LNCtips.com Newsletter - December 29, 2015

5 Highlights from 2015

I hope your holidays have been wonderful this far, and I wish you a healthy and happy New Year.  This newsletter brings back some topics that, judging by emails to me and social media posts, made an impact on legal nurse consultants.

1) Most Discussed on Social Media:  Who knew that the topic of HIPAA-compliant file transfers would strike a nerve?  This email was tweeted and retweeted and discussed on LinkedIn, listserves, and other social media.  One LNC even included the information in a presentation to attorneys.

2) Most Controversial: RNs who are new to the field of legal nurse consulting have always comprised the target audience for my newsletters.  However, legal assistants, paralegals, attorneys, experienced LNCs, and others also subscribe to my newsletter.  This topic, especially the last two paragraphs, was applauded by seasoned LNCs.  Unfortunately, some newer LNCs didn't like this post.

3) Most Viewed by Students in LNC Schools: I can always tell when an LNC school assigns this crossword puzzle to its students because my analytics reflect an increase in views for that webpage.  The puzzle identifies words used in the litigation process and also suggests marketing ideas for independent LNCs.

4) Most Popular Topics Around the World: The LNCtips.com website has been viewed by individuals in every country in the world with about 70,000 page views this year. Medical Chronology and Medical Summary were widely viewed in India this year, while Wound Sizing was viewed by individuals in 69 countries ranging from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

5)  Most Comments: I don't have a blog in which readers can add comments, but readers sent me a slew of emails about this topic, each with their own stories to tell about co-workers. 
Katy Jones
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