Newsletter: April 2015

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The Lifeblood of Our Connection
by Rev. Sue Phillips, Regional Lead


Congregational giving to our Unitarian Universalist Association and Districts is the lifeblood of connection among UU congregations and communities. This generosity, when amplified by congregations across the United States and on almost every continent, fuels our covenant and allows us - together - to fulfill our sacred promise to "promote and affirm" Unitarian Universalism.


At this time of year, when congregations begin meeting to discern how they will use and share resources for the coming year, ministers and lay leaders often ask how they can make the strongest case for giving to our Association and Districts.


Giving to our UUA and Districts is the primary way congregations support each other.

  • our Districts and UUA are the hearts, hands, and souls through which congregations literally show up when their neighbors need help, support, and resources

Giving to our UUA and Districts results in robust programming and direct services to New England congregations and their leaders.

  • coaching and support of congregational leaders (our staff has spent significant time with 81 congregations so far this year) 


The Magic Our Congregations Make

by Rev. Vail Weller, UUA Congregational Giving Director


Your congregation is in the life-changing business. That's what you do. You provide the container in which all kinds of transformation can take place for people at different stages of the life journey. Our congregations are unique: there are not many organizations that can claim to change lives. But I know that within your congregation, not just one, but many lives have been saved. I get to hear the stories. Now, think bigger: imagine all of the lives transformed not only within your congregation, but in your cluster, your district, your region, and across the nation.


From my vantage point, seeing the magic that our congregations make, not just individually but together, I am impatient. When I see the network that all of our congregations create together - an Association of Congregations - I also see just how desperately the world needs us. We could show up in all kinds of places where love and justice are dimming. The daily news brings us a litany of places where our principles could be sources of tremendous healing.


In order to be able to do that, we need to be operating at full strength. This asks something of each of us. This asks something of you as Unitarian Universalist leaders. Each of our congregations must clarify its commitment to the larger whole and then financially fuel that covenant. As you know, there is a special magic made by each of us when we put ourselves out there in service of our Unitarian Universalist values. Our values can be amplified through support for our Annual Program Fund and District. 


Your support allows our Association both nationally and within your District to do the work of assisting congregations as they transform their communities, develop innovative and inspired religious leaders, and give a firm foundation of Unitarian Universalist values to children and youth. Your generosity amplifies all of our voices, bringing more love and justice to the world so in need of our healing message.  Through APF and District giving, you help to provide the funds needed to develop the UUA programs and support our congregations ask for and need. We can't do it without you.  We are all in this together.

Please be sure that your congregation's contributions to our Annual Program Fund and your District are up to date. We need to be strengthening our communities to address the challenges of our times as only Unitarian Universalists can.

If you have questions about your pledged amount or payment history, please contact us at or 617.948.6512. 


Thank you for all that you do to strengthen Unitarian Universalism in your congregation and beyond, and for all of your continued generous support.

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  • workshops, webinars and learning circles (as of today, more than 800 people have attended at least one of our 30+ district programs)  

Giving to our UUA and Districts allows congregations to do together what they cannot do alone. 

Together, Unitarian Universalist congregations covenant to participate in the association of congregations. Financial contributions to our UUA and Districts are the literal currency of this covenant. May your community's commitment to this covenant be reflected in generous giving!