Volume 16 Issue 13: July 24, 2014
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Why yes,  Bliz offers the Tempo. 

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Training Modes

Dear SkiPost,


I just started skating skiing last winter and did one race. I am 42 and wish to improve. What else can/should I do besides run?


Signed Beginner,


Dear Beginner,


There are many things you can do. If you really want to improve you should find a local club to join its masters training group. Also check out the article below on the academy/resources CXC offers.


Here is an outline of Nordic Training Modes.


Skiing and Rollerskiing
Used for: Endurance, intensity, speed, recovery, racing. Strength - no poles skating, double-pole and single pole only sessions. 

Running and cycling
Used for: Endurance, intensity, recovery, racing. Bounding: Used for: intensity, speed, strength. 
How: Bounding can be done with or without poles. The motion should closely imitate classical skiing. To focus on strength and explosiveness do shorter intervals focusing on getting maximum distance with each bound. For intervals try to use the explosiveness, rythom and intensity that imitates ski racing. 

Ski walking 
Used for: intensity, endurance, strength. 
How: Skiwalking can be done with poles, but is generally done without them. It should closely imitate classical skiing. It can be incorportated into running endurance sessions on steep and/or long uphills and be used for intervals on uphills. Poles should be about 2 inches shorter than poles used for classical skiing on snow. 

Spenst (dynamic ski specific plyometric exercises) 
Used for: developing explosive power and strength. 
How: The focus is on getting maximum distance on each of 10 to 15 hops. Do sets of 10 to 15 hops and take full recovery (2-3 mins) between sets. Skating spenst can be done by hopping from side to side in one place, or jumping sideways up a steep hill. Classical spenst can be done by hopping on one leg at a time up a steep hill, or by bounding with both legs up a steep hill. Be imaginative, and warm up and down very, very well.


Justin Easter back in the day


Used for: developing overall maximum-strength and muscular balance. How: Use a wide variety of lifts that cover all major muscle groups. 


Used for: developing overall strength-endurance and muscular balance. 
How: set up a circuit of exercises that alternate stomach, back, legs, arms. Spend half a minute to a minute and a half at each station and move from one station to the next without stopping. 

Andy at SkiPost

Training Plans and Clubs

Mlps/St Paul


Hi - I'm about 2 years into Skate Skiing and have been looking for some details on what the best weight and endurance training exercises are to help me prepare for a couple 54k races this summer. I'm afraid that due to a running injury, I can't run must more than 5 miles (but skiing is OK). I belong to an athletic club and spend about an hour, 4 times a week, doing cardio activities but now need to work on muscle training and endurance (and I'd prefer to be outside, obviously). Do you have any recommendations (or great websites with good info) specifically geared towards skate ski dry land training?


BK,  Minneapolis, MN


Dear BK,


In Minneapolis MN you have many resources.


Three that we work closely with are 

Loppet Nordic Racing and Endurance United and CXC


Loppet and Endurance are MN/St Paul based and have good options for group workouts at various fitness levels. While CXC is Central Cross Country and has many resources to aid you. 


Below is more details from CXC.


Andy at SkiPost





CXC has developed the most comprehensive online training plan system specific to cross country skiing.  CXC Academy is an online, subscription based page developed by the professional coaching staff at CXC including our former head coach, now US Ski Team Development Coach, Brian Fish.  


CXC Academy Members have full access to a year round plan broken down into daily sessions as well as a huge library of videos explaining technique and specific drills.  Workouts include every element of ski training.  Strength, anaerobic threshold intervals, VO2 max intervals, general distance, specific strength etc.  


The training plans can be tailored to your specific ability level and are set at novice (250 hours/year), intermediate (400 hours/year), and advanced (550 hours/year) level as well as two additional plans written for Birkie (4 month plan) skiers and High School skiers.


One feature of CXC Academy that is often overlooked is the prioritization of workouts.  Each session is labeled with a level of importance.  If you are already committed to a group bike ride with your friends on Thursdays, no sweat.  The training plan makes it easy to cut out or substitute different workouts.


Try out our 5 day free trial!


For those looking for a more hands on coaching experience, we have the CXC Masters Team.  Meeting in Chicago, Milwaukee, Rice Lake, Madison, Duluth and Wausau monthly, masters team members have the opportunity to fine tune their technique with our coaching staff in person.  CXC Masters Team members are invited to gather for Masters Team Camps, held in Cable WI, as well as our yearly Thanksgiving Camp which is traditionally held in West Yellowstone.


For more details on the CXC Masters Team visit





Oh, and as always, keep reading SkiPost! Tons of good information being passed on here!  


Thank you,


Andrew Poffenberger
Sports Manager, CXC

 NNF Event Calendar?
Hi Andy,   
As per your last two Ski Post articles regarding which races should be on someone's bucket list, as a Master's Citizen's skier, I have been doing just that for 20 years.  
Once I felt confident to ski beyond the local club series here in Utah, I got curious as to what else is out there and which races are the best. Short answer there isn't any one race that is the best they are all good and offer something unique. I have now raced all over North America and a variety of races in Europe. I try and get in some Midwest races every winter because there are so many quality races there. I'm still looking for more interesting competitive races and not only finding them but also find they conflict with other race dates and or are a week before a key race of the year. SOOO many races so little time !

Historically, I have cross referenced many websites to collect information:  
XC ski 
Utah nordic alliance 
Cross Country Canada  
Far West Nordic 
etc, etc, etc...  
I can regail you with many favorite races I have experienced that my friends know are chronicled in "The Nordic Dave Adventure Series! ".


The National Nordic Foundation will be putting together a national race calendar much like you will find at the American Trail Running Association (ATRA), i.e. pick a month, pick a state.  
I doubt we could cover any one local race like does with photos and results, they really represent the Midwest well! Yet we can provide a big picture perspective as to what's out there hopefully with a weblink to the local race weblink for more information. Here's one additional tip that I can provide to inquiring minds. I usually check the prior year's race results to check out the breadth and depth of the competition, i.e. is this strictly a club race or does it pull in good skiers from around the region?   
Lastly we will also post all of the USSA sanctioned races for Juniors and Seniors, as those are the athletes we directly support through the NNF.  
I find that summer training has better winter results when you can focus on next year's race bucket list

Dave Knoop 
Thanks Dave,
I am looking forward to the NNF Event Calendar. Reminds me that almost 20 years ago the NNF started (as the NCCSEF) and its chief fundraising mechanism and communication tool was sale of its printed calendars. Now, thanks in large part to Dave's vision and energy, NNF has grown into the backbone of us nordic racing at the international level. Its mission is to "Support Tomorrow's Nordic Stars Today" which it is doing and fine and growing fashion. The NNF Event Calender will be a great resource and meeting point for all those who have Nordic racing dreams.  

Andy at SkiPost



Must Do Marathons 
Dear SkiPost,
I am planning on traveling some next winter to race some ski marathons. What are 3-4 must do"  US events ?
signed, got the marathon itch.
Dear got the Ski Marathon itch.
I would suggest starting your season with a visit to the West Yellowstone Ski Festival over Thanksgiving week. The joy of West is that you can ski from the front door of your hotel to the trails. Demo the latest and greatest gear. Ski until lunch. eat allot and ski again. Then mingle with thousands of other nordic enthusiasts and gear reps at the nightly expo. Get a leg up on you rivals and over-ski over Thanksgiving.   

The first stop in Ski Marathon racing in the US is the long standing American Ski Marathon Series. This series has existed in one configuration or another for 36 years now. The ASMS  is administered by .




American Ski Marathon Series


Noquemanon Ski Marathon - January 23-25, 2015

Point to point marathons, national focus is the classic event. 

Lake Placid Loppet - January 24, 2015 -- tentative date

Relive the 1980 and 1932 Olympics. 

Methow Valley Pursuit - January 23-25, 2015

2 days of racing in warm conditions. 

Craftsbury Marathon - January 31, 2015

Also serving as the 2015 AXCS National Masters weekend!!!

Classic and Maple Syrup, what could be better.

City Of Lakes Loppet - January 30-February 1, 2015

Urban Marathon with weekend full of options.

Alley Loop Nordic Marathon - February 7, 2015

Nordic costume party

Boulder Mountain Tour - February 7, 2015

Fast course, sunny days, big smiles 

Mora Vasaloppet - February 7, 2015

Blueberry soup next best event to racing in Sweden  

North American Vasa - February 14-15, 2015

A beautiful ride through the rolling hills of Michigan

Minnesota Finlandia - February 14, 2015

Old School Charm 

American Birkebeiner - February 21, 2015

Grand daddy - be prepared

Tour of Anchorage - March 8, 2015

Tour a US city where Nordic is King

Pepsi Challenge - March 7, 2015

Giants Fridge World Cup Course

Yellowstone Rendezvous - March 7, 2015

Where wildlife on the trails could mean Bison

Great Bear Chase - March 7, 2015

March Midwest Snow 

California Gold Rush - March 15, 2015

Tahoe in March, Enjoy the tan.


Each of these ASMS events has its own charm and I suggest you put them all on your must do 5 year calender.


Some others great events. 

Some other events that are not part of the ASMS are:

Owl Creek Chase Jan 18, 19 2015
Aspen splendor
Tour de Trapp
  Jan 18, 2015
Trapp Family Lodge, need I say more
OSCR Jan 25, 2015
On the edge of Montana's Bob Marshall Wilderness.
Moose Chase Feb 15, 2015
Jackson Hole's event
The Great Ski Race March 1 , 2015
Up 12 km, down 18km, best finish line party.
NE Beauty
Elk Mountain Grand traverse March 27-28, 2015
Not your normal nordic ski race
The Marathon List

I can not make a list without someone finding fault. So I apologize beforehand for those events I overlook or do not mention high enough.  We will continue to add more details each next week and world loppets in future weeks. If you wish to add you favorite loppet email 
It is Rollerski season.

Get you Start Poles & Pole Tips Rollerskiing  



Earn your L100 Coaching Certification at 11,200ft, in beautiful Aspen, CO. This workshop aims to help coaches efficiently complete the certification process in one day (CPR and First Aid training must be completed in advance). Participants can come for the whole day or just participate in portions a la carte. The Aspen L100 certification will be casual with plenty of opportunity for coaches to discuss and share ideas. Please contact Maria Stuber at for more information on pricing, what to bring, where to meet, Aspen lodging, and how to create your MyUSSA Account in advance.






Bjorn Daehlie Team Apparel

finally available in US. 


It is so new they do not have an English translation. 

So check out the images below.

and find a Norwegian to read it for you.


Top Quality Fabrics

 Norwegian Racing Fit 


If you manage a Team in need of new, rare apparel 

contact Andrew from Bjorn Daehlie at




If you manage a Team in need of new, rare apparel 

contact Andrew from Bjorn Daehlie at


Wax Nerds Wanted

Do you love waxing skis? Can you wax prophetic about wax? Do you love standing in the cold helping others enjoy skiing? Start is looking for you to become a Start Waxing Ambassador and Hometown Hero.
Why Start? Because Start delivers the most complete wax system available. More kickers, more gliders, more fluor... Get More with Start.

Apply to be a Start Waxing Ambassador & Hometown Hero.
Nordic Job Openings

Nordic Job Opening? email to post

Grand Mesa Nordic Council Operations Manager

GMNC's Operations Manager plays a key role in the continued success of the organization. The condition and over all ski-ability of the trails is our primary product. Proper trail preparation has a major impact on
our skier days, related trail head donations, and membership numbers. This is a seasonal position, and wages will be commensurate with qualifications and previous working experience. !
The Operations Manager reports directly to the President of GMNC and serves at the pleasure of the Executive Board. Direct supervision is exercised over GMNC hourly groomers and the Director manages
vendors and contract grooming of trails.

Grand Mesa Nordic Council Membership Director
The Membership Director is a seasonal position (September-May). The Membership Director is responsible for maintaining existing memberships with the GMNC by proactively communicating with members and acquiring new members by engaging in effective marketing. Close communication and cooperation with GMNC's Treasurer is paramount to success in this job as tracking of donations, donor database and donation information is managed and executed by the Membership Director. !

Both positions are part-time and seasonal, but gives skiers support for very high altitude training (i.e. above 10,000'). 


To Apply: Send cover letter and resume to GMNC President via e-mail at 

more info at 


Teton Valley Ski Education Foundation


Junior Nordic Head Coach


Teton Valley Ski Education Foundation (TVSEF) based out of Driggs, Idaho, wishes to retain a head coach who will have primary responsibility of coaching our middle school and high school aged team members.  The head coach will also have the responsibility of the day to day planning, administration, and oversight of all our Junior Nordic Programs.  The job will be salaried and seasonal from approximately October - March.  Contact Dan Streubel at for further information and to obtain a detailed job description of our head coach position.


American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation Appoints

Allan Serrano 

New Director of Race Operations 



The American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation (ABSF) has appointed Allan Serrano as its new Director of Race Operations. Serrano will replace Shellie Milford-who served in various capacities for 13 years and then Director of Race Operations for the past 15 years-announced her retirement earlier this year.


Serrano brings to the American Birkebeiner his experience in leadership and management needed to be a successful Race Director. "I have a sense of the pride and ownership embodied in the greater community surrounding the Birkie. The brand is successful due to the diligent work of staff and volunteers over the years. I see the critical mission of this position is working with the Chiefs and volunteers to uphold the tradition and values, as well as developing changes to keep the experience current for all of the constituent groups," Serrano said.


Previously, Serrano has served as an International Ski Federation (FIS) Technical Delegate which has created opportunities for him to work with race organizers and regional event staff. Serrano's technical, communication, and organizational skills have grown to the point where he has been involved at the highest international level as a technical delegate and homologation inspector, working with organizers in Asia, Europe, and North America." Serrano was appointed as the TD for the 2014 American Birkebeiner.


More Details Here


Summit Nordic Ski Club 
New head coach 
Olof Hedberg  

Summit Nordic Ski Club hires Olof Hedberg as head coach
Olof Hedberg begins the head coach position on September 1, 2014.
He is originally from Sweden and started ski racing at age three. For the next 23 years racing became his way of life. Throughout his 20's he raced professionally and was ranked top 160 in the world on the FIS ranking list. In 2004, he got an offer to work with Fredrik Landstedt and the UNM ski team. This position provided the opportunity to coach and pursue a Master's degree in finance.
During his time at UNM the team finished 2nd and 4th at NCAAs. He graduated with a MBA in Finance with a 4.0 GPA and spent 6 years working for RBC Capital Markets in New York City. While in New York, Olof also became the team captain for New York Adventure Racing Association's (NYARA) elite team. He is the race director for NYARA's Jersey Inferno, a 10 hour adventure race in northern New Jersey that is sponsored by NYARA. "SNSC has a fantastic reputation in the ski world and I am honored to be a part of such a success story," said Olof. Summit Nordic Ski Club is excited to have a person of his caliber take over the lead coaching position.
Olof may be reached at

Steve Cook Named TUNA Head Coach


The Utah Nordic Alliance (TUNA) is very pleased to announce that Steve Cook has been hired as Head Coach to lead TUNA's Nordic skiing program. Steve has extensive experience in Nordic skiing as both a competitor and as a coach.


I have been a TUNA member since before I started racing on the World Cup circuit and have always felt that TUNA is a big part of why I love Nordic skiing. As I am given the reins of this solid program, it is a homecoming of sorts. I feel privileged to be able to coach for TUNA, not only to help every athlete succeed, but also to help skiers at all levels develop a lifelong passion for this sport and the Wasatch Front Nordic community."


 "TUNA is excited to have Steve Cook stepping into the leadership position with our long-running and successful Nordic skiing programs." said Tom Bonacci, TUNA president.  "Steve's experience in coaching junior skiers and his personal experience and success at the highest levels of international competition will be a tremendous asset to our programs."


 Steve will be directing TUNA's Winter and Summer training and racing programs for Comp and Junior Comp skiers as well as helping to guide TUNA's Recreational, Learn-to-Ski, and Masters (adult) programs.


Steve comes to TUNA after having served most recently as Head Coach for the Park City Nordic Development Program.  Steve's extensive individual competitive accomplishments include:


            2006 Torino Paralympics

                        Gold Medal 5km Skate;
                        Gold Medal 10km Classic;
                        Bronze Medal 20km Classic 


and many many more...


Steve plans to begin coaching with TUNA on Monday, August 4th, 2014.

About SkiPost


Cross-Country skiing's community lodge. Where knowledge and stories are shared. The goal of SkiPost is to make the sport of Cross-Country skiing easier and more enjoyable for all who choose to participate. If you have questions on Cross-Country Skiing email us and visit


Enjoy Winter,

Andrew Gerlach
Director/Editor- SkiPost
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