Breeders' Cup Celebration
Sunday November 1st
at Old Friends in Georgetown 
Tickets $25; members and shareholders $15. Come spend the day and meet our BC champs!  Click here for reservations.  

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Send a check to:
Old Friends
1841 Paynes Depot Rd.
Georgetown, KY 40324




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From Michael..
    A soft, steady rain last week softened the ground and allowed our youngest retirees, Game On Dude and Starspangled Heat, to arrange a match race. Despite a determined effort by Heat, Dude just wouldn't let him pass as they flew around the paddock. Pure joy!
    We've had a very fortunate year and that good luck is continuing. We've had some amazing opportunities. Bringing War Emblem home. Leasing additional, adjacent acreage. The problem is that opportunities don't arise in a convenient manner. We are anticipating generous donations from the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance and Toyota. But we don't have them yet. Consequently, I have to do what I hate the most, ask for donations. If you're planning to donate before year's end we could really use it sooner than later.
   War Emblem should be home before the Breeders' Cup. I'm very grateful to everyone who has participated in our fan-fueled fundraiser for the 2002 Derby and Preakness winner. We still have certificates 
available if you'd like to support this effort. Click here.
    We've received preliminary approval from United Bank for a loan to purchase the adjacent acreage. This would allow us to bring some of our horses that are currently boarding off-site to the main farm, open up space for additional retirees and use a house on the property as a weekly rental to raise money for the farm. If anyone is interested in helping with the down payment let us know.
    Special thanks to everyone at Kentucky Downs, especially Corey Johnson, Rick Albright and Lisa Salmon. The Old Friends Stakes was a dream come true. Check out Gary West's story on
     Once again, come visit. We can't thank you enough.   
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Old Friends, 1841 Paynes Depot Rd.,
Georgetown, KY  40324
Old Friends at Cabin Creek Farm
The Bobby Frankel Division
483 Sandhill Rd., Greenfield Center, NY  12833  
Old Friends at Kentucky Downs
5565 Nashville Rd.
Franklin, KY 42134
or Old Friends Kentucky Downs 270-586-7335 
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