone Rendezvous

 Trail Run

Sept 27


You have skied it, now you can run it.



Nordic Job Openings

Nordic Job Opening? email to post

Galena Lodge



Gelena Lodge, 23 miles North of Ketchum/Sun Valley (Nordic Town USA) is looking for a full time ski instructor for the winter season. Job would include Nordic instruction (beginner to advanced but mostly beginner) in both classic and skate as well as the following duties: servicing yurts, shoveling snow, packing snowshoe trails, renting skis and snowshoes, selling merchandise, some restaurant work, working hard and being awesome! Season is from Mid november to early April. Contact Erin at 208-726-4010 or for more details.

Mountain Shop in Portland OR


The Mountain Shop is Portland Oregon is seeking experienced Nordic Ski sales staff that have a serious passion for helping to expand and deepen the Nordic Culture in the Pacific Northwest.  An idea candidate is a four season athlete with expert technical knowledge of Nordic ski gear, skiing technique (on snow and on roller skis) as well as ski tuning and maintenance.  We also have a serious commitment to adventure and road biking and looking for people how compliment the seasons with trail running, adventure biking and working with youth and adult programing, sponsoring races and an all-around. Please send your cover letter, resume, and an outdoor bio of your experience to Guy Trombley, General Manager of the Mountain Shop at

West Yellowstone Ski Education Foundation

Head Coach - West Yellowstone Nordic Ski Team


Position:  Head Coach - Nordic Ski Team


Primary Objective of Position:  Under limited supervision, acts as the Head Coach for the West Yellowstone Nordic Ski Team


Education and Experience:

The knowledge, skills, and abilities required for this position include the following:

  • Strong Nordic ski teaching and coaching knowledge and skills necessary to teach Classic and Freestyle techniques
  • Efficient verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Ability to work independently and delegate responsibilities when necessary

email Moira Dow or call  617-697-6126


Moira Dow

Program Director

Yellowstone Ski Festival

West Yellowstone Ski Education Foundation

Vail Nordic Center Job Opportunities


The Vail Nordic Center is looking for employees for the 2014/15 Nordic season.  The ideal candidate has retail experience, Nordic knowledge, Nordic teaching experience, and is able to work in a fast paced environment.  Interested candidate, please submit a resume and letter via email check out


Yellowstone Track Systems, Inc.  

Job opening


Would you like to live in snow country?

Do you want a year round job.

Yellowstone Track Systems has an opening.

Pays well with benefits.  check out 


email Doug Edgerton


Crystal Lake Camp Ski Center/ SVVC Coordinator 

 Williamsport Pennsylvania


This position is unique as the member will be working with two organizations. This dual- purposed position will work as the Susquehanna Valley Velo Club (SVVC) Coordinator and as the Crystal Lake Camps (CLC) Ski Center Coordinator. Since both positions are relatively seasonal, the full-time position will be split their time based on each organization's needs.

If interested in the position, please contact:
Daryl Kern, STEP AmeriCorps



CRAFT Sportswear is seeking a graphic designer with email marketing, print advertising and web development experience. The ideal candidate has at least 2-5 years experience in graphic design.

The individual must be familiar with all pre-press terminology and practices and possess a solid knowledge of design-related and file format terminology.

Please contact  Katie Gould Swenson



Mansfield Nordic Club seeks to hire a Junior Team Development coach to lead our top youth skiers toward higher level skiing on our Junior Competition team. Our new coach will be a high-energy skier with strong communication, leadership and interpersonal skills. The position is for approximately 15-20 hours per week, November 2014-March 2015. There is likely potential for this position to lead into the Head Coach for our Junior Competition Team in May 2015.

For more specific details on this position, email:


Head Development Coach & Assistant Coaches


Boulder Nordic Junior Race Team (BNJRT) seeks candidates for Head Development Coach and Assistant Coaches. The Head Development Coach will be responsible for overseeing development of younger skiers (U14-U8) and assisting (and collaborating with) the Head Coach for older skiers (U20-U16). Assistant Coaches will primarily coach younger skiers with options to assist on race weekends. We seek coaches that are able to teach classic and freestyle techniques to athletes from 8-19 years old with varied skiing and athletic backgrounds and are able to find creative ways to integrate fun into training.


About BNJRT:

About Boulder:

About Eldora Nordic:


Interested applicants please send a resume (PDF attachment) and cover letter (can be the body of the email) to the BNJRT Board of Directors at: The BNJRT BOD will review applicants and conduct interviews in the coming weeks.

About SkiPost


Cross-Country skiing's community lodge. Where knowledge and stories are shared. The goal of SkiPost is to make the sport of Cross-Country skiing easier and more enjoyable for all who choose to participate. If you have questions on Cross-Country Skiing email us and visit


Enjoy Winter,

Andrew Gerlach
Director/Editor- SkiPost
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