LNCtips.com Newsletter - January 26, 2016

2 Sides to the Story
I recently watched Making a Murderer, a fascinating Netflix documentary series told from the Defense viewpoint about a man convicted of killing a woman. (See the trailer here.)  As the story unfolded, I, like many viewers, wondered if an injustice had occurred.  Then I listened to Rebutting a Murderer on iHeartRadio, which looked at the evidence from the prosecutor's viewpoint.  After listening to the rebuttal, I had a better understanding about why the man was convicted.  These two events reminded me that in medical malpractice cases, both plaintiffs and defendants can look at the same set of facts and propose two very different and plausible theories. Here's an example of a real medical malpractice case with two sides to the storyRead More 
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I just found your site and can't wait to start looking at it. Thanks for all the information.
Katy Jones
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