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New England Regional staff team birth announcement!
It's a new day! Three of our four New England Districts have integrated staff and the fourth will join us this time next year. Your New England Regional staff team is excited, honestly, because our ability to serve you and our faith just got bigger. We really are better together.

A special greeting to leaders and friends in the Ballou Channing District!

We're going to start like most polite people do: with introductions and a promise to stay in touch over the coming months with even more information about how to get and stay connected with neighbor congregations throughout New England.

Meanwhile, we've changed our look, created a new website, redesigned our newsletter, and launched a new Facebook page. We've also added a staff person and are delighted that the Rev. Parisa Parsa will be joining the New England staff team this summer. We're also in the process of hiring an Events and Communications Coordinator. 

Stay tuned for a rundown of Fall 2014 and Winter 2015 programs and events. Some are already posted to the new website. Have a great summer!
Rev. Sue Phillips 
New England Regional Lead

We've started a new Facebook Page. To avoid triple posting, all new Facebook content for BCD, CBD and MBD will now be posted to NEW ENGLAND REGION UUA. LIKE us now! 

Rev. Sue Phillips
As the Regional Lead for UUA field staff in New England, Sue is responsible for helping congregations grow in health and impact by setting the overall vision for the regional staff team and aligning the team's work with our UUA's strategic vision. She works closely with congregations and their leaders, especially in conflict situations, and coaches ministers and other religious professionals. Sue has a special love for helping lay leaders expand their comfort and skill at preaching and worship leading, so you'll also find her leading workshops in these and other areas.  Contact

Program Staff are often the first and primary source of support, counsel and information for lay and professional leaders. Our time is largely devoted to
  • individual and group consultations and coaching
  • board/leadership retreat facilitation
  • conflict intervention
  • support for ministers and congregations in ministerial transition
  • search and settlement support for interim, part-time and consulting ministries.

Program Staff also designs and delivers learning events. We are already planning the following for the coming year:

Rev. Parisa Parsa

Rev. Parisa Parsa
Congregational Development

Contact - after August 1

Doug Zelinski

Douglas Zelinski
Leadership Development

We will also offer cluster-based events in response to congregational needs and requests.

Karen Bellavance-Grace

Life Span Faith Formation




Meck Groot

Justice Ministries







Check the website to learn more about events as these open up.  

The Administrative Team works hard to ensure smooth and effective operations and program/service delivery. All team members are available to take your calls and answer general questions by phone or email. We provide general assistance with events information and registrations; invoices and dues payments; records, web postings, and more. We also each have our specialty area(s).

Please check to see if your question or concern might most easily be addressed by a particular person.

If not, simply call the office at 617.393.4216 or email one of the administrators.




Meck Groot

Director of Operations 





We are currently in search of an Events and Communications Coordinator.

If you know potential candidates, please spread the word.

Administrator /



Jack McGilvray





Julianna Dunn 

Events Assistant 






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