Volume 13 Issue 36: Dec 27, 2012
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One Glide Wax


If you were to wax with only one glide wax all winter what would you choose, not for racing just for every day training? signed KISS


I would choose Start Blue SG6 it is ideal for 10F to 20F but still great when it gets colder or warmer.


For racing if I were to just have one wax I would use the HF Blue HF7.


Read more simple wax explanations here



Tricep Muscle Cramps

I was wondering what the cause would be for triceps cramping (ususally around 20K) during ski races?  Any suggestions on how to ward this off? Signed Ouch


Muscle cramps of any sort are typically caused by overuse of a muscle, dehydration, muscle strain or simply holding a position for a prolonged period. As it relates to the question of tricep cramps after 20 kilometers of skiing I would suggest the cramping could have two possible causes. Dehydration could be a cause but it is probably more likely that if it was a cause other muscle groups would also begin to cramp.


The other and more probable cause is simple over use.  Remember the foremost tenant of training is the principal of specificity. Without adequate strength and endurance capacity in the specific muscles over use cramping can occur. During prolonged activity the muscles fatigue, aerobic energy production in the muscle is not adequate and cramping can occur.  


As with all training there is no quick solution. First, I would recommend improving the maximal strength in the specific muscles, through general strength training. Exercises can include lat pull down, tricep presses, and other upper body strength training. Additional exercise to increase the endurance capacity of the specific muscles should also be included. These exercises need to be longer duration, 5-10 kilometers of double poling building to even longer durations, or similar durations of 5-20 plus minutes on an upper body arm ergometer.  As basic endurance improves then shorter periods, 3-5 minutes, of high intensity single and double pole intervals can be added to strengthen the specific muscles.


For a more specific training prescription please contact me.


By: Jim Galanes

Galanes Sports Lab

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Warm or Cold Classic Skis?


What is the general rule using cold or warm classic skies for marathon racing, what is the general temperature cut off both skis. 


Sincerely and Happy Holidays!


In classic it comes down not to the temp, but to the kick wax required for the snow condition. 


If one is using Hardwaxes (which go on thin) than one selects lower riding Cold Classic ski.


If one is using Klisters (which go on thick) than one selects the higher riding Warm Classic ski.


If you are just going to have one classic ski, or a first classic ski, the Cold is the one to have as its lower riding camber makes it easier to get kick every day. 


Andy at SkiPost


    Wearing a Hat?



Would you please respond to the issue of wearing hats to help maintain core temp and thus not jeopardize performance.... 


Yes, the human body performs best when its core temp remains around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius). Too cold (or too hot) and performance quickly drops. We lose heat through conduction, convection, radiation and evaporation. We constantly release heat in the form of radiation. Conduction occurs when our bodies give away heat to that other object that we are in contact with that has a lower temp, like snow or air particles.  Convection occurs when we transfer het to air particle through motion i.e. "wind chill" Finally, when as we sweat, ( or get wet)  we transfer heat through evaporation, as water on our skin transforms into a gas. Since our bodies naturally give away heat to colder, active particles, air particles in wind, and water particles (snow and rain) can accelerate that effect.


To combat rapid cooling, we shiver to generating heat by exciting our muscles. In the cold many parts of the body blood vessels in our skin tissue constrict, or tighten up to keep blood away from the cold outer layer of the body and helps circulate warmer blood to our core areas. But this tightening is not good for peak performance and racing.


Why a hat? Because areas around the head, neck, chest and groin don't constrict as effectively as the smaller ones near the skin and thus more even more susceptible to heat loss. Furthermore water is denser than air, so it absorbs more heat (up to 32 times more) than air. So when you are skiing in rain or snow you can get hypothermia quicker if the rain or snow is falling on your uncovered head and neck.


That's why Nordic racing attire includes a hat and often neck gaiter.


When your core temperature down to 95 degrees or below it is called hypothermia. When your re-warming reactions are not enough to overcome the cooling process, hypothermia can set in and skiing performance will decrease quickly.  Mild Hypothermia includes shivering, goose bumps, difficulty with complex motor skills Moderate Hypothermia includes violent shivering, sluggish, speech problems, difficulty with fine motor skills. Severe Hypothermia includes rigid muscles, dazed, shivering has stopped, blue skin, erratic heart beat.


So dress properly, starting with your first layers ( I use craft) and finishing with a hat and neck gator (and glasses) to keep you muscles (and eyes) warm and relaxed to race better.



 Andy at SkiPost



Race Day Waxing Suggestions



This weekends wax suggestions


Como Championships Como Park, St. Paul, MN

Hidden Valley Holiday Games, Ely, MN

Betty Woolsey Trail Creek Classic Wilson, WY

Santa's Revenge Sleepy Hollow Ski Center, Huntington, VT

Mt. Hor Hop, Westmore, VT

Tour De Ski-Boyne Valley Lodge, Walloon Lake, MI

Paco's Fun Race Auburn Ski Club, Soda Springs, CA

Snowshoe Thompson Classic & JNQ

Mazama Ski Rodeo Mazama Community Center, Mazama, WA

Skyway Shuffle Skyway Nordic Center, Grand Mesa, CO


All wax recs can be viewed at Start US Blog and on Facebook

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start start
Team News
starts Saturday on Oberhof Germany
7 competitions, over 9 days, at 5 different venues, in 3 countries

For the U.S. Kikkan Randall, Jessie Diggins, Holly Brooks (image below), Liz Stephen, Kris Freeman, Noah Hoffman, and Andy Newell will be racing.
 image SalomonNordic/NordicFocus
Watch all the action from EuroSport via 
U.S. National Cross-Country Skiing Championships 

will take place Jan 2-8
at the Soldier Hollow Olympic Venue
in Midway Utah.

4 races over 6 days 

From the Championships

National Champions will be crowned
Jr/U23 World Championship Team selected 
J1 Scandinavian Cup Team will be selected 

 J1 Trip Update 


Due to the short time between selection of the J1 Team to Norway and departure and in order to be fair to alternates in giving them time to get tickets we ask that ALL QUALIFIERS BE READY TO COMMIT TO THE TRIP IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE NAMING CEREMONY AT US NATIONALS. TRIP COST NOT INCLUDING AIRFARE IS $1800. Positions on the trip will be given to the first alternates if initial qualifiers do not commit at that time. 

Pete Phillips NNF J1 Trip Coordinator 

email with questions

Destination & Event Center
Master's Nationals
& Boulder Mountain Tour
all part of the 

The 2013 U.S. Masters National Championships will be held in Sun Valley, Idaho as part of the Sun Valley Ski Festival (Jan 29-Feb 3) which culminates with legendary Boulder Mountain Tour. 

Sun Valley, aka Nordic Town USA, has been blessed with snow all winter. SkiPost is fortunate to be based in Sun Valley/Ketchum where we have over 200km of groomed trails. Yesterday we skied out our driveway, skied across the street to the bike path that is groomed for Nordic, and skied 5km to town had lunch and skied back home. Life is good.  


February 2, 2013

From Highland Lodge to Craftsbury Common


The thirty second edition of Vermont's TD Bank Craftsbury Marathon, presented by the Craftsbury Outdoor Center, is scheduled for Saturday, February 2, 2013.


On line registration opens November 1st, 2012. The limit has been set to 1000 for the 2013 event and has filled in the past, so racers should sign up early. The mid-winter date and high course elevation assure good snow conditions on marathon day.


Cross-country skiers have the option of doing a 25 or 50 kilometer race. Skiers will use the classical technique on beautifully groomed trails through some of New England's most scenic countryside. Nearly two-hundred volunteers will be assisting one thousand entrants. Last year over forty sponsors from the ski industry contributed twenty thousand dollars worth of prizes and services for the event.


This year's route passes through the towns of Greensboro, Albany and Craftsbury, three small villages in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. The marathon starts at Highland Lodge at 9:00 AM and climbs Barr Hill, the high point of the course at 2100 feet, for spectacular vistas in all directions.  The next 20 kilometers roll and descend to Craftsbury Village.  The 25 km course then climbs to scenic Craftsbury Common while the 50 km skiers make a circuit of the Craftsbury Outdoor Center's impeccably groomed trails before finishing on the Common. The Common is generally acclaimed one of New England's most scenic villages.


The trail climbs and descends nearly 3000 feet over 50 kilometers. Some of the descents and turns are quite challenging and combined with the distance require at least intermediate skiing skills and good endurance.


Locally handcrafted pottery and wrought iron bottle openers will be awarded for the top three in each ten-year marathon racing age class and special "25% club" pins to each racer who finishes within 25% of the class winner.


Children and their parents are encouraged to tour this course together, enjoying Vermont's spectacular outdoors.   A recreation class will start after all the racers have gone. 


You may call (802)586-7767, email, or check for more detailed information and registration.

SkiTrax FIS Fantasy Tour de Ski 2012/13 Contest

 Deadline is Dec. 28


 Time is running out for xc-ski fans the world over as the deadline to enter the SkiTrax FIS Fantasy Tour de Ski 2012/13 Contest is 10pm EST on Dec. 28. With over 200 teams registered this is your chance to be eligible to win over $2,500 in prizes and see how you compare with other players around the world and the actual TdS standings.


Please note that top Norwegian competitor Marit Bjoergen will miss the Tour unfortunately as she was recently hospitalized due to an irregular heartbeat. Bjoergen is ok and was released but will miss the TdS that was one of her key goals this season - read more here.


This year the Tour de Ski runs from Dec. 29 to Jan. 6 covering 9 days with the first event kicking off in Oberhof, Germany.


Here's how the FIS Tour de Ski 2012/13 Contest works Register your team of unique individual skiers including four (4) men, and four (4) women plus two (2) Outlaw Skiers (one male and one

female) not in the top 15 of the FIS World Cup overall rankings. The menus for all skiers are at registration as well as a link to the FIS World Cup Ranking where you can find more details on each skier.


Deadlines, Points, Prizes

The deadline to register your FIS Tour de Ski 2012/13 team, or to make any changes, is 10pm EST on Dec. 28 - the day before the TdS launches. Earn bonus points such as Kick and Glide or Val Climb Points along with other opportunities to score points - all contest rules and information are available at TdS registration.


Points will be awarded following each TdS stage based on each skier's performance and published regularly at so you can follow your team's progress and see how you compare with other players and the actual TdS standings.


Register HERE.



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Cross-Country skiing's community lodge. Where knowledge and stories are shared. The goal of SkiPost is to make the sport of Cross-Country skiing easier and more enjoyable for all who choose to participate. If you have questions on Cross-Country Skiing email us and visit


Enjoy Winter,

Andrew Gerlach
Director/Editor- SkiPost


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I wear ProFlip because they are active just like me. They go up, they go down. They ride off my face to resist fogging and they protect my eyes in every direction so I ski relaxed.
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