Volume 14 Issue 46: March 14, 2013
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100km Wax Job

Wax Cold, Structure Warm, 

Lots of Fluor


I am signed up to race the "Glide the Divide" 100K skate race in Steamboat Springs, Colo.  Usually the conditions start very cold and end up very warm by the end of the race.  I am wondering how I can wax for something like that so that I have wax left at the end and make the best of all conditions. Thanks for your help

J in Idaho


The most important part of getting a fast ski over a long race and "holding" the wax for the distance is a fresh ski base.  If you have a fresh base with open "pores" that accepts and holds wax your skis can easily last 100Km.  A fresh base is like a new razor when shaving. With a new razor blade (base) you can use most any shaving cream (wax) and the blade (ski) will glide easily over the face (snow) . But use a dull blade (sealed base) and no matter what lube (wax) you use  you will not glide well.  If you do not have a fresh base then you need to get a stonegrind or at the very least use a course metal brush and fibertex to try and remove any of the surface seal.


Assuming you have a fresh base the next step is to take the time to get the base filled with a wax that is good all day. To wax for a long day with large temperature increases you should wax with a harder wax than the average temp, with as much Fluor as possible for the moisture and dirt of a 100km effort, and add more structure than the average temp.


I as a Start man would wax with

Start HF70  Blue 10F-20

Then BM6 (which is hard w/Moly = >20% Fluor  for course dirty snow -13-21F).

Then HF70 Blue once again.

Finish with a wide range Finishing Fluor wax.  Start SF 30 universal 23F-41F or SFR 99 wide block ironed in.


On top off all this I would add a wide 3mm structure and a .3 mm spruce structure on top to help shed dirt and moisture all day long.


Hope this helps. Enjoy the day.



Coaching Services 


Question...searching the web it has been particularly difficult to find a coaching service to help guide me from the back of the pack to the middle of the you maintain a list of coaching services for hire?

Two Masters Coaches I know well and respect are 

Jon Engen




Jim Galanes




CXC has an Academy program that is worth consideration


If you offer a masters coaching service and wish to be known please email us at for our consideration. 

Lift suggested my friend with the short leg put a foam insert under his binding and just use longer screws. I want to report that he tried it and it worked perfectly. I saw him skiing the other day and I'm sure he was pleased, but I am more pleased with the  help in a small world......thank you so much. You have made a life better.......G


Ankles, touch and feel.


PSIA Nordic Instructor Tip


I have often stated that what separates a good classic and skate skier from a great one, is the use of their ankles.  Great classic skiers, for example, seem to possess a touch and feel for the snow conditions and terrain that other skiers struggle to find.  They have the ability to find the 'sweet spot' in the kick zone all the time and their glide is timed to perfection.  Touch and feel are the minor physical adjustments we make that enhance our forward momentum.


I believe that ankle proprioception is critical to balance during classic and skate skiing, creating this touch and feel.  Proprioception is defined by Shannon Lee, as "the process by which the body can vary muscle contraction in immediate response to incoming information regarding external forces".  Because the ankle joint is located in close proximity to the body's base of support, the ankle plays an integral role in providing valuable feedback to the brain.  It helps provide the sensory feedback information required for fine motor control and body positioning.  


These proprioception mechanisms, along with our inner ear which feels the pull of gravity and helps keep us oriented and balanced, are unconsciously utilized by the brain to provide a constant influx of sensory information.


Depending on the amount of information, where in the body it comes from, and from what proprioceptors, determines if the information will be made conscious or processed unconsciously.  I believe touch and feel are the unconscious adjustment actions we make to the input that the nervous system has received.  The information is processed, and depending on where the body is in space, certain muscles will be told what to do.


Creating the touch and feel requires us to develop ankle proprioceptors to their full potential.  If we can teach and train our ankles where they are in relation to the ground at all times, how much load is on them and the feel of the snow, we are more likely to create the touch and feel that is necessary.

A good measure of how in tune our ankle proprioceptors are is to balance on flat ground, one legged and blindfolded for as long as you can.  Take notice of the difference between your left and right side and what direction you tend to fall.  A little time spent on this during your workouts will go a long way to help develop the ankle propriceptors so that the flow of information is unconscious.  


Ankle joint proprioception is of particular importance, as it provides some of the most important information regarding where our body is in space.


Ross Matlock  PSIA Nordic Demo Team

nnf word  
Team News
World Cup Sprint Champion
Kikkan Randall 
With her victory in Lahti last weekend Kikkan Randall clinched the 2013 World Cup Sprint Cup Title for 2nd year in the row. Kikkan is seen below in this semifinal heat. Sadie Bjornsen also seen in this heat finished this event with a carreer best 9th place finish.
kikkan sadie
 More Athlete Updates at
yesterday they raced in Drammen Norway
Events and Destinations 

Birkie - Anchorage 

Housing  Hosting Swap


Our Anchorage AK house available for the Tour of Anchorage (early March 2014) Coincides with US Masters Championship and start of Iditarod or in summer months if preferred.


We are looking to exchange for housing or hosting close to the Birkebeiner in 2014. Details to be worked out. 

Please contact Dana at

Great Bear Chase 



It was a near-record year for the Portage Health Great Bear Chase Ski Marathon in Calumet, Michigan, with 493 skiers participating in Saturday's ski race. A full list of results can be found online at

gbc start


Nordic Job Openings

Nordic Job Opening? email to post

Jackson Ski Touring Foundation

We will be looking for ski instructors and ski patrol.  Jackson Ski Touring Foundation is the largest cross country ski area in the Eastern United States.  Friendly staff and busy work environment.


Send resume to for consideration



Start Race Day Waxing Suggestions


Check out our blog for more wax recs.


You can also select the race day wax alone. 

Download Start tech manual here.

Go to pages 20-30

Decide of you have new, old,  or coarse snow.

Determine he likely temp.

Read the recipe and wax your skis.


questions please email 

You can do it.
start kick waxes


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