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Top Downloads of the Year
Dear friends,

Thank you for making last year another tremendous one for BJPA. You and over 65,000 other users visited during 2012. Here's what users downloaded most often:

1 Rupture and Reconstruction: The Transformation of Contemporary Orthodoxy 
     (Haym Soloveitchik

2.  The Limmud International Study: Jewish Learning Communities on a  Global Scale
     (Steven M. CohenEzra Kopelowitz)

3.  Profiling the Professionals: Who's Serving Our Communities? (Steven M. Cohen  


4.  Beyond Distancing: Young Adult American Jews and Their Alienation from Israel
     (Steven M. CohenAri Y. Kelman) 


5.  Camp Works: The Long-Term Impact of Jewish Overnight Camp  

     (Steven M. CohenRon MillerIra M. SheskinBerna Torr)  


6.  Jewish Population in the United States, 2011 (Ira SheskinArnold Dashefsky)


7.   Generation of Change: How Leaders in their Twenties and Thirties are Reshaping American Jewish Life  (Jack Wertheimer)


8.  Moving Beyond the Limited Reach of Current "Social Media" Approaches: Why Jewish Digital Communities Require Rich and Remixable Narrative Content 
(Owen Gottlieb)


9.  Language Syncretism and the Hybridization of Religious Jewish Identity in Postmodern America (Chaya Nove)


10.Matrilineal Ascent/Patrilineal Descent: The Gender Imbalance in American Jewish Life (Sylvia Barack FishmanDaniel Parmer)  


11.  Modern Orthodoxy and the Challenges to Its Establishment: An interview with Marc B. Shapiro (Manfred GerstenfeldMarc B. Shapiro)  


12. The Jewish Demography of Florida (Ira M. Sheskin)


13. Workmen's Circle / Arbeter Ring 2012 American Jews' Political Values Survey
      (Steven M. CohenSamuel Abrams)  


14.  Defining Israel Education (Bethamie Horowitz)


15. Building a Base of Reform Jewish Leadership: An Impact Study of Three Youth Programs (Samantha M. Pohl)   


16. Three Questions: Orthodoxy's Power, and After (Yehudah Mirsky)


17. Demography of the Contemporary Russian-Speaking Jewish Diaspora (Mark Tolts) 


18. Sh'ma January 2012: The Jewish Electorate 2012--Complete Issue 


19. Creating an Open Orthodox Rabbinate (Dov LinzerAvi Weiss)  


20. The Future of Reform Jewry: An interview with Rabbi David Ellenson
      (David EllensonManfred Gerstenfeld)  


Have a happy and successful 2013!

- Seth Chalmer
Assistant Director, BJPA