Volume 16 Issue 16: Aug 14, 2014
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Rollerskiing Tips

How do I get pole tips not to slip when rollerskiing?

The best with to start with new sharp rollerski ferrels.

To keep them sharp it is best to just wet stone them  for 1 minute after each use ,  If they are really dull then you can use a wheel but have a bucket of water next to it to cool the tip every few seconds to keep it cool so the glue and plastic goes not soften and the tip come out of the basket or ferrel . Use the same length poles for roller skiing as snow skiing  

Tailoring Training to You and Your life


To make the most of your time and energy it is important to focus your efforts. The best way to do this is by picking a few workouts per week to focus on. If you find that you excel at short events like a 5K, then you probably have good speed but need to improve your endurance (we'll call you a type 1 racer). On the other hand, if you perform well at longer events (marathons) then you may lack speed, and should focus on VO2 max and other speed intervals (you are a type 2 racer).

Use the weekly descriptions and week examples below to plan your own weeks. Focus on the workouts emphasized for the type racer (type 1 or 2) you most resemble. Since time is almost always limited plan to complete the top priority workouts first and fit in the others as best you can.

Training must reflect your life and your life must reflect your training. A hard day a work can postpone a hard day of training. If you train hard then you can't party or study or stay up until late at night.


Training Recommendations by period and specific weakness

Base period 

General Emphasis: Endurance.
Training modes: less specific, such as running and cycling early in the period and more specific, such as rollerskiing and ski walking, later in the period.

Type 1 racer workout emphasis:

First priority, one endurance session of 2-3 hours per week in level 1.
Second priority, two to four endurance sessions of 1.5-2 hours each per week in level 1 and 2.
Third priority, long LT intervals such as 2x10 minutes under LT with 3 minutes rest between intervals.
Strength priority: circuit strength focusing on strength-endurance (strngth) and back and stomach muscles.









Endurance+ strngth

L1 Endurance

Endurance+ strngth


Intervals+ strngth

Long endurance


"I only have half an hour to an hour to train most weekdays, can I get anything out of that?"
Yes, but try to fit your priority workout in on the weekend. Endurance sessions of half an hour should be done primarily in level 2 and should include a few bursts of speed. Strength can take as little as 10 minutes a morning if you can wake up just 10 minutes earlier. Warm up for intervals can take as little as10 minutes, the workout 35 minutes and the warm down 15 minutes.

Intervals+ strngth



Endurance+ strngth
Intervals+ strngth
Long endurance


"How do I do Intervals or Endurance and strength or speed on the same day if I only have an hour after work most weekdays?"

 Incorporate speed and/or spenst into a distance session. Add speed or strength onto the warm up and warm down of an interval session. Cut an endurance session short on one weekday to fit in a more challenging strength or speed session. Add a short strength session in the morning before work or after an endurance or interval session.


Find your strength and weakness.


Dear SkiPost, 

Every year  "late summer" you send out a training guide that is very useful for finding and training your weakness.  It ask about how far can you go?

Can you sprint up every hill?  Do you feel like you could ski all day?

Can you only ski really fast for short periods of time?


Can you send me the guide?


Rock on





Athlete Self Analysis


Place a check in the box on the right that best agrees with the statement on the left.  

 YesSort-OfNot ReallyNo
I can ski forever    
I do best in 50km races    
I do well on long gradual hills    
I do best in 30km races    
I do well with an even race pace    
I can only go medium hard/fast    
I do best in 15km races    
I rule!    
I do best in 10km races    
I can go very hard/fast    
I do well with a varying pace    
I do best in 5km races    
I do well on short, steep hills    
I do best in 1-2km sprint races    
I have a great sprint    
Checks moving from upper left to lower right indicate strength in Endurance and a weakness in speed. Checks moving from upper right to lower left indicate strength in speed and a weakness in endurance. Checks pushed right in the middle of the graph indicate a high-end fitness weakness, such as low Vo2, lactate threshold and/or poor economy. Only testing at a qualified lab can determine where your physiological weakness in this zone lies. 

You can gain some beneficial information from analyzing your performances in your five best and five worst races. See if you can find trends that might help indicate your strengths, weaknesses (area's of greatest opportunity) with regard to fitness, strategy, diet and your race and pre-race habits. Things to consider are the race distance, technique, individual or mass start, snow and weather conditions (cold/warm, soft/hard tracks), course type (hilly, flat, steep, gradual), strategy (start hard/easy, attack the hills or ski an even tempo), nutrition (general, morning of, day before), other (travel, sleep, emotional state, race size.)


Training with Alex Boeuf 

Inspirational Training Video

Bessans Training 2014
Bessans Training 2014


2014 Birkie Skier Development Grant Program is now open!

Birkie 2012 Champion Tad Elliott leads local Hayward High School Nordic Ski Team to Torch Lighting at start of 2014 Birkie Week

The American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation annually provides grant funding to skier development programs throughout the nation. We encourage any cross country ski organization to apply-youth and adult! 


Link to Skier Devo Grant page on


Photo Credit:

Darlene Prois


Bliz RX? 
Dear SkiPost,

Does Bliz do RX?

signed blind without them

Yes  Bliz does RX

NNF Update
U16 Camp Jackson Hole

Check out photos and feedback from athletes at the U16 Camp

and a Video by Skyler Mullings
U.S. U16 Camp 2014 | Jackson, WY
U.S. U16 Camp 2014 | Jackson, WY

a few athlete quotes below:

"Sage brush doesn't exist in Vermont. It smells good and is everywhere out west. Coming from sea level makes it hard to breathe. You have to focus on deep inhales. "
Forrest Hamilton (Vermont)

"It is our second day in Jackson Hole, at the U16 national camp. Despite the high altitude in comparison to Minnesota and my sky rocketing heart rates, I have been able to complete some quality workouts with some amazing views. Today we skied to Jenny Lake, and in the afternoon, we did a strength session in the pouring rain. It's been super fun meeting other athletes from around the country who are all motivated and exited about skiing, and I look forward for the rest of the week."

-Hannah Rudd MW


"I was really excited for the USSA u16 camp in Jackson Hole. I'd never trained out west or at altitude before and was excited to try something new. I've had a ton of fun so far. On my first day, Saturday, I got to meet many new skiers. I like to put people in place of names on result lists and get to know the people I'm racing with and make new friends. I like being with a group of people who all love and are committed to Nordic skiing. In comparison to my home in Hanover, NH, Jackson Hole is hot and dry. Where I live, there are trees everywhere so seeing grasses and open hills feels strange. I really have enjoyed our workouts so far. We've ran, bounded, and roller skied. I've learned many things about bounding technique, as well and skate skiing. In my free time I've played soccer and ultimate Frisbee andmet new people. I'm excited for the rest of the week (especially the hill climb) and am really enjoying training with people like me from all over the country."

- Adam Glueck (New Hampshire)






The Yellowstone Rendezvous Trail


You have skied it, now you can run it.



American Birkebeiner
Wave Closures!
Register now before its to late.
Over 8,300 skiers have registered!
That means we're OVER 75% FULL
& waves are beginning to CLOSE!

Birkie Classic Wave 3 - CLOSED
Birkie Classic Wave 4 - CLOSED
Birkie Classic Wave 7 - CLOSED
Birkie Classic Wave 8 - CLOSED

The following waves are VERY!! CLOSE to capacity:

Skate: Waves 2 & 3
Classic: Waves 2 & 5
When a wave closes, upon registering you will be placed in the next available wave. 

*Please remember, due to our new registration system, you must REGISTER AS A GUEST
Questions? Email or call 715-634-5025 

Wax Nerds Wanted

Do you love waxing skis? Can you wax prophetic about wax? Do you love standing in the cold helping others enjoy skiing? Start is looking for you to become a Start Waxing Ambassador and Hometown Hero.
Why Start? Because Start delivers the most complete wax system available. More kickers, more gliders, more fluor... Get More with Start.

Apply to be a Start Waxing Ambassador & Hometown Hero.
Nordic Job Openings

Nordic Job Opening? email to post




CRAFT Sportswear is seeking a graphic designer with email marketing, print advertising and web development experience. The ideal candidate has at least 2-5 years experience in graphic design.

The individual must be familiar with all pre-press terminology and practices and possess a solid knowledge of design-related and file format terminology (vectors, pdf, eps, rgb, cmyk, jpg, tiff, png, ai, psd, etc.).


* Hands-on Designer - Must be able to take projects from concept through completion * Must work effectively in a deadline driven environment while maintaining a professional attitude at all times * Ability to handle and prioritize multiple projects while meeting deadlines and design goals * Be able to work in a fast paced environment with a relaxed attitude * Take creative feedback easily * Motivated self-starter * Displays strong interpersonal skills * Attention to detail * Reviews work for accuracy before final production * Remains current on industry trends and technology


Education and Experience * Bachelors degree in Graphic Design * Minimum of 2-5 years related experience * Experience with design and production of various print collateral (brochures, posters, flyers, magazines, etc.) * Strong understanding of color, typography, and layout * Expert in Adobe Creative Suite - Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver * MS Office - Word, Powerpoint, Excel * Email Software * Experience with Print Production and Printers * Experience using MAC OS / PC Skills that are a Plus but not Required: * Experience coding HTML and CSS * E-COMMERCE architecture * Copyediting, Copywriting or Branding experience * Product Photography and Editing * Tradeshow booth design * Video editing * Enjoy the outdoors

 Please contact  
Katie Gould Swenson




Head Development Coach & Assistant Coaches


Boulder Nordic Junior Race Team (BNJRT) seeks candidates for Head Development Coach and Assistant Coaches. The Head Development Coach will be responsible for overseeing development of younger skiers (U14-U8) and assisting (and collaborating with) the Head Coach for older skiers (U20-U16). Assistant Coaches will primarily coach younger skiers with options to assist on race weekends. We seek coaches that are able to teach classic and freestyle techniques to athletes from 8-19 years old with varied skiing and athletic backgrounds and are able to find creative ways to integrate fun into training.


The Boulder Nordic Junior Racing Team is a Cross Country Ski Team for kids from 8-19 years old in Colorado's Front Range. There are currently over 50 kids on the team. We provide a positive experience for kids who want to have fun while learning to ski fast. Skiers learn both skate and classical Nordic skiing techniques. Positive attitude and sportsmanship are stressed. Some team members seek high-level competition while others take a recreational approach to the sport and do not compete in races. The race season is centered around 4 race weekends sanctioned by Rocky Mountain Nordic in Colorado and Utah. Over the last two decades, many skiers from our team have competed at the national level.


Our season starts with Fall dryland training in and around Boulder. Older skiers train Mon-Thurs after school and younger skiers train Tues/Thurs. After a Thanksgiving Camp at West Yellowstone, we start our on-snow season at the Eldora Nordic Center, with occasional skiing in Boulder (when snow permits).  Older skiers practice after school Mon - Thurs.  Younger skiers practice Tues/Thurs.  All skiers practice Saturday morning 9-11am. 


About BNJRT:

About Boulder:

About Eldora Nordic:


Interested applicants please send a resume (PDF attachment) and cover letter (can be the body of the email) to the BNJRT Board of Directors at: The BNJRT BOD will review applicants and conduct interviews in the coming weeks.


About SkiPost


Cross-Country skiing's community lodge. Where knowledge and stories are shared. The goal of SkiPost is to make the sport of Cross-Country skiing easier and more enjoyable for all who choose to participate. If you have questions on Cross-Country Skiing email us and visit


Enjoy Winter,

Andrew Gerlach
Director/Editor- SkiPost
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