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To kick or not to Kick.


I'm thinking of double poling a 10 km race  It has a hill with 2 stretches of 10-20 yards of herringbone that I cannot double pole  We have to do it 3 times.. There are more climbs , but gradual( Masters Nationals in Sun Valley). I have no problems making it up them.  What skis should I use. Ihave a pair of klisterskis besides my cold skis or is it better to use a skating ski. And which boots. About the poles I read in your last skipost

Thanks for your answer




Racing without kick wax is the exception and not the norm.

The only way to know for sure if going without wax is a good choice is to test it. As it is a 3.3 km loop you could do a good test with kick wax, and one set with no kick wax. Classic skis are very fast in the classic ski tracks and are generally used. Skate skis are only chosen if there are a lot of turns in the course and you need the skate skis stability and control. You could use a Skiathlon or Skating boot for better control as you will not need the toe flexion to get kick.  

But I would be happy to help you get great kicking classic skis on race day and I think you would prefer to classic the race and not double pole. I hope this helps. see you there.


Andy G

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PSIA instructor Tip For SkiPost

Body Language....... read it!

by Ross Matlock 


I've often heard statistics stating that over 90% of all communication is non verbal. Reading body language is not an exact science, yet we do it every day when communicating with the people around us.  We can break down the segments of the body and focus on them in order to better understand reading body language, but in winter many of these body parts are covered up.


Take for example, the eyes. When eyes look left and right, up or down, roll back or widen, they give us clues as to what people are thinking.  More often than not, eyes in a skiing context are covered or hidden, preventing observable differences.  There is one body part, however, that we as instructors can focus on to give us insights and clues as to people's thoughts and feelings, without verbal communication - and that is the head.


In general terms the head plays a big roll in body language reading.  Even though it may be covered by a hat, or helmet it tends to be an indicator for the whole body. Due to the flexible nature of the neck, the head has many subtle positions that can be observed. We will look at three main head movements instructors should focus on, when working with staff or students.


The first observable head movement is fast head nodding.  We seem to understand the slow nodding of the head to be associated with attentive listening, but watch for the fast head nodding.  This can be read as being a "hurry up" signal, or one of impatience.  Often combined with hand gestures, it's a sign that perhaps you need to wind it up and that it's time to move on.


The head tilted to one side is another head movement we can observe and read.  In general, it is a non-threatening, submissive gesture signaling a moment of thoughtfulness.  Trust is also linked to the head tilt to one side and lends itself to the thought that someone is, 'sizing up the comment,' or situation.  In this case, we may want to give these folks a little more time to process the information we've just given.


When the head is tilted downwards, it is often a sign of criticism, or that of disappointment.  Sometimes this is one of the easiest head movements to observe when teaching and often indicates a level of distrust, or disapproval.  In a lesson or clinic situation, it often means we need to take a different approach, or try something new.


As I have stated, this is not an exact science but if statistics hold true, we need to pay attention to the non-verbal cues our student or fellow instructors give us.  Good instructors have the ability to read body language and make adjustments on the fly. If body language indicates others peoples feelings towards you, then we also have to be mindful of what our body language reveals to other people about our feelings. 


 by Ross Matlock PSIA Nordic Demo team


Race Day Waxing Suggestions


You can do it alone.


This week we are going to help you help yourself, because selecting wax is not as difficult as we often make it out to be.


Download our tech manual here.

Go to pages 20-30.

Decide of you have new, old,  or coarse snow.

Determine he likel temp.

Read the recipe and wax your skis.


If you have any more questions please email 


You can do it.
Team News
 JR/U23 Nordic World  Championships 
are taking place

NNF will fund 


$45,600 of $64,025 in XC team's trip cost & 


$12,000 of $22,600 in NC team's trip costs  
here is a story from 

Sophie Caldwell (9th place)

U23 Sprint recap


The U23s kicked off their week of racing with the classic sprints yesterday. It was a chilly morning and the course set up really nicely with fast firm tracks. I didn't have much of a strategy going into the race other than to go as hard as I could. I think I accomplished that goal because I was very tired after the prelim. We had great skis all day that were speedy and had good kick. Erik and I both qualified for the finals which was very exciting but we also had a lot of people in the 30s who just missed making the heats. I think they all skied well and were happy with how it went but it was also a little bittersweet being so close to making the heats. 


When I started to talk strategy with Gus, he basically told me that I had to treat each heat as if it were an A final - these girls were fast and there was going to be no conserving energy for later heats out there because I would need to go as hard as I could to make it to the next heat. I've raced in three World Juniors before and each time I qualified for the heats but never made it past the quarterfinals so when I saw I had a good qualifier, I was really motivated to make the semis. My quarter final went well and I was lucky to have a good position for the whole race and still have some energy left on the final climb but I was pretty exhausted after that heat. I sat down for a little while to recover and jogged around to warm up for the next heat as soon as I started to feel better. My semi final was going well and I was in a really good position heading into the final climb but I ran out of steam and started to get a little frantic, ending up 5th in my heat. Overall, I was really happy with the day! Erik and I both had personal bests and cracked the top 10. I think we all came away from the race with some more things to work on but it was encouraging to be right in there skiing with some World Cup regulars who are around the same age! Read more at NNF

Destination & Event Center

noq  Noquemanon

 Jan 26

Marquette, MI


Race Update


Tuesday January 22,  2013 Race Course Update

Last night we had a hearty crew of 18 guys and one lady (my wife!) out shoveling and hauling snow with equipment, for 2.5 hours in sub-zero temperatures.  It was an impressive crew that did not want to stop, even though we felt the trail was very well covered!  We added quite a bit of snow to our base, over the last 4km.  We will be hauling snow to the finish area today.  At the end of today, we should have excellent coverage from start to finish.  There are predictions of some modest snow accumulations over the rest of the week, that could dress things up a bit.  Trail is in good shape.


Jon Mommaerts, Race Director

4th Annual Sun Valley Nordic Festival
January 26 - February 3 
in NordicTown USA, Sun Valley, Idaho.

nt usa

2013 Sun Valley Nordic Festival Events:
Saturday, January 26:
BCRD Ski the Rails/Hailey Downtown Party 
Galena & the Trails Benefit 
Sunday, January 27:
Skin it to Win It Ski & Snowboard Race 
Alturas Ski and Après Ski
Tuesday, January 29:
Twilight Ski & Dinner at Galena Lodge

Wednesday, January 30:
AXCS National Masters Freestyle Prologue at Sun Valley Nordic

Sun Valley Alpine & Nordic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
Perspectives on Nordic Skiing at the Community Library
Thursday, January 31:
AXCS National Masters 10km Classic at Sun Valley Nordic

Downtown Jam/NordicTown USA Sprints (Nordic and Snowbike Races)
Friday, February 1:
Swix Boulder Mountain Tour Expo
 Banff Film Festival
Saturday, February 2:
38th Annual Swix Boulder Mountain Tour

Swix Half Boulder Mountain Tour
Swix Boulder Mountain Tour Awards Ceremony
Marley in the Mountains
Banff Film Festival
Sunday, February 3: 
Swix Boulder Mountain Tour Demo at Sun Valley Nordic

For event specifics visit




February 2, 2013

From Highland Lodge to Craftsbury Common


Cross-country skiers have the option of doing a 25 or 50 kilometer race. Skiers will use the classical technique on beautifully groomed trails through some of New England's most scenic countryside. 

The trail climbs and descends nearly 3000 feet over 50 kilometers. Some of the descents and turns are quite challenging and combined with the distance require at least intermediate skiing skills and good endurance. Children and their parents are encouraged to tour this course together, enjoying Vermont's spectacular outdoors.   A recreation class will start after all the racers have gone. 


You may call (802)586-7767, email, or check for more detailed information and registration.

26th Annual Sonot Kkaazoot 

Saturday, 23 March

Fairbanks AK


Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks is hosting 2013 Junior National Championships in Fairbanks at Birch Hill (March 11-16, 2013), perhaps, some Masters skiers who plan to attend Junior Nationals might want to consider skiing the 26th Annual Sonot Kkaazoot on Saturday, 23 March. The main 50 km event includes a downtown Fairbanks start, 10 km on the Chena River, a lovely wooded trail through Fort Wainwright, all the main trails at Birch Hill recreation area, down the Sonot connector, and back down the Chena River to downtown Fairbanks. There is also a 20 km event and a new 40 km event that eliminates some of the more technical trails at Birch Hill. We have created a Sonot Kkaazoot website that has detailed information about the 2013 events and some past history.



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I wear ProFlip because they are active just like me. They go up, they go down. They ride off my face to resist fogging and they protect my eyes in every direction so I ski relaxed.
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