Volume 15 Issue 8: June 20, 2013
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Rollerskiing Tendinitis


Dear SkiPost, 


After roller skiing for a couple of months last summer, I developed bad tendinitis, almost like tennis elbow in my left arm, which is not my strong side when skating. It's taken almost a year for it to finally improve. I noticed this past winter that skiing on snow it was fine and it did not aggravate it further. Could it be the hard, non shock absorbing of aspect of poling on asphalt as opposed to snow that caused this condition. I'm a little tentative to use poles this summer while roller skiing. 


Thanks, R   


Yes Rollerskiing can aggravate elbow tendinitis because if the impact from the hard pavement.  Having sharp ferrules (tips) really helps as you can place the poles more gently on the pavement and still get no slippage.  Many people also try softer flexing poles to reduce the harsh impact, but flexible poles often ads other vibrations to the situation and is not always a cure. Remember moderation is often the key to avoiding any ailment. Try double poling and Rollerskiing without poles, and if you are skating work on both sides. 


 Andy at SkiPost


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Tendinitis SkiPost Skier feedback 


Andy, In addition to your good comments, I think it's important to emphasize proper ski technique as lowering the risk of injury.  I've had shoulder problems ever since my first roller skate ski many years ago; hips-back body position led to banging my poles on the hard surface - for 2-plus hours.  Likewise, in double poling it's easy to let one's mind wander and forget to initiate poling each time with a strong ab crunch, i.e.,avoid arm poling.  

Gene Goldenfeld


Greetings, I too have suffered very bad elbow tendonitis from roller skiing.  Exel makes a shock absorbing tip which is quite helpful at reducing vibration.  They do slightly change the impact angle of ski tip and add a little bit of weight, but these two small sacrifices are well worth the benefit. See:  at the Nordic Skater website.  Jenex has indicated that they will also have a shock absorbing tip any day now.  However, they did not respond to my last request for an update on its expected release.

Hope this helps.Ken Roth Northville, MI

I have been roller skiing for nearly 30 years and am still going at age 74.  I roller skied about 500 miles last summer and fall to help train for the 2013 Marcialonga and it's about the only ski specific training I had for the race because we had very poor snow conditions in our area until the first part of February.  I had trouble with tendinitis in the past with roller skiing but found an easy solution a few years ago.  When I roller ski now, I just gently set the poles in contact with the pavement and then push off.  Your suggestion of keeping the tips sharp certainly helps, especially during cold weather when the asphalt feels more like concrete.  This solution isn't ideal if you are trying to roller ski in competition or at a very fast pace but it works just fine for long distance training.

Don J.


Andy, I had elbow issues years ago.  Wearing one of those strap devices with Velcro and a short section of bungee mitigated the pain, but I eventually switched to shorter poles for skating, (roughly hallway between skate and classic length) and my issues went away.  The short pole results in a less acute elbow angle at contact and was more favorable in my case. A number of  my customers over the years have success with this.  Many will get their panties bunched up for technique issues, but if you are injuring yourself something needs to change. 

Cheers, Tim Metos Wild Rose Sports


Hello SkiPost, I have addressed this several times in past years.  But have successfully avoided reinjury for over a decade - you can solve this problem.


Healing one of these takes a long time (several months depending) due to very limited circulation at the tendon insertion point where this injury occurs.  Ice regularly, use medication, go on YouTube for the many good rehab exercise videos and/or see a doc/PT.  Try the new prescription voltaren topical gel to see if it works for you.  Get healed up before you get back to hard roller work.  Time is as important as treatment for healing these.


Easy roller work outs <1hr seem to be ok for me once healing has begun.  To prevent reinjury, keep intensity dialed back for a couple months after your healed.  Consistent strength training & keeping some roller work going all year even when you can ski are helpful for prevention.


Tried lots of poles & ferrules.  Yes keeping them sharp is important.  Don't try to plant so hard they never skip out - be easier.Low end low carbon/glass poles often flex too much to use long ones for intervals.  But they are ok for easy distance.  Aluminum poles that taper significantly near the bottom have provided the best compromise between flex/stiffness - the skinnier & lighter the better.  I've tried both the Excel & KV shock absorbing ferrules.  They provide only a little additional shock absorption & both have so far been pretty fragile.


Best, TS


Andy, Please have your readers consider the SkiErg as a way to get some ski specif strength trailing without rollerskiing risks.  BP (See below an article by Judy Geer at SkiErg)

 Know Where You're Starting From!

By Judy Geer/Concept 2


Over the past month, nordic racers and biathletes around the world have been getting back to training. For many of those at the upper levels, this means a round of testing. It might be VOmax testing on a treadmill or SkiErg, strength testing of various sorts, uphill runs, double pole rollerski time trials-there's a wide variety, but the important point is that it makes good sense to test at the beginning of the training year so that you have a baseline from which to measure your progress.


Most of us don't have ready access to a rollerski treadmill, or a VOmax lab, so we find other ways to test ourselves. Ideally, the test(s) should be repeatable and accurately measurable, so that results can be compared from one time to another and offer meaningful guidance.


If you have access to a SkiErg, it's a good option testing option because it doesn't have the innate variability of most outdoor tests. And the Performance Monitor is self-calibrating so tests can also be compared from one SkiErg to another. Compare your results with a friend in Europe, or across the US.


Here are some test distances you might consider using in your own testing protocol. Several of these are also included in the Concept2 Online Ranking, and SkiErg Performance Series, so you can see how you stack up there as well.


  • Speed/Power: 30 seconds
  • Sprint: 1000m
  • Distance: 2000m
  • Distance: 5000m

  Kikkan Randall on Ski Erg Ski Erg


Kikkan Randall                                                  Jim Fredricks 


...and Make Sure You Get Where You Want to Go


The one kind of training that we all hope to avoid is rehab, but sometimes it is unavoidable, whether due to overuse or accidental injury. The challenge becomes finding good training activities that can still be done without hindering the recovery of the injured body part. Recovery from injury demands patience, determination and creativity. On the bright side, these are all good attributes to develop and you may find new training modalities that you truly enjoy. And a lower body injury may help you make significant gains in upper body strength and power, and vice versa. But enough of the optimism!  Injuries are not something any skier wants to deal with.


We've heard from a number of skiers who have found that the SkiErg can be a really helpful training tool during the rehab period for lower body injuries. Pull up a stool, or spin bike, and you can do any kind of workout you want: from intervals to distance. Or, if you can stand but can't bend your knees, you can ski that way as well. Ideally, through your rehab period, you'll be able to progress from seated to straight-leg standing to full use of your legs.


We sincerely hope that it is not injury that introduces you to the SkiErg, but if it is, we hope you find it helpful and we wish you a speedy recovery!


Judy Geer-Concept 2 


Check out the SkiErg Here




Classic Roller Skiing English
Classic Roller Skiing  Tips

Technique is essential for fast Classical Nordic Skiing! These tips will make you faster once there's snow on the ground. Filmed at Vermont Academy by Alexei Sotskov and Craig Calhoun.
The Role of the Pole - Cross Country Skiing
Role of the Pole-Video

 by the Swedish Winter Sport Center

Shows bending and breaking forces
and discusses the lack of pole testing standards.

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Nordic Job Openings

Nordic Job Opening? email to post

Seeking Coaching Assistant at Harvard (NCAA Div. I)


4 month position.  Salary commensurate with costs of living in the Boston area; highly subsidized health care; free access to extensive athletic facilities.  Please contact head coach Chris City



Looking for Assistant Coach for Jr Program


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 Bogus Basin Nordic Team

Coach opening  


The Bogus Basin Nordic Team (BBNT) in Boise, ID  is seeking to hire a Part-time Head Coach for the middle school Comp-Devo Team/Assistant Coach for the high school Comp Team.   Position requires availability for practice 4-6 days week and assistance with other aspects of running the team which can be flexibly scheduled around other commitments.   Additionally there are 5-6 overnight trips scheduled each year in whichthe assistant coach would be expected to take part.    Please contact Head Coach/Program Director Nick Crawford at with any questions or to submit a resume. 

Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage  


Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage is looking for a new Executive Director. This is a full-time, year-round position directing a dynamic Alaskan non-profit with a budget of $1.3 million. More information here: Send cover letter and resume to


 Wax Tech Wanted

Sochi Olympics


Looking for an experienced wax tech (international experience preferred) for the Dominica National XC Ski Team (2 athletes). The team will be based in Bend, OR in May, in New Zealand Jul-Sep, and in Canmore Oct-Dec before heading to Europe/Sochi in mid Jan for the Olympics. The time/travel commitment is flexible  (particularly from May-Oct), and can be mutually agreed upon with further discussion. There is the option to continue with the team for the balance of 2014 and into 2015. Additional experience on the coaching side would be valuable. Gary di Silvestri


XC/Nordic coach at Clarkson University 



The position offers free tuition, healthcare and stipend.  Perfect for someone looking to work on a graduate degree.  The NCAA link is below.

Questions? Email head coach Jim Allott at ,

Many thanks,

Jim Allott Head Coach


International Coaches looking for U.S. positions




Sondre Thune Lunde

DOB 22nd of November 1983





My name is Sondre and I am working as a Head Nordic skiing coach at a Sports Academy in Norway. Toppidrettsgymnaset in Telemark 

For the next season I look for a real adventure and I want to proffer my coaching skills abroad.


I thoroughly enjoy working with Nordic skiers who seek to get the most out of their talent. As a coach I believe that mutual respect for one another plays as important a role as the actual training, both on and off the field. Therefore, I strive for harmony and balance in all aspects of the athlete's lives. In order to achieve their sport's goals, discipline as well as good sportsmanship and positive life skills are of great importance. Every individual is a member of a team, and I always try to create a winning mentality in the group. 

Lars Hänel 
Oberwiesenthal, Germany 
Date of birth 27/11/1985 
I have been studying sport science for two years, with an emphasis in winter sports (cross-country skiing, biathlon, alpine skiing).  Professional cross-country skier in German national ski team for 5 years. Regular work as ski instructor for cross-country skiing and alpine skiing. Work as an assistant trainer at cross-country skiing center in Oberwiesenthal.  "Trainer B"-Licence after finishing the bachelor study (09/2013)   Good knowledge in waxing/ski preparation

About SkiPost


Cross-Country skiing's community lodge. Where knowledge and stories are shared. The goal of SkiPost is to make the sport of Cross-Country skiing easier and more enjoyable for all who choose to participate. If you have questions on Cross-Country Skiing email us and visit


Enjoy Winter,

Andrew Gerlach
Director/Editor- SkiPost


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