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Drive for 25 is Friday

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What is the Drive for 25?
The Drive for 25 is the one day fundraising campaign where we look for 2500 Nordic Enthusiasts to make a $25.00 tax deductible contribution to the National Nordic Foundation.

What is the National Nordic Foundation?
The National Nordic Foundation (NNF) is a non-profit organization that "Supports Tomorrow's Nordic Stars Today."

How does it do this?
It does this by funding the key Pillar Projects in American Nordic developmental pipeline. 
What does that mean?

The NNF subsidizes unfunded and underfunded training camps and competition trips attended by qualified athletes that are identified to be the next generation of athletes to represent the US on the world stage. These include Scandinavian Cup Competitions, Continental Cup Competitions, World Junior Nordic Championships, World Cup Competitions, World Championships.

Does it help and work? 



So please donate today to either Cross Country or Nordic Combined, or both at the red and blue links below. 

Then get ready to cheer on our present and future stars on the world stage this winter. But be aware that donating will make you that much more teary eyed when you see them succeed. 

Donate at these links.

Donate to Cross-Country Drive for 25 Nordic-Combined  nnf word 

Thanks, Andy at SkiPost

Butt  Up?

Dear Ski Post

 I have a problem, when skating as as I crunch on to my poles my butt ,wants to go backward. How do I maintain high hips and also do the forward press?

Thanks. T.N.


We offer you advice and rollerski drills at this video link.  





Dear SkiPost,


How do you keep glasses from fogging?


The key to keeping your lenses fog free is to keep them slightly farther off your face than you may ordinarily wear them and to keep them in this "perfect" location without touching them. The extra space provides the room for the glasses and you to breath.  But just as vital is to keep them in one place throughout your entire ski because if they slip down your nose when you push them back up you are likely to to either push them to close to your face and or breath with your hand blocking and cause fog. Once you get some fog more is likely to follow.


We love this question because it allows us to brag about the benefits of Bliz Active Eyewear. 


Bliz offers numerous solutions for the Nordic skier and for that reason is selected by 40% of World Cup stars.

a few of these solutions are the ProFlip, Pursuit XT, Pace and Velocity XT.

heikkinen mb Pursuit XT Templed StrappedKeep Focused


The Proflip "nordic goggle" rides farther off your face so it never fogs and stays exactly where you want it all day. It also protects your face and eyes in the biggest snowstorm or the coldest days. It also comes with both a dark and clear lens. Available in Regular, Small face, Over the Glasses and also Kids. 


The Pursuit XT and Pace (for smaller faces) comes with infinitely adjustable nose pieces and temples and also their patented clink-in strap that allows you to keep the glasses in the perfect position all day with no nose slippage. 


The Velocity XT is a single lens that wraps your face its also comes with infinitely adjustable nose pieces and temples and another patented clink in strap. Allowing you to keep the glasses in the perfect position all day with no nose slippage. 



The entire BLIZ PDF catalog can be downloaded here

  Bliz 2013-2014 Catalog

More questions go to Bliz America


Phone and Apps?


We asked this question last week but I had the wrong link to answer so I resubmit to our readers for what phone/app/watch do you use to track your training? Email your suggestions to or post it to our SkiPost Facebook Page 



I use a Suunto Ambit Watch with tracks everything you mention plus heart rate.

But I will ask our readers on what they use.

Andy at SkiPost

Dear Ski Post:
I use a Polar RC3 GPS.  It is by far the most reliable and accurate heart rate monitor with GPS that I have used.  In addition to mapping your workout with speed, heart rate, and altitude, it records average speed, average  heart rate,  training zones , lap times, calories burned, programmed target training loads, and effective training loads.  The GPS is contained in the watch band and it is very streamlined and light.  You do not need an extra pod to record GPS like other monitors.   The RC3 GPS has separate modes for cycling, running, xc skiing, and other sports.  The training software is easy to use, with interactive graphs. It keeps a running log of all your recorded workouts that can be viewed in months, weeks, or days all of which can be exported to your coach. This a great monitor for personal use or for working with athletes even when they are at distant locations.



I have a smart phone that has GPS capabilities, with MapMyRide app loaded onto it.  Put it in a plastic ziplock bag to keep it from getting wet (sweat, snow, rain, etc) and away I go.  Use it for riding the bike and skiing.Not as flashy as a Garmin or Suunto but works for me.


I use a Nike+ SportsWatch GPS. 


The display is simple and large.

It costs $169. (heart rate monitor is extra -- around $55)

It's marketed for running but I use it for everything.

For example, with my skate skis, roller skis, inline skates, mtb bike, barefoot beach walks/jogs, running, kayaking, etc.When you upload your workout, you can select what ever "shoe" you used (it doesn't have to be a shoe). However, Nike assumes it was a run. In the workout comments field you can type what activity you actually did.The watch doesn't display the vertical change but you can see it when you upload your workout to your Nike + page. It's a simple graph. You can see the elevation but you will have to do the math to calculate the vertical change. It doesn't break that info down.Has a 1 year warranty. My first one lasted 10 months but the exchange was fast and easy. I got my watch on Amazon but called Nike customer service, went to a local Nike store and they replaced it right on the spot. I've had my 2nd one since July 2013.Hope that helps.





How much should I do?



I like to do some hill bounding with poles in the fall along with some other forms of training. I have a very steep hill that takes me about 1.25 min to bound up at a pace that gets me anaerobic. It takes another 2.5 min for me to walk down, so each interval is a total of about 4 min. I know that I'm not supposed to increase my work load by more than 10% per week and that I should cycle from hard weeks back to an easy week and build off of that. But how do I come up with the optimum number of intervals? If I start doing these in August, I could easily be doing 20 by the end of November. This could wipe me out. On the other hand, I want to do enough to get all of the gain possible. I should add that I train year round and really don't like using a heart rate monitor.

Signed confused.


I'm not sure if there's enough info in that question to give a real answer, but here's an attempt. My general rule of thumb is that 12-24 minutes of "on" time for L4 is enough to get a stimulus, and that 20-45 minutes is enough for L3. (Those ranges are fairly big, and depend on the athlete, their age, what type of week they're doing, what types of races they're prepping for and what types of intervals are being attempted.) Intervals that are 1.25 min. are fairly short, along the lines of what we'd do late in the prep season to get ready for relatively short, hard races (sprint to 5-10km); I'd hesitate to have those as the only type of interval on the schedule for the four months between August and the start of racing.


I'm not sure about the 10% rule, but in general, I'd set a goal number and stop the intervals when you either a) hit that number or b) start to have diminished quality (e.g., technique falls apart, it takes you longer than normal to complete, it's feels extraordinarily difficult). For what it's worth, in a four-week cycle I usually aim for weeks with 22%-35%-15%-28% of the planned monthly volume. Doing 20 of these intervals would be 25 minutes "on" -- not ridiculously out of my somewhat arbitrary window -- and if they're quality, then why not? As you say, "This could wipe me out" -- but then again, it might set you up for a great race season. On a side note, I was reminded a few days ago that I once wrote a training session calling for 12 X 3 min. of L3, with 3 min. recoveries. In retrospect, I think that is a stupid workout, but the athlete who did the session remembers it as a really hard session that she did well, and that she felt super tough afterwards.



Jason Cork

US Ski Team

Cross Country assistant coach

 What to put on first!

Dear SkiPost,


Everyone talks about what to wear when Nordic skiing. It seems like I am always to cold and then to hot and then I get icy after each fast downhill. So what do you guys wear?

Signed frozen.


Dear Frozen,

The most important piece of clothing to focus on for Nordic skiing is the 1st layer. 90% of the time I am skiing I am wearing Craft next to my skin. (Full disclosure I have been wearing Craft for almost 20 years, though not the same pieces. I started wearing Craft when I ran the Factory Team and helped introduce Craft to the US market. I know there are now many other brands that offer great 1st layers. But, i have not tested many others because Craft works so well for me and most every nordic racer I know.)  


Craft has the unique ability to snuggly fit the body without being restricting. And it keeps me warm without getting me hot and sweaty. With Craft as my 1st layer the 2nd outer layer all work better. I will let my friends at Craft give you their detailed reasons why Craft's 1st layers work so well.


Andy at SkiPost


Katie at Craft says

  •   Craft baselayers focus on thermal regulation and keeping the body at its optimal temperature to perform 98.6F. Ventilating when the body starts to get too warm and insulating when the body as it gets cold. This technology is ideal in Nordic skiing as you are working hard up the hills and then tucking down the hills. They are constructed to manage your body temperature and efficiently transport moisture away from the skin and distribute it on the outside, keeping you dry and comfortable for high intensity skis or just touring around. We suggest Craft's Be Active and/or Be Active Extreme baselayers as they perform in a wide temperature range -10 - +50F ( -25 - +10C)  and are the answer to you your temperature fluctuation. They will for sure make your experience more enjoyable and less icy! 



Dear SkiPost;


What are people referring to when they say they are cushioning their hardwax. 


 Cushioning refers to putting softer kick wax layers under a harder kick wax final layers. It is most often done in new snow with fine crystals to try and stop their remaining in the wax and icing during the glide phase. The soft underlayers flex, like a soft cushion, to provide wax adhesion and kick due to the bending of the wax to the snow. The harder outer layer is to stop the crystals from actually penetrating the kick wax and remaining there during the glide phase which results in icing.   The greatest difficulty in cushioning is getting the layering right so as not to wear off the to hard outer layer and expose the too soft underlayer which will then really ice.


Start  wax, which SkiPost works with,  solves this cushioning problem with their Tar kick waxes. The Tar has Thermoplastic properties which enable the outer layers of wax that are exposed to the cold snow to harden on their own while the underlayers remain soft and flexing. So you get auto cushioning with just using one Tar wax type based on temp. and as you wear layers off the skis always have cushioning. Great kick, no icing and better glide. Kick made simple and the Tar smells great.



More info on waxing through these links.


Start Touring Waxing Guide Start Waxing Tech Manual

Recreational & fitness waxing guide     Race Waxing Guide   Start Wax Cheat sheet 




Events and Destinations 


 2014 Junior National Cross Country Ski Championships


Stowe, Vermont s Trapp Family Lodge has been selected as host of the 2014 Junior National Cross Country Ski Championships.  The community celebrations and races, sanctioned by the United States Ski Association (USSA) will be held March 1   March 8, 2014 on the Trapp Family Lodge s 100 kilometer network of cross country ski trails.


The awarding of this national race to the Trapp Family Lodge may come as a surprise to people unfamiliar with cross country skiing.  A little-known fact is that Johannes von Trapp started what is considered to be the first full service cross country ski center in America, in 1968. The youngest son of Maria and the Baron von Trapp, Johannes foresaw a growing interest in what was then viewed as primarily a European pastime.


In anticipation of the 2014 Junior National Cross Country Ski Championships, the trail crew at Trapp Family Lodge has been hard at work. The bulk of the exciting improvements can be seen in the stadium, where there are new terraced and leveled lanes leading to reshaped turns and berms. The start lane is ready to accommodate the hectic nature of a mass start skate race, and the new timing shack pad is in place and ready for exhilarating photo finishes. A new viewing area above the finish line will give spectators an excellent vantage point, and trails are being cut for trailside viewing by snowshoe. Multiple climbs on the course have been widened, and Paul McNeil, Director of Sports at Trapp Family Lodge, says that  passing opportunities and the whole flow of the course are greatly improved.


The Trapp Family Lodge is working hard to create an unforgettable experience for 450 motivated young athletes, their families, support teams, and all spectators. The event will require hundreds of volunteers, thousands of hours, and a major investment in event activities, support, as well as infrastructure specific to this race event. Please consider supporting this monumental event by volunteering your time, or contributing through sponsorship or donation. To find out more information on this event please visit


Situated on 2,500 acres overlooking the classic New England village of Stowe, Vermont, the Trapp Family Lodge is a world renowned four season resort. Owned and operated by the Von Trapp family that inspired The Sound of Music, the 96 room hotel and its two adjacent vacation home communities feature Austrian-inspired architecture and European-style accommodations. The resort boasts superb mountain views, old world comforts, and activities for all ages and all times of year, indoors and out.


West Yellowstone is ready.




Ski Clinics & Kids at the Yellowstone Ski Festival

November 26-30, 2013


There is snow in the air and on the ground in West Yellowstone, and now is a great time to check out the ski clinic options over Thanksgiving week at the Yellowstone Ski Festival.  Great coaches, video technique review, and more.  Whether you are an avid recreationalist, racer, or new to the sport, the goal is to make you a better skier. The YSF clinics provide a solid understanding of technique, and give you tools to gain efficiency and strength throughout your ski season. The YSF Nordic ski clinics started at the Rendezvous Ski Trails in West Yellowstone in the mid-1980s, and over the years the clinics have assembled a strong coaching staff of cross-country ski professionals, which includes retired world-class skiers, coaches and professional instructors.   


The Clinics are designed to develop and solidify good ski technique while getting great base training.  An experienced and highly qualified group of coaches are passionate about skiing and coaching others to improve their skiing.  Whether you are new to skiing or an experienced master ski racer, there is something for everyone.  Choose from 1-day to multiday clinics, beginners to race-focused.  For more information and to register, go to


Again, this year the Yellowstone Ski Festival and Lone Mountain Ranch have partnered to offer two full days of ski-specific kids clinics.  Grades K-2nd and 3rd-6th will have morning and afternoon sessions on Friday, Nov. 29 and Saturday, Nov. 30.  Having fun on snow is what these clinics are all about.  Kids will learn the fundamentals of cross-country skiing balance and technique, and those with skiing experience will learn tips to ski more efficiently.  Parents can take this time to hit the trails while the little ones participate in half day or full day classes.  Classic and skate options available to 3rd-6th graders; K-2nd is classic only.  Equipment is available to rent.


Evening events and seminars take place at the Holiday Inn of West Yellowstone, the official sponsor of Yellowstone Ski Festival.  To find out about their special skier rates, Thanksgiving Dinner Buffet, and other great deals, please call (406) 646-7365.


Cross-country skiing starts in West Yellowstone and first tracks for skiers 13 and younger are half price during the Yellowstone Ski Festival. Think Snow and make plans now to attend the 2013 Yellowstone Ski Festival.  For more information, visit



1ST Annual NNF/ WYSEF Master Race




Who: Anybody that wants to turn a hot lap and be done before the lactates flood your system. 

What:  The first Annual NNF/ WYSEF Masters ski race, a benefit race for the National Nordic Foundation and the West Yellowstone Ski Edcucation Foundation. This is not a Super Tour race.

Where: Rendezvous Ski Trails, 1 lap on the Deju Vu loop, 15 second interval starts. That's right when was the last time you as a Master skier got a clean interval start vs. a mosh pit mass start ?

Date: Nov. 30th (Saturday)

Time: High Noon, yes they know us Master Blasters, we need our coffee and a morning walk before we can even think about moving these old bones.
Cost: $15 early / $20 late registration see

A Junior race at 1pm will follow so bring the whole family for cardio fun.

Be there aloha! 
National Nordic Dave  

Annual Birkie Warrior + Inga Contest Open for Applications


Re-enact historic ski of the original "Birkebeiners" at this year's Birkie!

Deadline for entries is November 30.

Details here


NordicTown USA meeting?
An impromptu NordicTown USA meeting broke out last night at Hailey Idaho's Powderhouse, a pub more famous as a cycling hangout. Perhaps it was send off (or words of advice) for USST Head Cross-Country Coach Chris Grover.  How many Nordic Gentlemen can you recognize?  Like SunValleyNordic Festival to find out.

 Steamboat Nordic Camp  - Registration Open


11th Annual Steamboat Nordic Camp Dec 14 - 15th, 2013 - Registration Open


 Kick off your ski season with top coaches helping you improve your xc skiing skills.  A remarkable collection of coaches assemble at the 2-day instructional camp taking place Friday evening at Ski Haus Ski Shop, Saturday at Lake Catamount Touring Center and Sunday at Steamboat Ski Touring Center , Steamboat Springs, CO.

This camp caters to all ability levels: For more information and to register:
Early registration fees are $175 for two days and $115 for one day through Dec.6th. Register online at Sign up early, this camp will fill up. 

10th Annual Kingston Roller Ski Race 


The 10th Annual Kingston Roller Ski Race is scheduled for Sunday, November 24, 2013 at the Miller Middle School in Lake Katrine, NY (just outside Kingston, NY).  There will be 3 races held starting with a 5K classic race at 12 noon, followed by a 2K novice freestyle at 12:30pm and ending with a 10K skate race at 1:15pm.   In addition to individual age group awards there also is a high school team championship and an open team championship. Awards are given to the winners of each race and then merchandise awards are given to everyone via a random raffle.  For additional information check out the race blog: or email the race director - Greg Malia at


 Women's Ski Weekend


Women's Ski Weekend

December 7 & 8, 2013 (Saturday & Sunday) or January 11 & 12 2014 (Saturday & Sunday)

2 skate ski lessons; 1 guided night classical ski tour; 2 yoga sessions; 1-30 minute massage; 1 night stay at the Izaak Walton Inn in Montana


New This Season *Women's Classic Getaway*

February 7 & 8, 2014 (Friday & Saturday)

2 classical ski lessons; 1 guided night classical ski tour; 2 yoga sessions; 1-30 minute massage; 1 night stay at the Izaak Walton Inn

All the information, including a flyer, instructor bios and detailed itinerary can be found at


Nordic Job Openings

Nordic Job Opening? email to post

U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame and Museum Development Director 
The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame and Museum provides respected perpetual 
recognition of athletes competing in skiing and snowboarding and of the builders of these
sports who have made the highest level of national and/or international achievement and
contribution to American skiing and snowboarding. It is located in Ishpeming in Michigan's
Upper Peninsula, the birthplace of organized skiing in the United States. The Hall of Fame
enshrines nearly 400 Honored Members and is home to an extensive collection of artifacts
and archives relating to the history of skiing and snowboarding  more info here


Webskis Job Opening

 WebSkis  (, located in Bend, OR,  is looking for a knowledgeable and customer-oriented nordic ski-tech/salesman. Applicants will need to have a working knowledge of nordic ski flexing, waxing, boot fitting, wax testing procedures, etc. Bicycle knowledge, while not required, is beneficial. Applicant must be organized and work well with others. Position is full-time 32-40 hrs per week, will require working on many Saturdays, and could be year round employment for the right person. Flexible schedule offers the chance to ski on a daily basis (Bend has great skiing 6-8 months out of the year). WebSkis focuses on providing avid skiers and racers with excellent customer service and quality hand picked ski equipment and waxes. resumes


Alaska Jumping/Nordic Combined Coach Opening

Looking for Jumping/Nordic Combined ski coach in Anchorage at the Karl Eid Jumps. Come coach our rapidly growing program in Anchorage. This is a paid part-time position with some great benefits! email:  call: ( 907) 242-2633

Team Soldier Hollow Seeks Devo Coach
Team Soldier Hollow, located at the 2002 Olympic venue in Midway, UT, is looking for an enthusiastic and energetic coach to work with our Devo Team skiers (ages 10 to 13). Ideal candidates will have experience cross country ski racing and/or coaching and waxing. Current USSA Coaches License is required. 

For more information on Team Soldier Hollow visit Please send a letter of interest and resume to


Summit Nordic Ski Club  

The Summit Nordic Ski Club (Summit County, CO is fielding letters of interest and resumes for a part time J2-OJ coach for the 2013-14 competition season. Reply to: Dan McCrerey, SNSC President:


Alaska High School Coaching openings

Cross-Country Ski Coaches Needed for Palmer and Wasilla High Schools in the Mat-Su Valley, Alaska. Head and Assistant Coaches are needed for the high schools this year. These are paid positions. contact: Palmer High:, 907-746-8400 WasillaHigh:, 907-352-8213 

Vail Nordic Center

The Vail Nordic Center, located in beautiful, Vail, CO. is looking for full and part-time help for this winter. The ideal candidate will have retail experience and a  good knowledge of Nordic skiing.  Teaching experience in classic and skate skiing is a huge plus.  Please contact Mia at for all inquiries.  


Nordic Skiing Head Coach, Amherst Regional High School, MA

 Amherst Regional High School is looking for a new head coach for their Nordic Ski Program. Contact Nat Woodruff, Current Nordic Head Coach, at 617-939-4317 To apply for the position please contact Rich Ferro, ARHS Athletic Director, at 413-362-1747

About SkiPost


Cross-Country skiing's community lodge. Where knowledge and stories are shared. The goal of SkiPost is to make the sport of Cross-Country skiing easier and more enjoyable for all who choose to participate. If you have questions on Cross-Country Skiing email us and visit


Enjoy Winter,

Andrew Gerlach
Director/Editor- SkiPost


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