Volume 14 Issue 40: Jan 31, 2013
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 Air Warmer 


Can you recommend a face mask that will protect your face and warm the air you breathe while exercising hard, but not fog glasses?

                 Thank you!  


Check out Airtrim




and use Bliz ProFlip glasses and you will cover more of your face not fog.

 Marathon Fueling

Start Easy!

Dear Ski Post -

Any tips on how to fuel the engine during a marathon?  Dealing with gloves and strapped on poles is very cumbersome when trying to take in calories, liquid and especially solid.  Not at all like the hands-free situation while running a marathon.  

Thank  you!  Hungry


One option is always a Camelbak type hydration system (that does not freeze).  I suggest checking out the Camelbak's Powderbak system that is built into a midlayer so it uses your body heat to keep it from freezing and is not bulky
 men, women's


If you start drinking early and use an energy drink you can survive most, if not all, of  a marathon without solid food. For extra energy you can staple a gel packs pack to your race bib. 


But one race day key to surviving a Marathon without the dreaded bonk is starting easy enough for at least the first 20 minutes. If you avoid oxygen debt at the start and ski into the race you can start burning fats and you can have enough fats to ski a marathon. But if you start out too fast you will start burning glycogen and then you will run out of energy. (In layman's terms) 


But I am sure I  have misstated the technical terms of fats vs glycogen ... so some of our SkiPost readers who are experts on nutrition will have input that they will share with us. If you wish to weigh in on Marathon Fueling please email  

Andy at SkiPost

Where are we?
Click Image to find out.
VBT Cross-Country Ski Vacations 

On the heels of VBT's very first Ski Vacation, I joined Gregg, VBT Ski Product manager Garrott and a great group of our travelers in Europe for our  Slovenia, Italy & Austria: Cross-Country Skiing the Alps tour. It was a fantastic time spent in the snow- and believe me, there was plenty of it!

We started our time together in Venice. Many in the group had taken advantage of our Pre-trip extension, where we enjoyed a wonderful stay at our Venice Hotel, the Dona Palace. I spent the first day exploring the famed city with Lorraine, a member of our group. The streets were bustling but not crowded. The Grand Canal was lively and still lit with Christmas decorations and St. Mark's square at night was magical with its cathedral illuminated. Of course there were plenty of boutiques with locally blown glass, perfect for window-shopping and Lorraine and I even explored a bookmaking shop to check out an old leather embossing machine. We wandered the maze of narrow streets, walking over the Rialto Bridge, the Bridge of Sighs and watching the gondolas - each one a work of art - go by with bundled up tourists. All in all we had a wonderful time touring Venice, and we were excited to hit the trails!

The first day of our ski tour began with a water taxi in Venice and then a transfer to Slovenia. As if on-cue, that's when the snow began to fall-and it continued for days. On the way to Slovenia, we met our Trip Leaders, Bodhi, and Matija, for lunch in Tarvisio and then moved on to ski in Kranjska Gora. Upon arrival we took advantage of the option to hone our skills a bit with local ski instructors who did an excellent job of getting everyone comfortable on their skis. It was also the perfect way for the group to get to know each other. Nothing like getting your ski legs back in order to break the ice. We had lots of laughs and lots of learning!


read the rest of the story here.



Kikkan Randall & Holly Brooks 
Visit the Salomon S-Lab ADC  
During the World Cup stop in La Clusaz (FRA), Salomon opened the doors to it's Product Design facility in Annecy, France.  Members of the media, FIS and two Salomon athletes from the US Ski Team, Kikkan Randall (boots, bindings) and Holly Brooks (ski, boots, bindings) took part in the tour.  Inside the Fence caught up with them for an interview during a team training camp in Les Saisies, France, as the team team prepares for the upcoming Sochi World Cups . 
Inside the Fence #16 - Salomon
Inside the Fence #16 - Salomon


Uliana Kaisheva
Uliana Kaisheva 3 time IBU World Youth Champion
Start Wax Start Poles
Salomon Skis Boots Bindings

Start Race Day Waxing Suggestions


Craftsbury Marathon Wax Rec available at SkiRack


Jim Galanes is running a BMT wax service including Start wax. Contact 
Start waxing also available at 


Check out our blog for more wax recs.


You can also select the race day wax alone. 

Download Start tech manual here.

Go to pages 20-30

Decide of you have new, old,  or coarse snow.

Determine he likely temp.

Read the recipe and wax your skis.


Any more questions please email 

You can do it.

Get out and Play



The Get Out & Play Winter Sports Program is a unique Park City community partnership, which gives local elementary students the opportunity to participate in a variety of winter sports in a safe, supervised environment.


Supported by the Youth Winter Sports Alliance, this program is a cooperative effort with local venues - offering lessons at a greatly reduced price, schools - supporting through their PTA's & providing volunteers, and Community Grants.


get out and play  


This after school program thrives through the countless parent volunteers who assist with everything from getting kids geared up at the schools, to chaperoning on the buses that transport the students to the select venues, to helping on the mountain or trail with the lessons.


At the top of the program list, the cross country ski program is one of the most popular offerings of Get Out & Play. Once kids arrive at the White Pine Nordic Center, they grab their gear, which is included in the program cost, and head out to the trail to learn the fundamentals of the sport. Through a series of games, obstacle courses, and the occasional "snowball biathlon", kids discover balance, weight transfer, and overall coordination. Learning skills essential to the sport through a safe and fun environment.

This program truly offers something valuable for just about every student in this community, whether it is getting them off of the couch on Friday afternoon, exposing them to a new sport they have never tried, or challenging their already developed skills.

With almost 1,000 kids participating in Get Out & Play, the Youth Winter Sports Alliance also funds over 120 kids in financial need each year.  Elementary students can choose to Downhill Ski, Freestyle Ski, Nordic Ski or Jump, Freeride, Snowboard, or Skate.  For more information on the Get Out & Play Program, please contact the Youth Winter Sports Alliance office at 435-214-0792,, or visit our website at


Team News
 JR/U23 Nordic World Championships 
took place last week 

NNF funded 


$45,600 of $64,025 in XC team's trip cost & 

 $12,000 of $22,600 in NC team's trip costs  

here is a story from 

Nordic Combined


A message from Coach Kerry Lynch on the final day of Nordic Combined competition.


Dobre Veche (good evening) from Liberec,


The final Nordic Combined event commenced in Liberec today under cloudy skies, turbulent winds and cold temperatures, around 7 degrees fahrenheit. Things went pretty well for Team USA, all things considered.  It took some time for the jump event to conclude as the winds were volatile and officials tried their best to pull off a "fair" competition.  Japan won the jumping and would start first.  2nd was Germany, showing a little "chink" in the armor, starting :19 seconds back.  Poland placed 3rd and started :25 back.  4th was Russia, starting :34 back.  5th was France, :40 back.  In 6th was Austria, :53 back.  USA 7th, :55 back as the guys jumped really well, the best they had all week.  8th was Finland also starting :55 back (after rounding up).  9th was Estonia at :57 back, 10th was the Czech Republic at 1:00 back.  Then a big drop down to Italy in 11th 1:50 back, then Norway in 12th 1:57 back, and finally Slovenia at 2:23 back.


Erik started first and as the seeding played out, many teams opted to put their fastest guys in the first seed to gain ground and make contact as quick as possible.  Erik would need to hang on the best he could.  Erik skied a great leg as he maintained the placing.  Norway made a big move to close the gap on the field.  Aleck Gantick was up next and skied a strong first lap, getting a bigger lead on Estonia, gaining ground on Poland, but losing ground to Norway and they were really moving up.  On the 2nd lap of a 2.5km loop, Norway was able to pass USA.  Aleck was in 10th when he tagged Ben Berend for the 3rd leg.  Ben skied strong on lap 1, but couldn't close the gap on the teams ahead accept for Poland who Ben passed on the last big climb.  Ben started to close the gap on the Czech Republic and was in still in 10th when he tagged our anchor, Tyler Smith.  Tyler skied a blazing first lap and was able to pass the Czech Republic, and closed the gap on Estonia, but could not get closer on the 2nd lap and the USA was 9th overall.


As expected Germany won the gold, but Austria gave them a good fight and won the silver, :10 seconds behind.  Japan held on for the bronze in 3rd, 1:03 back.  Russia stayed in 4th 1:53 back, Finland 5th, 1:59 back, Norway 6th 2:00 back, France 7th 2:12 back, Estonia 8th 2:59 back, USA 9th 3:28 back, Czech Republic 10th 4:34 back, Poland ended up 11th, 5:03 back, Italy was 12th 6:22 back and Slovenia was 13th, 7:30 back.


All in all, the guys did well, and will learn from this experience and be better for it going forward.


Thanks to the NNF and all our supporters.  See you state side!


From the World Junior Nordic Combined team 

 Read more at NNF

Destination & Event Center
4th Annual Sun Valley Nordic Festival
January 26 - February 3 
in NordicTown USA, Sun Valley, Idaho.

nt usa

2013 Sun Valley Nordic Festival Events:
Thursday, January 31
AXCS National Masters 10km Classic at Sun Valley Nordic
Downtown Jam/NordicTown USA Sprints (Nordic and Snowbike Races)
Friday, February 1:
Swix Boulder Mountain Tour Expo
 Banff Film Festival
Saturday, February 2:
38th Annual Swix Boulder Mountain Tour

Swix Half Boulder Mountain Tour
Swix Boulder Mountain Tour Awards Ceremony
Marley in the Mountains
Banff Film Festival
Sunday, February 3: 
Swix Boulder Mountain Tour Demo at Sun Valley Nordic

For event specifics visit


February 2, 2013

From Highland Lodge to Craftsbury Common


Cross-country skiers have the option of doing a 25 or 50 kilometer race. Skiers will use the classical technique on beautifully groomed trails through some of New England's most scenic countryside. 

The trail climbs and descends nearly 3000 feet over 50 kilometers. Some of the descents and turns are quite challenging and combined with the distance require at least intermediate skiing skills and good endurance. Children and their parents are encouraged to tour this course together, enjoying Vermont's spectacular outdoors.   A recreation class will start after all the racers have gone. 


You may call (802)586-7767, email, or check for more detailed information and registration.

26th Annual Sonot Kkaazoot 

Saturday, 23 March

Fairbanks AK


Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks is hosting 2013 Junior National Championships in Fairbanks at Birch Hill (March 11-16, 2013), perhaps, some Masters skiers who plan to attend Junior Nationals might want to consider skiing the 26th Annual Sonot Kkaazoot on Saturday, 23 March. The main 50 km event includes a downtown Fairbanks start, 10 km on the Chena River, a lovely wooded trail through Fort Wainwright, all the main trails at Birch Hill recreation area, down the Sonot connector, and back down the Chena River to downtown Fairbanks. There is also a 20 km event and a new 40 km event that eliminates some of the more technical trails at Birch Hill. We have created a Sonot Kkaazoot website that has detailed information about the 2013 events and some past history.



Training Programs and Camps 
Lake Superior Ski Club

  The Lake Superior Ski Club has set up our 2013 Junior Training programs.  Our goals are to help you achieve yours.  If you are a junior in northern MN, northwestern WI, or Duluth, we are here for you.  If you want more out of your training plan, workouts, and feedback, check us out.    

Do you have a program you wish to promote? 
email and we will share.
Nordic Job Openings

Nordic Job Opening? email to post

About SkiPost


Cross-Country skiing's community lodge. Where knowledge and stories are shared. The goal of SkiPost is to make the sport of Cross-Country skiing easier and more enjoyable for all who choose to participate. If you have questions on Cross-Country Skiing email us and visit


Enjoy Winter,

Andrew Gerlach
Director/Editor- SkiPost


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I wear ProFlip because they are active just like me. They go up, they go down. They ride off my face to resist fogging and they protect my eyes in every direction so I ski relaxed.
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