Volume 13 Issue 37: Jan 3, 2013
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Finding that Elusive Double Compression 

with the Lily-Pad Drill


Megan Spurkland, PSIA National Nordic Team


Earlier this fall, I had my women's group out ski bounding as we waited for snow.  I wanted to bring out powerful double compression in their classic bounding, so I tried out an explanation that went something like, "Normal running and walking movements have one compression.  That means that when we run or walk we land on a bent leg (flexion) and then we straighten it as we step onto our next foot (extension).  I will refer to this as a single compression movement.  In proper classic skiing, however, there are two compressions.  We land on a flexed leg, then extend our leg up to preload our ski, then flex our leg again to set the wax pocket in the snow, and then extend it for the second time as we transfer our weight onto our next ski."


BLANK STARES.  "Well," I said, "let's go try this and see how you can translate this explanation into your ski bounding." 


All of the sudden there were wildly incorrect movements, huge pauses were created while people mentally processed bringing their hips up before flexing the leg for the second time, and there was a lot of passganging going on (moving the right arm forward with the right leg). I had only produced confusion with my wordy explanation.  How could I correct this situation?


"Okay, stop!  Let's try something different."  In the skiff of snow that was on the road, I drew five circles in a straight line, spaced far enough apart that it would be a challenge to jump from one to the other.  "I want you to stand in the first circle one your RIGHT leg.  Now, jump as hard as you can and try to land in the second circle on your LEFT leg.  Pause for a second, but stay on your left leg, and then jump as hard as you can to the third circle, landing on your RIGHT leg. Think of it like jumping from lily pad to lily pad, and if you miss the lily pad you are going to fall in the lake. Give it a try!"


All of the sudden, every single person in the group demonstrated picture-perfect double compression.  They were landing on a flexed leg, and then their leg would slightly straighten and hips would raise up as they prepared for their jump.  They would flex their knee and ankle for the second time as they gave it all they had to jump off that one foot, their leg would extend and straighten, and they would land on the next lily pad.  Their arms naturally did the correct movements, and they were driving hard with their arms to help make it to the next lily pad.


Dave Ward from the Anchorage Junior Nordic program introduced this drill to me several years ago, and only recently did I understand the complexity of it.  It produces phenomenal double compression ski bounding.  Once you are on snow, you can emphasize gliding from lily pad to lily pad (instead of jumping) and it translates nicely into actual skiing.  


Have fun with this drill, and have a great new year!


Megan Spurkland, PSIA National Nordic Team 


Tricep Muscle Cramps

I was wondering what the cause would be for triceps cramping (ususally around 20K) during ski races?  Any suggestions on how to ward this off? Signed Ouch


Muscle cramps of any sort are typically caused by overuse of a muscle, dehydration, muscle strain or simply holding a position for a prolonged period. As it relates to the question of tricep cramps after 20 kilometers of skiing I would suggest the cramping could have two possible causes. Dehydration could be a cause but it is probably more likely that if it was a cause other muscle groups would also begin to cramp.


The other and more probable cause is simple over use.  Remember the foremost tenant of training is the principal of specificity. Without adequate strength and endurance capacity in the specific muscles over use cramping can occur. During prolonged activity the muscles fatigue, aerobic energy production in the muscle is not adequate and cramping can occur.  


As with all training there is no quick solution. First, I would recommend improving the maximal strength in the specific muscles, through general strength training. Exercises can include lat pull down, tricep presses, and other upper body strength training. Additional exercise to increase the endurance capacity of the specific muscles should also be included. These exercises need to be longer duration, 5-10 kilometers of double poling building to even longer durations, or similar durations of 5-20 plus minutes on an upper body arm ergometer.  As basic endurance improves then shorter periods, 3-5 minutes, of high intensity single and double pole intervals can be added to strengthen the specific muscles.


For a more specific training prescription please contact me.


By: Jim Galanes

Galanes Sports Lab

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Race Day Waxing Suggestions


US National Championship 

Day 1 Classic Sprint

Yesterday Race 1 of the US National Championship took place.

Temperatures were from 10-15F with low's overnight of 5 F.

The snow is Artificial Snow that is extremeley course with high water content and air humidity near 100%. 


For Glide, Start Race service and numerous teams were using

BM6: For Course Snow

N6: For Highest Humidity

SFR99: Wide Pure-Fluor Block  Corked in

By the heats N1 was being used.


For Kick, Start Race Service and Numerous teams were running 

Synthetic Blue Ironed-In 

A thin layer of Oslo Green

and Syn Blue as a  speedy cover


We congratulate Start Athlete Mike Sinnott from the SVSEF on his second pace finish on Start SD3 Poles and a good use of Start Wax.


Mike Sinnott 2nd place

 Mike Sinnott

Race Day Waxing Suggestions


This weekends wax suggestions



Great Lakes JNQ, Boyne Valley Lodge, MI Jan 5, 6

Michigan Cup 6 Hour Relay, Grayling, MI jan 5

Twin Cities Championships, Battle Creek Park, St. Paul, MN Jan 5, 6

Waukesha XC Ski Race, Nashotah, WI Jan 5

Finding Rainbow, Rainbow Resort Trails, Waubun, MN Jan 5

NY JNQ Van Hovenberg Olympic XC Stadium, Lake Placid, NY Jan. 5: 6

Buetow Dental Series, Birch Hill Ski Center, Fairbanks, AK Jan 5

Smartwool Wasatch Citizens#2, White Pine Center, Park City, UT Jan 5

Snowmaker Classic Baker Creek Race, Ketchum, ID Jan 5

Snow Mountain Classic, Tabernash, CO Jan 5

Sven Wiik Nordic Challenge Race #2, Steamboat Springs, CO Jan 5

Spam Cup #2, Rendezvous Ski Trails, West Yellowstone, MT Jan 5

US Nationals Freestyle Jan 4th

All wax recs can be viewed at Start US Blog and on Facebook
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Team News
U.S. National Cross-Country Skiing Championships 

will take place Jan 2-8
at the Soldier Hollow Olympic Venue
in Midway Utah.

4 races over 6 days 

From the Championships

National Champions will be crowned
Jr/U23 World Championship Team selected 
J1 Scandinavian Cup Team will be selected 

Jennie Bender
We congratulate Jennie Bender (Team CXC) on her 1st Place at the US Nationals Classic Sprint yesterday.
Jennie suffered through Mono and Lyme Disease all summer but triumphed yesterday. 

Jennie Bender
 J1 Trip Update Good News


Due to the generosity of the Cross-Country community and the exceptional efforts of Programs, Coaches, individuals and Junior skiers from past J1 Scando Trips, the National Nordic Foundation's drive for funding for this year's J1 trip Pillar Project has exceeded all goals. That means that the Nordic Foundation's support for the trip will knock the per athlete cost for a loop. Last year's ground cost was $1700.00 and this year's is $750.00! 

Thanks go out in many directions, and let's take this as an example of what we can do a little bit at a time. 


With the reminder that qualifying athletes must be able to commit to the trip immediately upon the naming of the Team, we wish everyone the best of luck.


National Nordic Foundation

Pete Phillips

J1 Trip Coordinator"


email with questions

Destination & Event Center
Master's Nationals
& Boulder Mountain Tour
all part of the 

The 2013 U.S. Masters National Championships will be held in Sun Valley, Idaho as part of the Sun Valley Ski Festival (Jan 29-Feb 3) which culminates with legendary Boulder Mountain Tour. 

Sun Valley, aka Nordic Town USA, has been blessed with snow all winter. SkiPost is fortunate to be based in Sun Valley/Ketchum where we have over 200km of groomed trails. Y  Come visit NordicTown USA. 


All Skiers are Welcome in West Yellowstone


The West Yellowstone Ski Education Foundation (WYSEF) is excited to announce a variety of activities for the upcoming winter season.  Cross country skiers of all abilities and ages are welcome to participate in WYSEF's races, recreational skis, and classes.  Join us on the weekends for...

  • Saturday January 5 at 11am.  The second SPAM Cup of the season will be held on the Rendezvous Ski Trails.  The SPAM Cup is a series of three citizen's races held throughout the season, skiers of all ages and abilities are welcome.  This race will be freestyle technique with distances of 2k, 7.5k, and 15k to choose from.  THE START AND REGISTRATION WILL TAKE PLACE AT THE BIATHLON RANGE.  Please arrive with enough time to ski out there before registration closes at 10:45am.  First place winners for each distance will receive a highly coveted SPAM trophy!
  • Saturday January 5.  Following the second SPAM Cup of the winter will be a chance for skiers to try their hand at biathlon.  Marc Sheppard of Altius Custom Firearms and his biathletes will be at the biathlon range to give instructions to any skiers interested in learning about this sport.  Firearms, ammunition and targets will be provided.  Bring yourself and your steady hand!
  • Saturday January 26.  WYSEF has coordinated with the USFS to offer a FREE ski day on the Rendezvous Ski Trails on Saturday, January 26.  Local Nordic shops, Freeheel & Wheel 406-646-7744 and Bud Lilly's 406-646-7801, will offer free ski rentals this day also.  WYSEF Board Members and other local experts will offer complimentary ski lessons from 11-2pm.  Altius Handcrafted Firearms will also sponsor the Try It Biathlon Day.  Learn the basics of biathlon and then test yourself after skiing with an elevated heart rate.  Rifles and ammunition will be provided.  Meet at the Rendezvous Trailhead Building and learn how to ski and shoot! If you are interested in teaching beginners to intermediates, please contact Moira.  Last year, the FREE SKI DAY was an overwhelming success.  Join us and help us celebrate Winter Trails Day 2013!
  • Saturday February 9 at 10am.  The third and final SPAM Cup of the season will be held on the Rendezvous Ski Trails.  The SPAM Cup is a series of three citizen's races held throughout the season, skiers of all ages and abilities are welcome.  Bring both your classic and freestyle skis as this race style, distances and course details are to be determined.  First place winners for each distance will receive a highly coveted SPAM trophy!
  • Saturday February 9 at 2pm.  The 3rd annual Taste of the Trails will be held following the season's final SPAM Cup.  Enjoy a leisurely 5k ski to four different courses of food, ending with dessert at the trailhead building.  Please check the for more information, including where to purchase tickets.
  • Saturday February 25 at 6:00pm.  Join WYSEF Board members for a moonlight ski.  Meet at the Rendezvous Trailhead Building at 6:00pm and see the trails in a whole new light.  A trail pass is required but there is no additional fee for this guided ski.
  • Saturday March 2.  The 34th annual Yellowstone Rendezvous Race will be held in West Yellowstone, Montana.  Skiers from across the nation will be on the Rendezvous Ski Trails to compete in this marathon ski race.  Course distances range from 2k for the kids to 50k for those looking for a true long distance event.  All the details can be found online at  Register early for the best rate. 
  • Sunday March 3.  The WYSEF Youth Ski Festival is a terrific way to wrap up your family's Rendezvous Race weekend.  Skiers aged thirteen and younger are encouraged to have fun on skis.  Your child can participate in activities such as musical chairs, relay races, and the obstacle course.  This low key event is perfect for young skiers.  Families will walk away with a smile and some great photo ops!
  • March 23-24.  The Equinox Ski Challenge is a springtime celebration, a season finale, and also among the most challenging ski races in the world.  This event is ingrained with camaraderie, challenge, and commitment to the well-being of the local community.  Skiers of ALL abilities are welcome. The goal is to have a lot of fun and also complete as many laps as you can in the 6 Hour, 12 Hour or 24 Hour divisions.  Skiers can enter as a relay team of up to 8 members or as a soloist. For more information, please go to



February 2, 2013

From Highland Lodge to Craftsbury Common


The thirty second edition of Vermont's TD Bank Craftsbury Marathon, presented by the Craftsbury Outdoor Center, is scheduled for Saturday, February 2, 2013.


On line registration opens November 1st, 2012. The limit has been set to 1000 for the 2013 event and has filled in the past, so racers should sign up early. The mid-winter date and high course elevation assure good snow conditions on marathon day.


Cross-country skiers have the option of doing a 25 or 50 kilometer race. Skiers will use the classical technique on beautifully groomed trails through some of New England's most scenic countryside. Nearly two-hundred volunteers will be assisting one thousand entrants. Last year over forty sponsors from the ski industry contributed twenty thousand dollars worth of prizes and services for the event.


This year's route passes through the towns of Greensboro, Albany and Craftsbury, three small villages in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. The marathon starts at Highland Lodge at 9:00 AM and climbs Barr Hill, the high point of the course at 2100 feet, for spectacular vistas in all directions.  The next 20 kilometers roll and descend to Craftsbury Village.  The 25 km course then climbs to scenic Craftsbury Common while the 50 km skiers make a circuit of the Craftsbury Outdoor Center's impeccably groomed trails before finishing on the Common. The Common is generally acclaimed one of New England's most scenic villages.


The trail climbs and descends nearly 3000 feet over 50 kilometers. Some of the descents and turns are quite challenging and combined with the distance require at least intermediate skiing skills and good endurance.


Locally handcrafted pottery and wrought iron bottle openers will be awarded for the top three in each ten-year marathon racing age class and special "25% club" pins to each racer who finishes within 25% of the class winner.


Children and their parents are encouraged to tour this course together, enjoying Vermont's spectacular outdoors.   A recreation class will start after all the racers have gone. 


You may call (802)586-7767, email, or check for more detailed information and registration.

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