Berman Jewish Policy Archive @ NYU Wagner
Berman Jewish Policy Archive @ NYU Wagner
June 2013
From Prof. Steven M. Cohen   


Dear Friends,

In cooperation with the Jewish Journal of Sociology, our good friends in the UK, we are pleased to present this review of the year of Jewish social research: 2012. Included are the 68 pieces of empirical research (both quantitative and qualitative) that appeared in the 2012 calendar year and that also are included in the Berman Jewish Policy Archive @ NYU Wagner.


While most of these pieces of research derive from the United States, we also include research conducted in the UK, Israel, the Former Soviet Union, Sweden, and elsewhere. The wide breadth of research embraces public opinion research, evaluation research, basic research, policy analyses, institutional reports, Ph.D. dissertations, Master's theses, and Jewish population studies (including the New York study that I do commend to your attention).


In reviewing the full sweep of these studies, I was struck not only by the prodigious thought and creativity that went into producing this impressive literature, but also the diversity of topics, approaches, and researchers. Using terminology drawn from the Michelin travel guides, the list is definitely worth a stop, many of the abstracts are worth a detour, and I'm sure you'll find some of the full studies worth a trip.

And, of course, your comments and additional contributions are invited. Should we have missed any research published in 2012, please do send it along.


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Best wishes,Steven M. Cohen



Prof. Steven M. Cohen

Director, Berman Jewish Policy Archive @ NYU Wagner 



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North American Jewish Data Bank Prepares to Move from UConn to New York at Jewish Federations of North America  

Pursuant to the endowment created by patron founder, Bill Berman, last summer, the Data Bank will be administered by The Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA), headquartered in New York City, effective July 1, 2013.


Dr. Laurence Kotler-Berkowitz, Senior Director of Research and Analysis at JFNA, will assume the additional position of the Director of what will be known as the Berman Jewish DataBank. Dr. Arnold Dashefsky will become Director Emeritus and Senior Academic Consultant and Dr. Ron Miller will remain as Associate Director. The URL will remain the same: The new structure will allow simultaneous searching of the content of the Berman Jewish DataBank and the Berman Jewish Policy Archive @ NYU Wagner. 

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Bill Berman Inducted into American Academy of Arts and Sciences

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAAS) was founded in 1780 by such American luminaries as John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, among others. Now, the AAAS includes among its distinguished membership Bill Berman,
BJPA's founding patron. The staff members of BJPA offer their heartfelt congratulations to him on this well-deserved honor.

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