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April 2013
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CLASP Meeting Next Tuesday, April 30th, 6:30pm


C.L.A.S.P. stands for Citizen Led Austin Safety Partnership.  This organization brings together volunteers and neighborhood leaders who want to address crime prevention and safety at the neighborhood level. 


The events of last week have starkly reminded us of the commitment and risks that our first responders have taken on. They rush in where others are rushing out.   We are fortunate to live in a city and county which is home to first class public safety departments:  APD, TCSD AFD and EMS.   When we dial 911, the professionalism, heroism and true caring for the community is evident in how they serve us every day in an exceptional way.


Our hearts go out to the victims of the Boston terror attack and the West Texas explosion.  These are sobering reminders of how quickly our own circumstances can change in an instant.  


It's that time of year again when our public safety budget is crafted.   APD is reaching out to the community to provide insights into their proposed budget for 2013-2014 and to hear your concerns.    


Your participation is requested at the next CLASP meeting on Tuesday, April 30th from 6;30pm to 8pm at the Shoal Crossing Events Center. 


I hope that you can make it for this important discussion.   Thanks to all of you who work in your own neighborhoods to make our city a safer place.



Stay Safe!
Mary Arnett
CLASP President


Asst Chief Brian Manley
CLASP Meeting Next Tuesday, April 30th, 6:30pm

Join us on Tuesday, April 30th at 6:30pm for a round table discussion with Assistant Chief Brian Manley and APD Assistant Director Alice Suter at the Shoal Crossing Event Center located along the north access road of Mopac, just north of Steck Avenue, 8600 N Mopac, Austin , Texas   78759.


Coming straight from work? We will have sandwiches and other goodies on hand to tide you over.


We will hear about the current proposed budget for the next fiscal 
Asst Director
Alice Suter 
year and discuss it's impact on neighborhood policing and the city at large.   APD has reached out to the community early on this year so that you can be active and informed in shaping the strategic decisions leading up to our city's budget approval this fall for fiscal year 2013-2014.

Both of our speakers are key personnel from APD who are familiar with all aspects of the budget, past and present



What are your concerns?


Response times?

The District Representative well is it working?

The new directive from council for policing of parks and trails after dark?

APD efforts to influence our youth and shape their destiny?

Enforcement of traffic laws on our streets, roads and school zones?

The demands on police staff with more complex events ? 

How the various detective and investigative units are performing?

How well prepared is APD if disaster or terror attacks happen here?

How is APD using technology to cut costs and improve safety?

What part is APD playing in improving the quality of life in your neighborhood?


Our city has one of the lowest violent crime levels in the nation, but struggles with higher levels of property crime.   How can we improve on that?


What is your neighborhood doing to impact safety issues and quality of life?


How does the growth of Austin impact our public safety and police budget and ultimately the service level in your part of town? What priorities should council focus on? How can we keep it affordable?   What are the cost drivers to consider in the APD budget?


How will the city and police union "Meet and Confer" negotiations be conducted?


Please come and be informed on the current issues and engaged in the discussion. Meet some of your neighborhood watch and patrol counterparts across Austin who share your concerns. Learn some ways to make your neighborhood voices known to those who will determine our public safety future.  Help to shape the discussion with your neighbors.


Want to do some budget research?...
Here are a few resources you might find helpful



Under the link above you will find:

2012-2013 approved budgets

Council Member questions to staff in analyzing budget information

Contacts within the city to ask questions yourself 



Demographic Information from our city demographer and contact info 


Annexation  A Tale of Two Subdivisions  

Community Impact Newspaper Recent Article


APD Reports 


Channel 6  

Public Safety Commission

Link to Channel 6 PSC
choose BOARDS + Commisions tab for video of meeting from April featuring preliminary budget issues presented by Asst Chief Brian Manley



Feel free to help us spread the word!  Forward this email to your neighbors!

This organization is all about you and your efforts to make your neighborhood a safer place.  Our success will be measured by your continued interest in networking with others like volunteers and the expansion of watch programs in more neighborhoods citywide.  We would love to hear from you for suggestions on speakers or future topics of interest.  We also hope you will continue to share your challenges and successes with like minded volunteers across Austin.  This is the partnership we wish to forge and you can help us reach our goal to make Austin neighborhoods the safest in the nation.


Mission Statement:

The Citizen Led Austin Safety Partnership is a non-partisan group dedicated to encouraging and sustaining a county wide network of Neighborhood Watch leaders who share best practices, provide opportunities for skill building, and foster collaborative relationships with law enforcement and criminal justice professionals in an effort to develop a model of citizen led community policing initiatives.



Mary Arnett, President, Friends of North Shoal Creek NA Safety Coordinator 

Delwin Goss, Vice President, Montopolis Community Alliance President 

Laura DiCarlo, Treasurer, Allandale NA Safety Coordinator 

Alma Torres, Secretary, Onion Creek Plantation Safety Coordinator 


Advisory Board Members:   John Luther, Barton Hills Safety Coordinator

    Susan Reed, Anderson Mill Safety Coordinator 

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