Mixed Pleasure by Rick Capone
December 6, 2012                                           Mixed Pleasure © Rick Capone

Old Friends Along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Feb. 23rd, 2013

Historic Seelbach Hilton Hotel
in Louisville, KY


Ferdinand's Ball
May 2nd, 2013
Frazier History Museum
in Louisville, KY 


Old Friends Annual Homecoming

May 5th, 2013
at Old Friends Kentucky


Old Friends Belmont Ball
June 5th, 2013
Oheka Castle 
in Huntington NY

more details to come... email   sylvia@oldfriendsequine.org


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Check out our website for two new features about the folks who help Old Friends.  Featured Volunteer this month is Tom Beatty! Our Featured Artist is Fred Stone.
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From Michael..
   It's hard to believe it's December with temperatures in the 50s and the horses rolling in mud kissed by the sun. It's so gratifying to see Arson Squad sprinting with I'm Charismatic. There are not many geldings...regardless of accomplishments...who would be the beneficiary of Samantha Siegel's generosity and Dr. Larry Bramlages's expertise. Don't get me wrong, Arson Squad earned every bit of it. It's just so heartwarming to see him galloping across his paddock...coming out of the fog like some sort of reincarnated apparition.
   Christmas always brings thoughts of our oldest, kindest retiree, Clever Allemont. He's so gentle with everyone and, even though he's deaf and has limited vision, he is a great communicator. One of our latest favorites is Star Plus..flashy, intelligent and proud of his Argentinian roots. Commentator is now in the big paddock, vacated when Zippy Chippy and Red Down South returned from their summer vacation in Kentucky to their permanent home with Joanne and Mark at Old Friends at Cabin Creek in Greenfield Center, New York. He loves the added space for his unique self-expression...a huge canvas for his expansive sense of art. Salzburg, who resided off-site, is now at Old Friends at Dream Chase Farm. Sandra and Dale Tester, Salzburg's caretakers, have taken marvelous care of one of Rosie Napravnik's favorite old friends.
   Thank you so much for your generosity. I hope everyone gets to visit soon. There's nothing like seeing them in person.
Cabin Creek Party on December 29th
Please join us on December 29th, Noon - 3 PM at the farm to celebrate the birthdays of our retired Thoroughbreds. Silent auction, tours, specialty soups from Longfellows, Triangle Diner, Cock 'N Bull, The Wishing Well and The Village Pizzeria.  And...Birthday cake with our birthday boys.  Special guests Mr. Cowboy and Nicole Russo.  More info at www.oldfriendsatcabincreek.com. 
The Dancin' Renee Hat

Honoring our very sweet mare, Dancin' Renee! Auction ends Dec. 11th. November through April, MAGGIE MAE DESIGNS® and Old Friends team up for a unique online Derby hat auction. Each month, a one-of-a-kind couture custom hat is created to honor one of the retirees of Old Friends. The auction series has been a great success, raising over $12,000. Like each horse, each hat has a unique story, too. Click for more info.   CLICK HERE TO BID!`

12 Days of Christmas for Old Friends
Our Wish List!

1) Toner cartridges under the tree
 *Canon Laser 104
 *HP 901 Tri Color CC656A
 *HP 901 Black CC653A
 *DELL Black MK990
 *DELL Color MK991
 *HP Laserjet Q612A

2) Gift cards to
 *Sam's Club (for carrots)
 *Southern States (horse feed!) Call Versailles Farm Home &        Garden at 859-873-8126)
 *Horse Cents  866-872-3585 (horse supplies)
 *Office Depot & Staples (for office stuff)
 *Tractor Supply (for farm supplies)
 *Quillin Leather & Tack (our halter supplier) 800-729-0592
 *KBC International 800-928-7777  (horse supplies)

3) Boxes of copy paper

4) Barn stuff.
 *Heated water buckets.
 *Box fans for the horses in their stalls in summer.

5) Golden Tech Things:
 * Microsoft Access for PC
 * Photoshop for Mac

6) Office stuff - stamps, file folders, 10x13 envelopes, hanging folders.

7) Vet Wrap. We use tons of it.

8) Hay!  or donations for hay!

9) We desperately need two new computers.  We like Dells.  Just basic desktops would be so helpful.  We have three that are trying to die on us.  They are very outdated and are running Windows 98!   

10) Powdered MSM supplement.

11) Quest Plus Dewormers

12) Heavy plastic shelving for barn storage.
Thanks for everyone's support and help all year!  

Order your 2013 Calendars 

Our 2013 calendars are in!  $28.00 includes shipping.  Call us at 502 863 1775 to order or click here for our eBay Store.  

Old Friends Scene Collectible Magazine


An amazing tribute to our retirees! Featuring Barbara D. Livingston's evocative photographs, supplemented by works by Matt Wooley and Rick Capone. 80 color pages, lifetime pps, Jay Hovdey's column, and the dedication of the entire Daily Racing Form staff make this magazine very, very special. Thanks DRF and special thanks to Barbara Livingston, Mandy Minger, Barbara Fossum and all the wonderful people who made this happen.


Old Friends, 1841 Paynes Depot Rd.,

Georgetown, KY  40324

502-863-1775 www.oldfriendsequine.org



Old Friends at Cabin Creek Farm
The Bobby Frankel Division

483 Sandhill Rd., Greenfield Center, NY  12833