Volume 14 Issue 43: Feb 19, 2013
SkiPost: Birkie Main Street Night
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Birkie Edition

We send out SkiPost early this week because we have Birkie Fever. Hayward main street Finish line pictured above. Please come visit  us at the Start booth at the Birkie Expo.  

Andy at SkiPost
Warm Up

Hello I am a 53 year old skier  - Wave 1 at the Birkie, 10 under my belt plus multiple other marathons, inline marathons and mountain bike races, too.  It always seems to take 45 minutes to feel really good in a ski race, at which point I speed up and feel like my metabolism is really clicking.


I was a competetive Powerlifter in the 80's, and wonder if my fast twitch muscle  training in that era is in some way causing me to be so slow to get going. Anything you would suggest to speed this process so I don't waste so much time getting ramped up?


I usually do a 10-15 minute warmup with some speedups before a race.


Thank you,D




What you describe is probably not due to muscle fiber type, more likely it is related to simple physiological function. The goal of the warm-up needs to be to bring your physiological function up to 100% of your Vo2max. If you don't do this, you will start the race at a higher anaerobic energy requirement and it will take time for the body to deal with the anaerobic effort and to bring the aerobic energy system up to full functioning. Plus, the associated lactate accumulation will take time to clear and may well impact the balance of your race.


The following is what I have use myself and recommend to athletes I coach as a guide for a good warm up.


Race Day Warm Up

The goal of the race is to ravel the course, from start to finish as fast as possible. To accomplish this there is a specific process we must follow.


Warm Up

A minimum of 45 minutes must be planned for the warm-up. Skiers with a large base of volume training may want to use as much as an hour. I recommend the following warm up to our skiers and each skier will use this model and adjust it to fit their personal needs.


10 Minutes Easy Level 1-Very easy skiing, let the body come alive slowly.

20 Minutes Steady Level 2-Steady, relaxed skiing .

10 Minutes Hard Level 3-Medium Hard-Close to Race Pace.

5 Minutes Variety-30 on/off to complete the warm-up of the maximum physiological capacity


The warm up should be completed five to ten minutes before your race start time. Time enough to make final wax adjustments; finish the warm-up if possible on the first kilometer of the race course so you can become familiar with how you want to start your race. The goal of the warm-up is to slowly bring the body and your physiological capacity up to racing levels. This will enable you to reach a higher physiological capacity in your race sooner without excessive negative effects. Beginning the race cold or without some hard skiing will not bring the body to a race ready state, and your body will be going through a warm-up in the race.


A few summers ago I had the chance to visit with friend and Swedish skiing great, Thomas Wasbberg. We talked about warm-up and race strategy. Thomas was and is an exceptionally talented athlete who did not shy away from hard work. He told me a story about a warm-up prior to the 1995 World Championships in Obersdorf. In the morning before the race he went to the track early and skied a medium hard 15 kilometers. Went back to the hotel had a bite to eat and changed clothes. Then went back to the track did a normal warm-up and won a gold medal.


Thomas feels, and I agree, that many skiers rest too much. It is proven that we begin to loose aerobic fitness very quickly with reduced volume, albeit at a very slow rate. He also felt that what worked best for him was to be rested three or four days before the race and then train normally, maybe even with a fairly long ski in the day or two before the race. 


Jim Galanes, 

Galanes Sport Lab Institute  

Birkie Favorites?

Who are our Birkie Favorites?

We would have to pick the husband and wife dynamic duo of Brain Gregg and Caitlin Compton Gregg. 2nd Caitlin and 3rd Brain last year we pick them to win this year.
Birkie Warm up?

But how does one warm up at the Birkie when one is bused to the start line and you can not ski before the race? 

Get the earliest bus you can and go for a run at Telemark. Then eat a bit and change cloths and then proceed to the start. Make sure to start the race at a level commensurate with your warm up. If you have not warmed up sufficiently take the race start easier and use it as part of your warm up so you can finish strong and not bonk.
When you are warming up visualize Matti Heikkinen.
Matti Heikkinen  


2013 American Birkebeiner 

Wax Rec

Get the Winning Wax


Conditions for Saturday are predicted to be almost identical to last year, and we had rockets last year.


Front 1/3 Race Time Temps: 10F-21F

Middle of the Pack Race Time Temps 12F-23F

Back of the Pack Race Time Temps 14F-26F

Snow Condition: Old High Humidity snow base with new snow flurries all week and rising temps Friday.    


Glide Wax

Primer Layer: LF 08 Green


Glide Layer: HF 70 Blue

Top Speed Layer: SFR 75 Fluor Powder or SFR 92 Fluor Block

LF Low Fluor Glidershf70
   SFR 92 BLOCK -4F to 16Fsfr 75

Kick Wax

Base Wax: Syn Blue Ironed In 

Kick Wax: RF Blue (thin Tar cover for speed)

If extra kick is needed RF RedRf Bluesyn blue

Visit the Start Booth at the Birkie Expo to get up to the minute wax recs and purchase the winning wax combo.
start RF  
email  with waxing questions 
Birkie Wax Service at Riverbrook

Birkie Wax Job  
If you get your skis waxed at Riverbrook you will get waxed where last year's winners had their skis waxed. Read more about Caldwell Sport winning skis and wax jobs applied at Riverbrook here 

Start Race Day Waxing Suggestions


Check out our blog for more wax recs.


You can also select the race day wax alone. 

Download Start tech manual here.

Go to pages 20-30

Decide of you have new, old,  or coarse snow.

Determine he likely temp.

Read the recipe and wax your skis.


questions please email 

You can do it.


At the Birkie Expo

Get your Proflips, Pursuits, Pace and Velo 

and enjoy the Birkie with relaxed and warm eyes.

Proflip from $116.90
Pursuit XT Templed Strapped

Velocity Blue Velo Blue
Pursuit, Pace, Velocity and Velo from $77.90
speed black
Motion White

Motion and Speed $39.90
 SkiTrax FIS Fantasy 
Nordic Worlds Fiemme Contesta
SkiTrax FIS Fantasy Fiemme Worlds

 2013 Contest w/Great Prizes - 

Deadline Feb. 19


1st Prize - Salomon SLab package skis, poles, boots, bindings (value $1,497)

- Don't miss your chance to win great prizes with the SkiTrax FIS Fantasy Fiemme Worlds 2013 Contest. Registration is open for contestants to make selections for the biggest event on the Nordic ski calendar this winter.


Register and enter the contest to be eligible to win lots of great prizes including the Grand Prize - a Salomon SLab package including skis, poles, boots and bindings valued at $1,497.Alex Boeuf Silver


Select the top three podium positions for men and women for each of the 12 Nordic Worlds title events - and score points as you battle with other contestants from around the world for lots of great prizes.

Earn bonus points for multi-podiums, overall nation medals, top Canadian and US skiers etc. The 2013 FIS Nordic World Championships take place from Feb. 20-March 3 in Val di Fiemme, Italy.


You can enter or revise your selection up until 12 midnight EST on Feb. 19. Pls note that our menus list all skiers we believe are competing. Preliminary lists are not published by FIS - 24hrs after the last World Cup race before the World Championships the final names are given to the Organizing Committee and we will update our menus at that time.


Enter the Contest HERE.


Don't miss this chance to follow the worlds best xc skiers and test your knowledge of the sport for bragging rights and great prizes.


Check out our visit with Salomon's Isaac Wilson at the SIA Show 2013 Demo at Devil's Thumb Ranch in Colorado for the inside scoop on Salomon's new 2013/2014 S-Lab ski and boot line HERE.


for more info visit

Team News
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Events and Destinations 
March 2
March 3
March 9

26th Annual Sonot Kkaazoot 

Saturday, 23 March

March 2


The 34th Annual Rendezvous Race will be held on March 2, 2013

Start off Your Spring Ski Racing with a Bang!


There are just over two weeks until the cannon fires for the 34th annual Yellowstone Rendezvous Race, on March 2, 2013.  Make plans now to participate in this historic race, and experience some of the best skiing the world has to offer in West Yellowstone, Montana.  Race organizers are already busy marking the course and making final preparations for the event. If you have been to West Yellowstone at any time this season, you'll know that the Rendezvous Ski Trails are in outstanding shape!


The Yellowstone Rendezvous Race is part of the American Ski Marathon Series and is a cornerstone of cross-country skiing in West Yellowstone.  Once again, this year the race is proud to have Yellowstone National Park Lodges as its corporate sponsor. There are six different race divisions offered for skiers of all ages.  Marathoners can enter the 50 kilometer freestyle race, which consists of two laps around the perimeter of the Rendezvous Ski Trail system.  Racers can enter the 25 kilometer classic or freestyle events, and the 10 kilometer race is a great choice for those preferring a shorter distance. The 5k and 2k races are geared for kids... bring the whole family! 


Make plans to do the Yellowstone Rendezvous Race. 


For more information please visit  



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