Volume 13 Issue 31: Nov 29, 2012
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V2 vs V2 Alternate


Q:  I have some questions regarding the V2  compared to the  V2 alternate.  What is the appropriate terrain to use each of these techniques?  Is one faster than the other?  If you are skiing a ski marathon which one would you use as your primary method of propulsion? As you are flying down the trail how do you decide which one to use and why?


A:  The use of a specific ski technique is determined by many factors which include; your skill level, ability to produce power, balance and agility, coordination of movements and, of course, the terrain and speed of the snow. I believe the goal should be to develop a well-rounded skill set across all of the skating techniques so come race day the techniques you use at various speeds and terrains will be optimal for your level of fitness.


I have read many  articles that suggest there is a speed continuum of skating technique that ranges from V1 used in steep uphill's, V2 used on flatter and gradual uphill terrain and the V2 Alternate used on the flats and gradual downhill's when the speeds are highest.  I believe this concept is an over simplification because the V2 Alternate, while effective at high speed, can also be used by stronger skiers in uphill terrain.  Likewise, the V2 can be used on flats at high speed as well as on uphill's by stronger skiers. 


While watching many videos over the years I have seen most of the top skiers in the world using the V2 technique at the highest speeds when sprinting at the end of the race. It appears to me that the top skiers tend to use more V2 on the easier terrain and V1 in the steep hills as the primary techniques. V2 Alternate appears to be used as a transitional technique, through corners, and perhaps to change it up a bit and get a moment to accelerate or get a bitof recovery.


skate sequence  


For most Masters skiers competing in marathon races, the technique used will be determined by the individual physiological economy of the technique, the skills of the skier, the terrain and the snow speed. I suspect that V2 Alternate is used by many skiers because their balance on a gliding ski and weight shift is not as effective using the V2 at higher speed.  I would suggest that Masters skiers  focus their training and technique development  to use the V2 and V2 alternate as much as possible using the V2 on flats and gradual uphill's, and the V2 Alternate on the gradual downhill's and transitional terrain.


However, each skier should experiment in training, using a heart rate monitor and learn which technique is most efficient and economical for them.  Also, in training you should spend some time forcing technique in a wider range of terrain and speed.For example, forcing V2 at high speed in gradual downhill's, and gradual uphill's.  This will develop your technique and power, and help you  learn which technique is best for you as the speed and terrain changes. 


By: Jim Galanes

Galanes Sports Lab

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Start Gliders

You explained the Start Kick wax line a couple of weeks ago. 
Can you now do the same for the Gliders?

Here goes

SG: Hydrocarbon Gliders - Everyday recreational & training gliders and suitable racing glider in extra dry conditions RH< 40%. Use Graphite under-layer if snow is less than 24 hours old.


FG: Fluorinated Gliders - Everyday training gliders and suitable racing glider in dry conditions RH < 50% With ~ 5% Fluor it has more Fluor than many Low Fluors.


LF: Low Fluor Gliders - Medium humidity conditions apt racing glider. 40%<RH<60%  With ~10% Fluor it has so much Fluor they should be called Mid Fluor.


HF: High Fluor Gliders - Most race day conditions glider. 55%>RH<75% With ~ 20% Fluor some call it Extra High Fluor. Use Graphite under-layer if snow is less than 24 hours old.


BM: Black Magic Glider - Old dirty, coarse and artificial snow glider. 55%<RH< 75%  Have >20% Fluor + Molybdenum.


N: Nano Glider- Highest tech glider for wettest, dirtiest, old snow conditions. RH>75%  With >20% Spherical Nano Fluor, water and dirt bead off.  Often use over BM line.


For details on the 3 SFR, Nano, and BM Pure Fluor visit here.

Your First Days On Snow 

 From Nov 22   


In most areas of the country we are approaching the time for the first on snow training of the year. The needs of master skiers and those who are not so lucky to ski every month during the summer are very different than high level racers who, as I write this, have just competed in the first international races of the year.


I believe it is important for all of us to have a general plan that would include how much training you want to do during this early season period, what the objectives and focus of the training should be, and what you want to accomplish through the period. In future articles we will discuss the next steps following the initial on-snow training period.


Many people get excited when they first get on snow or go to a training camp like the West Yellowstone Ski Festival and tend to over-do it on both volume and intensity. It is probable that by the time they recover/adapt from that heavy load they have lost the benefits of all that training... read the complete article here  

Team News
nnf word
Drive for 25 raised $218,000


The National Nordic Foundation Drive for 25 raised $218,000 from 1,300 donors to support our nation's developing Cross-Country and Nordic Combined athletes. In the coming weeks the NNF will be announcing its Pillar Project funding for the 2012/2013 season. Stay tuned...


NNF support is paying off.


In case you have not heard the U.S. Women's team made history this past weekend by reaching the World Cup Team Relay Podium for the first time ever. 

Girls Podium  

In a race where each of the four U.S. women needed to have their best ever 5k races, Jessie Diggins (left) out-sprinted Norway II down the finishing straight to claim a hard fought and well deserved third place in front of a thousands of roaring and appreciative Swedish fans. Norway took home top honors with Sweden in 2nd. After a solid opening classic leg by Holly Brooks (2nd L), Kikkan Randall (3rd left) put the team into podium position. A powerful 3rd leg in freestyle by Liz Stephen (R) set the stage for Diggins to fight for and win the final podium spot for the team.  This success did not happen overnight.


But NNF has been supporting this progress and these women through its Pillar Projects every step of the way.  It started when these athletes took their first race trip to Scandinavia as young J1 racers. Proceeded to funding of the U.S. World Junior Championship Teams and then through the European Continental Cup Teams. It now includes subsidizing the underfunded US B Team. Your support of NNF and its Pillar Projects is helping make US success possible. 


NNF Nordic Calendars are now available
$20.00 order here.
nnf calendar cover
salomon racing  
Salomon is pleased to be a part of the success that is happening with the U.S. Team on the World Cup.
This weekend's the World Cup moves to Kuusamo/Ruka Finland. The Ruka triple is 3 events over 3 days with combined and individual champions. Watch live on Eurosport through this link and like SalomonNordic on Facebook  Like us on Facebook for updates and great images many times a day.
Holly Brooks made history as the lead-off leg in Sunday's relay. But she also made a little history on Saturday with her 5th place finish in the 10km freestyle.  Holly was an early starter and had the great honor of sitting in the cozy reindeer hide leader's chair for quite some time as other women tried besting her time. Only 4 women, superstars Charlotta Kalla, Kikkan Randall, Theresa Johaug and Marit Bjoergen where able to do so.   
holly chair
holly signing
The Opening World cup was in Gällivare Sweden 100km north of the Article Circle. People ask me what it is like there. Well for one thing, from now until the spring the lights are always on.
The Women's Relay started at 10:30 am and the lights were on
jessie lights
When you look at great photographs of the race, like the one below, it looks bright and sunny. But that is due to good photography and not from sunlight.
diggins finish
Here Jessie is sprinting to secure 3rd place in the relay.
How far north were we?
Far enough north that they have locations to park your dog sleds. 
sled dog  Enhance your winter follow all the World Cup action at SalomonNordic
Training Programs and Camps 
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Nordic Job Openings

Nordic Job Opening? email to post

Great Glen Trails now hiring for part / full time ski instructor. 

Must be willing to work with skiers of all ages and be friendly with the public. 


Hiring for Thursday - Sunday starting Christmas Vacation. 

Training and huge industry perks included. 

Call Nate: 603-466-2333



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Enjoy Winter,

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