Volume 13 Issue 32: Dec 6, 2012
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Which Heart Rate Monitor?


I am on the hunt for a heart rate monitor for my husband for Christmas. We are both at a stage in our Skate skiing where we would like to train more using zone work outs but I need a recommendation of a manufacturer or model that works well for skiing. Have any suggestions for me?


Thanks for helping,


Option 1:  Suunto Quest w/ heart rate and foot pod.

This is more of a sports watch, but if purchased with the "run pack" package it includes a dual heart rate monitor strap and distance/speed Foot pod.  This device is very simple to use.  Heart rate will be very accurate for all types of exercising, but it doesn't have many training functions such as setting exercise HR zones. If you wish to have the watch act as part time coach and help set up workouts I would suggest Suunto T6D .



Option 2:  Suunto T6D w/ heart rate and foot pod.

This device is a bit more sophisticated than the Quest.  This watch will do everything the Quest watch can do, but also acts as an ABC watch (altimeter, barometer, compass).  It will also add much better training functions what will allow you to set up precise workouts, set HR zones, etc...  This device is a bit more expensive that the Quest, but is going to be removed from the Suunto line in the next 6 months L  It is my favorite watch and the one I go do nearly all the time.  Because it is being replaced, it is possible to get a fantastic deal on this watch now.



Hopefully this helps a bit, you can also reference 

V2 vs V2 Alternate

reprint from Nov 29


Q:  I have some questions regarding the V2  compared to the  V2 alternate.  What is the appropriate terrain to use each of these techniques?  Is one faster than the other?  If you are skiing a ski marathon which one would you use as your primary method of propulsion? As you are flying down the trail how do you decide which one to use and why?


A:  The use of a specific ski technique is determined by many factors which include; your skill level, ability to produce power, balance and agility, coordination of movements and, of course, the terrain and speed of the snow. I believe the goal should be to develop a well-rounded skill set across all of the skating techniques so come race day the techniques you use at various speeds and terrains will be optimal for your level of fitness.

 skate sequence


I have read many  articles that suggest there is a speed continuum of skating technique that ranges from V1 used in steep uphill's, V2 used on flatter and gradual uphill terrain and the V2 Alternate used on the flats and gradual downhill's when the speeds are highest.  I believe this concept is an over simplification because the V2 Alternate, while effective at high speed, can also be used by stronger skiers in uphill terrain.  Likewise, the V2 can be used on flats at high speed as well as on uphill's by stronger skiers.  


Read rest of article in last weeks archive.



By: Jim Galanes

Galanes Sports Lab

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PSIA Instructors' Corner
Specific Steps vs Learning Styles

For this coaching tip, let's focus on the teaching/coaching specific steps and their relationship to commonly referred-to Learning Styles, as follows: Explain (Auditory), Demonstrate (Visual), and Practice (Kinesthetic).

 Early in my career, I was beholden to the idea that you must do these in order. Later, I realized that some learners much prefer to see the big picture by way of demonstration before they're ready to hear the explanation. Others might need to feel how hard a technique is in practice (think V1 timing on a steep grade) before you have their attention enough to listen to an explanation of technique. My epiphany: it's not the order, but covering all the bases.


Still further on, I realized that my stepwise approach lacked efficiency especially with larger groups with a variety of learning preferences. Especially with static drills (like introducing V1 timing, or ankle flex to attain fuller leg extension) it's possible to explain, demonstrate and practice all at the same time. Take this example on a gradual incline: "Okay, everybody point your skis uphill, and rock from ski to ski like this without sliding anywhere. Now, focus on your hips...are they rocking too?...tipping?...tilting?...or sliding side to side? Let's try to do the latter, and keep them level as you rock. [...and when everyone seems to be doing it well enough...] Now, can you lower your center of mass?...and rock from ski to ski on a lower level? What do you notice about the range of motion in your legs?...Right!" All the while, everyone is active, moving, hearing, seeing and doing simultaneously. And to the extent that you can see everyone in the group, you can be checking for understanding not so much verbally as visually, even providing specific feedback along the way.


And so, to summarize, you can explain, demonstrate and practice to meet everyone's needs simultaneously. Many, especially the 'doers,' find this approach more fun and engaging. "Now, let's go skiing!...and every time we start up a hill, let's get down, stay level, and Rock!"




All my best,


Scott McGee PSIA Nordic Team 



Race Day Waxing Suggestions


The race season has begun.



Hoigaards Relays, Mlps MN

Westra Memorial Sprints, Dressler WI

Par Fore the Course Bend OR 

Bobcat Christmas Pole Bozeman MT 

AMH Anchorage Cup Sprint Relay AK 

Sun Valley Winterstart Race at Galena ID


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start start

Concept2 will be at Cross Country World Cup in Quebec

Partners with Fast and Female


Concept2 is proud to be a Bronze sponsor of Fast and Female, an organization founded in 2005 by Olympic gold medalist Chandra Crawford and members of the Canadian National Cross-Country Ski team.

As part of the sponsorship, Concept2 will be exhibiting at the first World Cup in Quebec, Canada, on December 7 and 8, 2012, and is providing Concept2 SkiErgs for athletes' use. They will also be holding SkiErg contests during the two days of racing. The SkiErgs will then be donated to Fast and Female for their post-race Breakfast of Champions fundraising raffle on Sunday, December 9.


Fast and Female is dedicated to the empowerment through sport of young women between 9 and 19. With an emphasis on cross-country skiing, biathlon and complimentary summer enduro-sports, Fast and Female hosts events led by athletic champions like Chandra Crawford and Kikkan Randall. These role models inspire girls to gain the confidence and leadership they need to reach their full potential in life and sports. In parallel, Fast and Female educates parents, coaches, and sports leaders to ensure they foster the most supportive environment for their young female athletes.


 For more information about Concept2, visit


concept 2 ski erg


Team News
nnf word

 NNF's Operation World Cup Mail Bag


American skiers have had some outstanding performances in the last 3 weeks. Every race has seen an athlete post a career best and a few races have seen American athletes make history with our nation's top performances ever.


Let's let them know that we are proud of what they have accomplished with Operation World Cup Mail Bag.


We are asking our American Nordic community to send a letter or postcard to our athletes and coaches to let them know that we/you are behind them every step of the way. Over the next two weeks the World Cup comes to North America for races in Quebec City (Dec. 7,8) and Canmore (Dec. 13-16). Let's give them some Holiday Cheer and let them know how much we appreciate them!


Send your Letter or Postcard to individual athletes or the team!


Radisson Hotel Conference Center Canmore
U.S. Ski Team - Chris Grover - WCMB
511 Bow Valley Trail
Canmore, CANADA T1W1N7


Or for US delivery before Dec 12



National Nordic Foundation

32 West 200 South #149 

Salt Lake City, UT 84101


NNF Nordic Calendars are now available
$20.00 order here.
nnf calendar cover
salomon racing  
Salomon is pleased to be a part of the history making success that is happening with the U.S. Team on the World Cup.

The next two weeks the World Cup makes a rare appearance in North America with racing in Quebec this weekend and Canmore next weekend. 

Check out the fantastic sprint course they have created in Quebec City in the images below.
race course in Quebec
quebec  race course quebec

The newly launched USSA Network will bring live coverage of this weekend's FIS Cross Country World Cup in Quebec City to American fans. World Cup sprint champion Kikkan Randall heads a strong U.S. Ski Team in Quebec City for a team sprint Friday and individual event on Saturday. Live coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. EST Friday and 1:15 p.m. Saturday on the USSA Network at

Enhance your winter follow all the action at SalomonNordic
Training Programs and Camps 
Women's Ski Weekend
Izaak Walton Inn in Essex, Mt
details at these links
Do you have a program you wish to promote? 
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Nordic Job Openings

Nordic Job Opening? email to post

Great Glen Trails now hiring for part / full time ski instructor. 

Must be willing to work with skiers of all ages and be friendly with the public. 


Hiring for Thursday - Sunday starting Christmas Vacation. 

Training and huge industry perks included. 

Call Nate: 603-466-2333



About SkiPost


Cross-Country skiing's community lodge. Where knowledge and stories are shared. The goal of SkiPost is to make the sport of Cross-Country skiing easier and more enjoyable for all who choose to participate. If you have questions on Cross-Country Skiing email us and visit


Enjoy Winter,

Andrew Gerlach
Director/Editor- SkiPost


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