Mixed Pleasure by Rick Capone
January 1 2013                                           Mixed Pleasure © Rick Capone

Save the dates in 2013:

Old Friends Along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Feb. 23rd, 2013

Historic Seelbach Hilton Hotel
in Louisville, KY


Ferdinand's Ball
May 2nd, 2013
Frazier History Museum
in Louisville, KY 


Old Friends Annual Homecoming

May 5th, 2013
at Old Friends Kentucky


Old Friends Belmont Ball
June 5th, 2013
Oheka Castle 
in Huntington NY

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From Michael..
     There's a big birthday party among all of our retirees today. Another year older all around. Led by Clever Allemont, who turns 31, and followed by Ogygian (30) and Gulch (29), we're very happy that they're all enjoing a few inches of snow and all the treats their fans sent them for the holidays. Clever Allemont, I'm Charismatic and Little Silver Charm received the most Christmas and holiday cards.
   We're moving into our winter season, so we've cut back the tours to one a day at 11a.m. It'll make it a little easier on our fabulous volunteers.
   We owe a great debt of gratitude to all of our tour guides and volunteers and to our very generous donors. They are the heart and soul of Old Friends.
   On a more somber note, the first call of the new year came in at 7:30 this morning from a very distraught woman who has five Thoroughbreds she's been boarding in New York. She was notified that she only has two weeks to move them because the farm is not renewing the lease. She helped us get Riva Way off the track many years ago. Her daughter has been diagnosed with a terminal cancer. She's never asked Old Friends for anything...until now.
   We have no room and a waiting list. However, we have great faith in the NTRA AfterCare program and expect that Old Friends will benefit from their sustained funding this year. We hope that the donation will be significant enough so we'll be able to take more Thoroughbreds in on a more timely basis. After all, that's our job.
   Until then, we'd like to hear from anyone who has any ideas or a farm or a proposition that will help her five thoroughbreds until they can come to Old Friends. If we could give her good news, it'd be a great way to start 2013.
   Once again, thank you for everything. We could never re-pay any of you for all the support you've brought to us over nearly a decade. Thank you for being such great friends. 

The Thunder Rumble hat!   

Sally Faith Steinmann of MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® has done it again!  This stunning one-of-a-kind "Thunder Rumble" chapeau.  For the first time we present a hat design created to honor one of the Thoroughbred retirees of Old Friends at Cabin Creek: The Bobbie Frankel Division in Greenfield Centre, New York. The farm is home to 14 retired racehorses under the care of Joann Pepper and her husband, Mark, along with the help of over a dozen devoted volunteers.  This auction runs from Jan 1st thru the 11th. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO     CLICK HERE TO BID

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Old Friends at Cabin Creek Farm
The Bobby Frankel Division

483 Sandhill Rd., Greenfield Center, NY  12833