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Creator photo Rick Capone

From Michael.. 
 Yesterday started great. Warmer temperatures. Danthebluegrassman returned from Rood and Riddle after a few days of treatment for a non-threatening digestive ailment. I went off to the Keeneland simulcast to bet a few races and ran into some of my horseplaying pals. About mid-afternoon, Diane called. "Creator is down and he won't get up," she said, before her voice stopped and static interfered with the reception. She had fallen on the ice hurrying to reach her favorite horse. Alex. Zach. John. Beth, Barbara, Antonio, Yoel  and Laura managed to get Creator to his feet. By the time I got there, Tim and Dr. Waldridge had sedated him and were conducting a thorough exam. Tim told me to call Sallee Van for another trip to Rood and Riddle while Dr. Waldridge communicated with Dr. Hopper at the clinic. Tim rode with Creator on the back of the van while Diane and I took the 12 minute drive in the car. On the way, I thought of all the people who rallied around and hoped that all of their efforts would lead to a positive outcome.
  When we arrived,  Creator was led off the van and directly into the examining room. A  half dozen veterinarians and interns, working in perfect synchronization, had Creator on an IV, hooked up the ultrasound machine and Dr. Hopper performed a rectal exam on the 29-year-old son of the great Mill Reef. Within a few minutes, Dr. Hopper reported that Creator had ruptured his intestine. It was the end of the line for one of the most intelligent, beautiful Thoroughbreds in the world. He told Tim and Diane and me to come and say our goodbyes. We did.
  Creator was not only a magnificent animal, he was one of the founding fathers of Old Friends. He and Sunshine Forever were the first two Thoroughbreds returned to the United States to live at Old Friends. All of the early support we received from so many people allowed us to raise  both money and aftercare awareness. We'll all go on taking care of as many retirees as possible but the farm lost a lot yesterday. Sympathetic people often say that we run an old age home for horses and we must always be prepared for the inevitable. And those are wise words. After all, immortality isn't in the cards for any of us. And I do take solace in watching Danthebluegrassman prancing in his paddock and the good health of all the rest of our companions. But, somehow, every time we lose one of the horses it's as if they take a little part of our lives with them. And, yesterday, Creator took an enormous chunk with him.

Creator photo equisportphotos

From press release:  
Creator, a Group 1 winner in France, was euthanized at Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital on Saturday, February 28 due to complications from colic.

The 29-year-old son of Mill Reef had been a pensioner of Old Friends, the Thoroughbred Retirement farm in Georgetown, KY, since 2004, when he was retired from stud duty in Japan and returned to the United States.

A homebred for Sheikh Mohammed, Creator (Mill Reef - Chalon, Habitat) won seven of his16 starts for career earnings of $550,537. His most impressive victory came at Longchamp in the GR 1 Prix Ganay-a race his sire also won impressively in 1972.

Creator's final start was in the U.S in the GR 1 Budweiser International where he suffered a career-ending injury.

Creator and Old Friends stable mate Sunshine Forever were the first stallions the non-profit organization returned from overseas for U.S. retirement.

At the time of his death Creator was surrounded by Michael Blowen, president and founder of Old Friends, his wife Diane White, and others who cared for him daily at the farm.

"Creator was not only a magnificent animal, he was one of the founding fathers of Old Friends," said Blowen. "Every time we lose one of the horses it's as if they take a little part of our lives with them," he added, "and, yesterday, Creator took an enormous chunk with him."