Volume 13 Issue 26: October 25, 2012
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Mid Season Form


I am a masters skier from Australia who is rethinking his training for next season . This past season I seem to start off well and beat my fellow masters competitors early but was unable to maintain form for the later races in the season and skiers who spent more on snow time than me seemed to beat me easily towards the end. With so much emphasis on doing quality work leading into a season what is your suggestion to maintain or even improve a level of performance during the season?





You are in a common situation among masters skiers and you describe two tasks to deal with.  First, cross-country skiing as a seasonal sport is dependent on specific conditioning and skill-sets, and individuals spending more time training on snow will likely improve their skiing abilities.  Second, with or without regular access to snow, you need to make your pre-season fitness level useable for skiing and further train a peaking period through your competitive season.  Here are a few points addressing your situation: 


Skiing Proficiency - Pre Season

Transferring pre-season fitness to effective training and racing on snow requires skiing proficiency.  Get in as much ski- and technique training as you can before snow skiing starts.  That will free up better energy for racing and effective on-snow training rather than "relearning" the skiing throughout the ski season. 


Skiing Simulation - Always

While training off-snow, in or outside of ski season, include a good amount of direct technique and rhythmic ski simulation in your training.  That will tune your brain and muscle memory into the skiing, the motions will be more automated and you can free up better focus on the physical aspects of moving you forward.  This training includes stand-still exercises, ski simulation on foot, rollerskiing and ski specific strength training. 


Maintain Quality

Transfer your referenced quality training level into ski season.  Without regular access to snow, you can effectively do your quality training passes on foot, on a bike, rollerskis or any mode of choice.  Many successful skiers do a fair amount of in-season, off-snow, quality training. 


Continue Strength

One of the classic recipes for holding onto form through ski season is maintaining strength.  A pass or two of circuit type gym strength is gold worth.  A personal favorite is mixing up max and endurance mode strength exercises; if you do 10 stations, do 2 - 3 stations in the max mode or with enough resistance to complete 3 - 6 repetitions, and the rest in endurance mode where you do 12 - 15 or more repetitions.  You can alter the stations done as max or endurance from time to time, and do 1 to 3 sets of your station sequence.  Always include the front and back of the core and the major muscle groups you use in skiing. 


These four steps should provide a conceptual guide for weekend warriors in maintaining good physical condition throughout the ski season.  Although most master skiers are avid year-round endurance athletes, the bottom line is to set off some time to train for skiing year round, training for skiing's specific skills and demands, on and off the snow.  


Jon Engen 3 Time Olympian
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Destination News
Nordic Town USA has Skiing

Sun Valley Gold Team Athlete, Boulder Mountain Tour winner, SuperTour Overall Champion and Family Feud Contestant Mikey Sinnott getting in some October skiing on the Harriman Trail north of Ketchum, ID.


Once again, Sun Valley has some of the earliest skiing in the world! That gray area to the left of Mikey is a common Sun Valley phenomenon we call a "shadow"... Yup. Skiing in the October sunshine.Learn more


Mike Sinnott skiing Oct 23  
 Boulder Mountain Tour & National Masters
January 26 - February 3

November 20 - 24th  2012


Preseason discount trail passes available.

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Prepaid trail passes are now available for the Yellowstone Ski Festival. Passes are valid from November 1-30, 2012. 


For coaches, clubs, and teams-

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Trail passes can be picked up upon your arrival at the Chamber of Commerce during normal business hours. Please bring your receipt and mention you are there to pick up a prepaid ski pass for November and you will be asked to sign for your pass.  Prepaid passes for the Rendezvous Ski Trails are non-refundable.


For more information on the Yellowstone Ski Festival, please visit


January 26
Marquette, MI
NA Vasa
Feb 9,10
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Great Bear Chase
March 9
Calumet, MI
 Sisu Ski Fest

January 12-13

Ironwood, MI

Equipment Clinics 
Salomon Superfit
 at the 
 Burlington VT
Sat 27, Sun 28th

Visit the SkiRack Saturday and Sunday and have the Salomon and SkiRack custom fitters help you select your best gear ever. Every pair of Salomon skis purchased at the event comes with a free pair of Salomon SNS bindings.
Kikkan Randall & Holly Brooks
Salomon Superfit
Goldstream Sports 
Fairbanks, AK
Oct 26 5-9 pm

Meet Olympians and World Cup stars Kikkan Randall and Holly Brooks along with Salomon SuperFit specialists at Fairbanks GoldStram Sports October 26th 5-9pm. Get skis and boots hand selected and SuperFit. 
Kikkan Poster
Kikkan Poster

CXC Salomon 

Superfit Clinics



this weekend

 October 26-28  



FONTANA: SPORTS: November 2-4

KING KEYSER: November 2-4 and CXC Citizen Technique Camp

BICYCLE DOCTOR: November 9-11 and CXC Citizen Technique Camp

JOE'S SKI SHOP: November 9-11

 more CXC Super Fit clinic info here

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Tad Elliott Birkie Champ's
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October 26-28, 2012; Hayward, WI 

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Nordic Job Openings

Nordic Job Opening? email to post

Rice Lake, WI

Store Staff: With two specialty businesses we have a hard time finding that "Right" employee. We are looking to hire an energetic self- starter to work in both of our businesses: Out There Nordic and Burnell's Décor . We do a huge variety of things. This person must also be able to lift up to 50-75 lbs. If you would like to learn more email us for more information at


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