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July 2015                  Vol. 7, Issue 2                                              

  Community Investing News:

A New Purpose Awaits 
Historic Warehouse  

A $445,000 predevelopment loan from the Leviticus Fund is bolstering the planned redevelopment of a turn of the century vacant warehouse into affordable and mixed--income rental housing in Troy, New York.


The project, Tapestry on the Hudson, will generate 67 one-bedroom and two-bedroom units and incorporate energy saving features such as solar panels and geothermal heating and cooling systems.

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Leviticus Event Celebrates Investors 

The Leviticus Fund hosted an event in New York City this summer to celebrate the involvement of individual Associate investors in its community development work.

$100,000 Grant Boosts Leviticus' 

Lending in New York  


A $100,000 grant from Bank of America is providing valuable capital for Leviticus' community development lending throughout New York State. 

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