LNCtips.com Newsletter - July 26, 2016

2 More EMR Problems
I work in a defense law firm, and I thought I had seen every electronic medical record (EMR) problem there was to see.  However, I recently became involved in two situations unique to electronic medical records that I hadn't encountered before.  Even though I work for the defense, these situations affect plaintiffs in a big way. Read More.

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I found your website to have very valuable information.

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Welcome to my new subscribers from the UK, Australia, Canada, and the Philippines.  Welcome also to the paralegals who recently subscribed to my newsletter.   As you may know, my target audience is composed of new legal nurse consultants in the United States.  I'm not sure how you all heard of my newsletter and website, but I'm happy to have you as subscribers, and I hope that the information is helpful to you.

Katy Jones
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