Volume 13 Issue 27: Nov 1, 2012
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Which Start Kick Wax When?


Please explain Start's kick waxes for me!


Terva-Tar: Minimizes icing in new fine grain snow.  Every day wax where it snows frequently.  MSRP $12.00, 6 Temps

Synthetic: Durable in old course snow. Every day wax where it snows infrequently.MSRP $12.00, 5 Temps

RF Racing Fluor: All condition high tech racing wax.

MSRP $25.00, 4 Temps

Oslo Racing: Specialty wax for coarse grain, artificial & salted snow with large temp swings .MSRP $ 25.00, 3 Temps


Blue Kickers 4


Base Wax: Keeps kicker in kick zone. MSRP $12.00: Base for normal, Extra for coarse grain snow.

MB Black Magic: Cover Wax to Reduce Dirt pickup and icing

MSRP $45.00 w/Flour and $30.00 w/o

Grip Tape: Turns waxable skis into custom fit waxless skis for all conditions.Put it on once leave it on all year. MSRP $20.00 


 Base BM GT 

Ski Simulation  


Could you please ask what Jon means he by stand still exercises or ski stimulation on foot  in his Mid Season form article.

We are talking about ski simulation rather than stimulation.  That means exercises that mimic the skiing motions and techniques to improve and automate the motor skills.  Ski imitation can be done traveling on foot or rollerskis, standing on a flat floor, in strength training, especially on ski-ergometers and similar specialty gym equipment, and while doing plyometrics, posture and kinesthetic training.  This is a field too broad to describe in one short article and I am afraid to recommend specific technical aids without knowing more about your specific skills and needs.  My recommendation is to consult a qualified coach for skill training and receive some personal feedback.


Mid Season Form


I am a masters skier from Australia who is rethinking his training for next season . This past season I seem to start off well and beat my fellow masters competitors early but was unable to maintain form for the later races in the season and skiers who spent more on snow time than me seemed to beat me easily towards the end. With so much emphasis on doing quality work leading into a season what is your suggestion to maintain or even improve a level of performance during the season?





You are in a common situation among masters skiers and you describe two tasks to deal with.  First, cross-country skiing as a seasonal sport is dependent on specific conditioning and skill-sets, and individuals spending more time training on snow will likely improve their skiing abilities.  Second, with or without regular access to snow, you need to make your pre-season fitness level useable for skiing and further train a peaking period through your competitive season.  Here are a few points addressing your situation: 


Skiing Proficiency - Pre Season

Transferring pre-season fitness to effective training and racing on snow requires skiing proficiency.  Get in as much ski- and technique training as you can before snow skiing starts.  That will free up better energy for racing and effective on-snow training rather than "relearning" the skiing throughout the ski season. 


Skiing Simulation - Always

While training off-snow, in or outside of ski season, include a good amount of direct technique and rhythmic ski simulation in your training.  That will tune your brain and muscle memory into the skiing, the motions will be more automated and you can free up better focus on the physical aspects of moving you forward.  This training includes stand-still exercises, ski simulation on foot, rollerskiing and ski specific strength training. 


Maintain Quality

Transfer your referenced quality training level into ski season.  Without regular access to snow, you can effectively do your quality training passes on foot, on a bike, rollerskis or any mode of choice.  Many successful skiers do a fair amount of in-season, off-snow, quality training. 


Continue Strength

One of the classic recipes for holding onto form through ski season is maintaining strength.  A pass or two of circuit type gym strength is gold worth.  A personal favorite is mixing up max and endurance mode strength exercises; if you do 10 stations, do 2 - 3 stations in the max mode or with enough resistance to complete 3 - 6 repetitions, and the rest in endurance mode where you do 12 - 15 or more repetitions.  You can alter the stations done as max or endurance from time to time, and do 1 to 3 sets of your station sequence.  Always include the front and back of the core and the major muscle groups you use in skiing. 


These four steps should provide a conceptual guide for weekend warriors in maintaining good physical condition throughout the ski season.  Although most master skiers are avid year-round endurance athletes, the bottom line is to set off some time to train for skiing year round, training for skiing's specific skills and demands, on and off the snow.  


Jon Engen 3 Time Olympian
See Clearly in Snow


World Cup Champion
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Destination News

National Masters Championships

January 30 - February 2

Sun Valley, ID


This winter, masters from throughout the U.S.A. will take on the famous trails of Sun Valley, Idaho as the 2013 AXCS National Masters Championships returns to Sun Valley. 


The 2013 AXCS National Masters will start off on Wednesday, January 30 with a fun 3.3km FS "prologue" event hosted by the Sun Valley Nordic Center. The next morning -- Thursday, January 31 -- the NM2013 10km classic events will be held on the same 3.3km loop (3x) at the Sun Valley Nordic Center. This loop has hosted multiple regional, national and even international events over the years and offers exceptional spectating over a masters-friendly, rolling course. Thursday night, the Sun Valley Nordic Festival is in full swing with Elite Downtown Sprint Races (complete with a DJ and bonfires) and National Masters Awards presentation. Friday, February 1 will feature the traditional Boulder Mountain Tour Expo and packet pick-up festivities and a chance to check out some of the incredible Sun Valley ski trails.


Then on Saturday, February 2 the "big one" arrives in the form of the 2013 Boulder Mountain Tour. As with previous AXCS "overlay" National Masters, the Boulder Mountain Tour will take place precisely as it traditionally is held with the same course, same start process, same awards, etc.. The only difference in 2013 is that age group champions will be recognized as the 2013 distance FS National Masters Champions.


Starting 32km from the edge of the Sun Valley/Ketchum community at the rustic Galena Lodge, the Tour parallels the Galena Pass Highway as it flows steadily down to the finish. One of the shortest American Ski Marathon Series events, the Tour is also the easiest to navigate featuring a gently flowing course over a series of meadows and grass-covered foothills. Spectacular views of the surrounding mountains unfold continuously with each and every turn.



For the purpose of U.S. Masters Team scoring, the 10km CL and 32km FS Boulder Mountain Tour will be scored in a best "2 of 2" competition. The prologue is a fun event not included in the US Team scoring. As with past NM events held in conjunction with existing ski marathons, absolutely no special entry into the Boulder Mountain Tour will be required for a skier to be considered part of the NM2013. All masters 25+ years (remember, AXCS recognizes the 25-29 "M0" category unlike international masters events which start at 30 years) in the Boulder Tour will be consider "in" the NM distance freestyle. Simple as that.BMT2

World-famous Sun Valley

The South Central Idaho gem known as Sun Valley has long been a major XC ski destination. The highlight of each season being the Boulder Mountain Tour weekend. Sun Valley has a well deserved reputation for world-class alpine skiing, but Sun Valley also has plenty to offer Nordic skiers and winter recreationists of all ages and abilities. Featuring 200 kilometers of groomed trails, top-notch backcountry skiing and world-class dining and loding options, there are few places to rival Sun Valley for an XC ski holiday. 


As a back-drop to the NM2013 events, the annual Sun Valley Nordic Festival features 9 days of activities, races, clinics and fun events culminating in the Boulder Mountain Tour. By air you can fly direct to Sun Valley (Friedman Memorial Airport â€" SUN), 12 miles south of Sun Valley/Ketchum with daily service from Salt Lake, Seattle and Los Angeles. Or you can opt for flights into Boise and drive the final leg (150 miles SE of Sun Valley


Registration and NM2013 information is found at and


No qualification or license of any kind is necessary for the AXCS National just sign up and enjoy yourself. Guest skiers from other nations are also encouraged to take part and will be eligible for all age group awards. Under AXCS leadership, the National Masters Championships has evolved into one of those special events where skiers ranging from experts to complete novices can all participate together...and everyone has a great time.


See you in Sun Valley, Nordic Town USA

Equipment Clinics 

CXC Salomon Superfit Clinics


Nov. 2-4


KING KEYSERTechnique Camp, Hinsdale, IL


'CXC Super Fit' is an exciting weekend sale program filled with store specials. Get your equipment fit by using a state-of-the-art CXC 3D pressure mat and Salomon Light Table. Receive information firsthand - talk to the CXC Team athletes and coaches about the type of skis you need for certain snow conditions and ways to make them glide fast.  


pressure map  

BICYCLE DOCTOR: November 9-11  & Technique Camp

JOE'S SKI SHOP: November 9-11 


 more CXC Super Fit clinic info here

Start Wax Clinic Dec 6th 
at Wisconsin's

Portable Ski Bench



Only 6 available 

get yours now before they are gone

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terry bench ready to wax
Portable Bench ready to Wax


What is just as important as fast skis, only not as sexy?

Taking care of your skis. To keep them gliding fast, you need some basic tools. First on the list is a good ski profile bench, preferably portable.


An aircraft builder and avid skier knew this when he set out to build the best ski bench ever. This bench actually makes waxing, brushing, and structuring almost fun. Tested for years and on hundreds of pairs in Ole's Ski Shop in Vermont. Built into this aluminum foldable bench is a ski vice, wax iron rest, and ski rack. 18 lbs. complete, ready to travel.

wax bench in travel mode
Portable bench ready for travel

 So what's wrong with it? It simply cost too much to build. There are only 6 available at $300 each plus shipping. The price covers just the cost of materials and powder coating. And Ole's is not selling ours. Shipping additional. Email Ole's Cross Country Center Ski Shop: to order. 


Thanks, Gene Foley

Ole's Cross Country Center



 FIS Fantasy World Cup, TdS, Marathon and Nordic Worlds Contests - Phase 1 Launching Soon

October 25, 2011 (Toronto, ON) - With under a month to go to the first World Cup we're excited once again to announce that Phase 1 of our international 4-in-1 SkiTrax FIS Fantasy World Cup, Tour de Ski, Marathon and Nordic Worlds contests will be launching soon for contestants around the world - the only Nordic contests of their kind worldwide.

Last year our FIS Fantasy Contests broke records with almost 500 contestants competing in our World Cup season opener with 28 countries participating. With the Nordic World Championships in Val di Fiemme in the mix this year we've got a full deck of contests - four in total.

These Fantasy Contests reach out to skiers of all stripes creating a fabulous new dimension to the sport adding excitement for skiers around the world for these legendary races that are steeped in history.

Once again the contests feature a host of fabulous sponsors and lots of great prizes that could reach $10,000 or more - Fischer, Mont Ste-Anne, Nipika, One Way, Alpina, Bjorn Daehlie, Bliz, Halti, Yoko, 2XU, Rottefella, Auclair, Buff, Fresh Air Experience and High Peaks Cyclery have all signed on again with more companies to be announced soon.

Here's a snapshot of what's coming for race fans the world over, so start planning now for the most exciting Nordic Ski Fantasy Contests anywhere.

SkiTrax FIS Fantasy World Cup Contest
- register your team of four (4) men, and four (4) women plus two "Outlaw" skiers
- bonus Tour de Ski and other bonus points
- 1st prize is a Fischer package (to be announced soon)
- first World Cup is Nov. 24 in Gallivare, Sweden

- registration opens early November

SkiTrax FIS Fantasy Marathon Contest
- register your team of four (4) men and four (4) women plus two (2) "Outlaw" skiers
- bonus points for American Birkebeiner and Gatineau Loppet events
- 1st prize is a Nipika Resort Lodge package (to be announced soon)
- first Marathon event is La Sgambeda on Dec. 16 in Livigno, Italy

- registration opens late November

SkiTrax FIS Fantasy Tour de Ski Contest
- register your team of four (4) men, and four (4) women plus two "Outlaw" skiers
- bonus Team and Val Climb points
- 1st prize is a Mont Ste-Anne package (to be announced soon)

- first TdS event is Dec. 29 in Oberhof, Germany

- registration opens early December

SkiTrax FIS Fantasy Nordic Worlds Contest

- select the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place podium spots for each competition

- score points for both men and women

- Bonus points for top Canadian and top US skiers

- 1st prize to be announced shortly
- Feb. 20-March 3 in Val di Fiemme, Italy

- registration opens late January 2013


Stay tuned for more FIS Fantasy Contest updates coming soon and for all of the latest Nordic news visit

Training Programs and Camps 
Training Programs and Camps 
Does you have a programs you wish to promote? 
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Nordic Job Openings

Nordic Job Opening? email to post

Job Opening

Store Staff:Rice Lake, WI With two specialty businesses we have a hard time finding that "Right" employee. We are looking to hire an energetic self- starter to work in both of our businesses: Out There Nordic and Burnell's Décor . We do a huge variety of things. This person must also be able to lift up to 50-75 lbs. If you would like to learn more email us for more information at


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