Volume 15 Issue 16: Aug 15, 2013
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In Memorium: Bonni Curran 


From the NNF


Bonni Currin passed away Tuesday August 6th as the result of a tragic bike accident in Ketchum, ID.  Bonni and her husband Peter have been key supporters of the Nordic sport throughout the U.S. Supporting Galena Lodge, Middlebury College Ski Team, Sun Valley Nordic Ski Programs and the National Nordic Foundation to name a few.  They recognized the value of supporting Nordic athletes and the value of hard work and productive lifestyles. Bonni was very active with her husband Peter in setting up Primary Care Clinics in impoverished nations around the world. Both physicians, it was their way of giving back and making a difference in helping others help themselves. Bonni was equally at home in New York City or Ketchum, Idaho. Her friends were a wide range of people from her professional side of life as a physician/consultant to a fun loving crowd that enjoyed the great outdoors.

NNF Executive Director, Dave Knoop laments the loss of Bonni Curran explaining, "The town of Ketchum has a bit of a subdued feeling, it may be peak tourist season but you can see a certain look on many local faces that something is amiss. As a frequent visitor to the area, I can surmise that many are saddened that this happened to anyone on their streets but it is particularly painful that it happened to someone that everyone knew and loved."

The NNF remains a grass roots fundraising organization and as such our connection with the nordic ski community from coast to coast has a lot to do with making personal face to face connections. It's how we try and feel connected as ONE ski community and rally together in purpose and cause. With this in mind, we are truly saddened to learn of Bonni's untimely passing. We also want to express our heartfelt condolences to her husband Peter and their two daughters Jessie and Cody. 
SkiPost joins the NNF in our deepest condolences to Bonni's family and friends.
Why do we have training periods? 

A high level of fitness is built systematically with progression and patience. For progress to be consistent there must be a progression in the training load. At the same time, certain types of training cannot be completed without building up to them. Train too much or too hard too soon and your body will not respond optimally to the stress. For instance, if you walk without shoes a little bit everyday and a little bit longer everyday you will develop calluses and eventually be able to walk shoeless for long periods, but, try to walk too far on the first day you will simply get blisters. 

How to Maximize Training for the Part-Time Skier

By: Scott Loomis
Reprint from 

This past season marked my last year as a full-time cross-country ski racer. After eight very worthwhile years of racing and training all over the world I have decided to move on to a new phase in my life. Whether that next phase involves working as a roadie for the next Van Halen world tour, joining the World Horseshoe Throwing circuit or attending graduate school only time will tell.

In the meantime, I am working 40 hours per week in Park City, taking two classes at the University of Utah and working a second job one day per week at a local hospital. All of this leaves me very little time for any sort of structured ski training. In fact, I am lucky if I can squeeze in three to five workouts each week.

I do not plan on completely abandoning the sport that I have spent so many years immersed in. After you spend so much time working towards something you love, it becomes hard to simply quit cold-turkey. I do hope to at least remain competitive on the American Ski Marathon Series next season. But how do I get to a competitive level on such a limited training schedule? What I have decided is that I need to figure out how to maximize my training as a part-time ski racer.

I recently read a short article on the internet about how Thomas Alsgaard is currently training three times per week in his preparation for next year's World Cup circuit. It would be nice if we all had the time (and insane physical capacity) to do this, but for those of us that are part-time racers and weekend warriors that work full-time and/or have families, we simply do not have enough hours in the day to do this. So the question is: What can we do to maximize the training we do have time for? What aspects of a training plan are most important? What can be left out or skipped?


1. Intensity
No matter how little time you are able to devote to training, you should always fit in one intensity workout every week to ten days starting in the summer. Maintaining that ability and feel of going hard throughout the year is important since it can be very difficult to regain once you have lost it. This is especially true the older you get.
Remember that an intensity workout can come in almost any shape or form. It doesn't have to be something done on rollerskis or involve skiwalking or bounding for a specific amount of time with a specific amount of rest. It can be as simple as going hard for twenty minutes in the middle of an hour long run or bike ride or even trying to mow your lawn in world-record time. I personally like doing track workouts because I feel that I am able to get a lot of out of them. I am able to fit a bunch of short intervals into a relatively small amount of time and by the end of the workout I feel pretty tired. It is also a matter of convenience since there is a track right down the street from my house. 

The point here is to periodically get your heart and lungs into you go about doing this really doesn't matter all that much, especially during the summer. It's not like your cardiovascular system knows what type of training method you are doing, all it knows is that it is working hard.


2. Over-Distance
One good over-distance day is second on my list. It is amazing how well an occasional OD can maintain your endurance. If you average 45 minutes per workout, try to fit in an easy 2 hour over-distance day. If you average 1 to 1.5 hours, try to fit in a nice 3-hour outing. Again, don't forget about the variety of training methods out there. A long kayak can be just as effective as a long mountain run. Also, try combination workouts, where you bike and run or rollerski and run, etc.


3. Skip the Weights
Unless you feel that your upperbody is your weakest link or you need to bulk up those beach muscles for that week on the houseboat in Lake Havasu, skip the trips to weight room during the summer. Some of you may disagree about this, but remember, I am talking about maximizing training on a limited schedule. Of course, if you have a lot of time to devote to ski training, consistent weight workouts can be a valuable supplement to your plan. If you like to rollerski during the off-season, throw in some double-pole only workouts and make those your strength workouts.

Weight training is really only beneficial if you are able to keep up with it on a weekly basis. So, I feel that it is best to start doing some in the fall and try to be consistent with it until you get on snow. I personally hate hanging out in the weight room. I would much rather go for a run than do sets on the bench press any day. 
For those of you that really need to improve your upperbody strength I suggest that you make a small investment in turning your garage into a Rocky Balboa old-school training gym. A padded mat, a couple of 25 lbs barbells and wooden box for dips and step-ups is all you need for a basic strength workout that is right there at home. You could even add a punching bag since it just looks cool hanging there and it makes you feel tough.


4. "Everyday" Workouts
For some of you, doing intervals may be unappealing and you really don't have time for OD workouts either, so training only consists of "everyday" workouts. These are simple workouts where you just head out and run or bike or whatever at a comfortable pace for the time available to you. 


If you are only able to train for 30 minutes three times per week, make sure that you are getting something out of them. Going at a level 1 pace for 30 minutes really doesn't do a whole lot for you, unless you are out of shape and just getting back into training or using it as a recovery workout. If you make some of these short workouts more like semi-pace workouts where you are training in your level 2 to 3 zone then you will get much more out of these days.

The main point I want to get across here is the importance of maintaining a good fitness level throughout the year and it that doesn't necessarily matter how you get it done. If you are able to throw occasional intensity and over-distance workouts into your training throughout the summer and fall, then you are going to be much better off come ski season. Have a great year see you at the races. 


Written by Factory Team racer Scott Loomis a decade ago (Scott is now Doctor in Vermont)  

Andy Newell Flying in New Zealand
newell flying
How light are those Boots?
More images here

Start Poles: Quality You Can See

Maximum Durability & Minimum Swing Weight


sd3 wind
The Start poles you see raced to victory on the World Cup and World Championships by Alexander Loginov, Anastasiya Kuzmina, Uliana Kaisheva, Mari Laukkanen, Chris Andre Jespersen, Jan Schmid among others is the Start SD3.  It is made in Finland with Start's computer driven robotic 3 Dimensional Winding process (SD3). Unlike other poles, it is made from individual Black Ops HM Carbon filaments (rather than sheets of fiber) that are wound in a 3 dimensional interlaced pattern. While some Black Ops filaments are wound (at specific angles) up and down the shaft for stiffness, others are simultaneously being interlaced (at specific angles) around the shaft for durability.  


This unique process results in pole shafts that are perfectly identical with no imperfections, nor weak spots. These poles therefor require no heavy risen coating, no grinding and no fancy paint job to cover imperfections to make them look good. The end result is what Start believes to be the most durable World Cup level pole made.  A pole with the stiffness and extra low weights necessary for success but with unmatched durability required by skier's who purchase their own poles.


A pole with quality you can see, so take a look.  For questions email 

winding filamants  Loginov




Train Like and With a Birkie Champion Tad Elliott (on a Mtn Bike)!
September 6-8, 2013 


Seeley, Wisconsin; Lenroot Lodge

Two and a half full days of great training and learning.  This will be the perfect weekend as it is just before the Chequamegon 40 Fat Tire race and right when a lot of citizen athletes are thinking about starting their Fall dry land training for Nordic.  Get last minute race tip s for the Fat Tire and great dry land drills for your Fall Nordic season.




Tad Elliott Thrill

This camp is designed for the Citizen/Master athlete that wishes to improve and progress their skiing while fitting the demands of family, work, and lifestyle into their schedule.  Sessions will be held on technique, strength, and ski skills along with discussions on equipment, stretching, and the body and the effects of aging. There will also be a session to mountain bike with Tad and pick up last minute strategies on course and racing, optimizing your bike equipment, and riding skill development. You do not have to roller ski to attend this camp. We will show you what it takes to progress to your goals for skiing or biking no matter what your abilities are as an athlete.  So, whether you are an elite athlete or an aspiring athlete looking to participate in your first major event, this camp will train, motivate, and inspire you to your best!  Don't pass on a great opportunity to train with a Birkie Champion!!

More in at


Events & Destinations
Birkie Trail Run
September 21
10 New Reasons to Take On the Birkie Trail Run & Trek more Here.
Team Strongheart Golf Tourney Fundraiser

When:  Sunday, September 29th - shotgun start at 1:00 pm 
Where:  Shamrock Golf Course at 19625 Larking Road Corcoran, MN 55340  (763-478-9977)
Why:  A supporting event for Team Strong Heart, Camp Odayin and Matt Liebsch 
Nordic Job Openings

Nordic Job Opening? email to post

    The Vail Nordic Center


    The Vail Nordic Center, located in beautiful, Vail, Co.  is looking for full and part-time help for this winter, 2013/14 season.  The ideal candidate will have retail experience and a  good knowledge of Nordic skiing.  Teaching experience in classic and skate skiing is a huge plus.  Please contact Mia at for all inquiries.  

VBT Job Openings


VBT Bicycling and Walking Vacations is hiring seasonal Ski Trip Leaders to lead groups in Yellowstone National Park. As a growing leader in the active travel industry for over 41 years, VBT is expanding its tour offerings to include some of America's most majestic places.

Find out more about the tour:
For more info on the hiring process:

The application deadline is August 7th. Please email me at to receive an application packet or to ask any questions. If you or anyone you know might be interested, feel free to forward their contact info to me.


We look forward to meeting excellent candidates to join the VBT Team!

Leader Responsibilities 
A leader's primary role is to ensure the guests experience the best vacation of their lives!  § Service, service, service! Put customer needs ahead of their own at all times  Use people skills and social leadership to bring guests of diverse backgrounds together  Offer group presentations on various topics (safety, skiing skills, daily routes, flora and fauna, sights. . .)  Demonstrate safe and efficient ski techniques  Deliver guest luggage to their rooms   Ski daily with guests and coordinate bus support  Prepare picnics and translate special events such as wine tastings, sightseeing tours, etc   Perform administrative tasks such as record keeping and tour budget accounting   Represent VBT well and maintain professional, balanced relationships with tour guests, our hotels, and citizens of local communities through which tours travel, as well as with VBT coworkers and staff

For more info, please check out or email me directly.


All the best!


Cedric Baele

Job Position:Nordic Skiing Head Coach, Amherst Regional High School, MA


Amherst Regional High School is looking for a new head coach for their Nordic Ski Program. The program was established 5 years ago and has grown into a respectable team which competes in the Berkshire League throughout Western Massachusetts. The program is comprised of approximately 30 dedicated skiers and their supportive parents, one paid assistant coach, and many volunteer assistant coaches. The head coach is responsible for:

  •         Designing a training program that will develop both novice and experienced skiers while promoting positive life skills and sportsmanship.
  •         Maintaining the positive relationship between athletes, parents, and assistant coaches.
  •         Supervise skiers during travel, practice and meets.


To inquire about the position please contact Nat Woodruff, Current Nordic Head Coach, at 617-939-4317 To apply for the position please contact Rich Ferro, ARHS Athletic Director, at 413-362-1747



Looking for Assistant Coach for Jr Program


 Info at the link below:


 Bogus Basin Nordic Team

Coach opening  


The Bogus Basin Nordic Team (BBNT) in Boise, ID  is seeking to hire a Part-time Head Coach for the middle school Comp-Devo Team/Assistant Coach for the high school Comp Team.   Position requires availability for practice 4-6 days week and assistance with other aspects of running the team which can be flexibly scheduled around other commitments.   Additionally there are 5-6 overnight trips scheduled each year in whichthe assistant coach would be expected to take part.    Please contact Head Coach/Program Director Nick Crawford at with any questions or to submit a resume. 

XC/Nordic coach at Clarkson University 



The position offers free tuition, healthcare and stipend.  Perfect for someone looking to work on a graduate degree.  The NCAA link is below.

Questions? Email head coach Jim Allott at ,

Many thanks,

Jim Allott Head Coach


International Coaches looking for U.S. positions
Sondre Thune Lunde

DOB 22nd of November 1983



My name is Sondre and I am working as a Head Nordic skiing coach at a Sports Academy in Norway. Toppidrettsgymnaset in Telemark For the next season I look for a real adventure and I want to proffer my coaching skills abroad. I thoroughly enjoy working with Nordic skiers who seek to get the most out of their talent. As a coach I believe that mutual respect for one another plays as important a role as the actual training, both on and off the field. Therefore, I strive for harmony and balance in all aspects of the athlete's lives. In order to achieve their sport's goals, discipline as well as good sportsmanship and positive life skills are of great importance. Every individual is a member of a team, and I always try to create a winning mentality in the group. 
Lars Hänel 
Oberwiesenthal, Germany 
Date of birth 27/11/1985 
I have been studying sport science for two years, with an emphasis in winter sports (cross-country skiing, biathlon, alpine skiing).  Professional cross-country skier in German national ski team for 5 years. Regular work as ski instructor for cross-country skiing and alpine skiing. Work as an assistant trainer at cross-country skiing center in Oberwiesenthal.  "Trainer B"-Licence after finishing the bachelor study (09/2013)   Good knowledge in waxing/ski preparation

About SkiPost


Cross-Country skiing's community lodge. Where knowledge and stories are shared. The goal of SkiPost is to make the sport of Cross-Country skiing easier and more enjoyable for all who choose to participate. If you have questions on Cross-Country Skiing email us and visit


Enjoy Winter,

Andrew Gerlach
Director/Editor- SkiPost


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